So the low-down on Zephyr, my local imp and wind spirit sharing the same body.

-“Zephyr” is the name they’ve adopted for themselves, instead of each retaining the names they had before.

-for all intents and purposes, they’re basically the same being: they answer to the same name and are in sync with each other enough that they seldom, if ever, struggle when executing actions. However, their separate personalities haven’t fully fused at this point, and they do occasionally have internal disputes.

-they adopted neutral pronouns; like with their original names, Zephyr left behind their previous pronouns behind when the imp and the spirit entered into their pact.

-Zephyr is an entity that can utilize both Light and Wind magic

-they wander all around Sornieth, driven mostly by the spirit’s wandering nature. They tend to stick close to Wind and Light territories, though.

-their wings are basically useless, being too small to fly with. They fly by way of using wind magic to aid their stunted wings.

-the pre-spirit Imp was a warrior, and made his pact with the spirit while he was dying on the battlefield.

-though they’re not a standard spirit, Zephyr can still be summoned like one. It won’t be an instantaneous appearance because they have to physically travel to meet the summoner, but they will still answer their summons.

-on that note, very few can summon Zephyr. They’re not the same entity as the minor wind spirit was, so past summons for said spirit can’t be used anymore. Zephyr can only be summoned by those that they have given their feathers to, or by those that have been otherwise informed of their existance and have crafted a summoning spell for them.

-Zephyr can answer general summons that are put out for any and all spirits in an area, but they can deign to ignore them as well. They can decide whether or not they want to answer a general call.

-they’re a lowkey prankster, but are well meaning and overall benevolent.