So I have this HC that Jack and Bitty’s kid is this wide-eyed, lacrosse-loving child who can’t skate, can’t bake, and every inch of her room is covered in a mixture of Unicorn posters and Avengers ones.

Jack and Bitty–with extreme protest, become lacrosse-team dads.  Bitty gets salty with the other parents for snack rotation.  Jack is in the ref’s face has to be told, “Mr Zimmermann, they’re just kids, no we’re not issuing a lifetime ban because Lily tripped Claire.” during like every game

“BUT IT WAS DELIBERATE!  I can’t believe you’re gonna turn a blind eye to…”

“Mr Zimmerman, please don’t make me throw you out again?”

They go home and get Claire to bed and collapse on the sofa.  Bitty massages Jack’s shoulders while Jack laments, “Lacrosse.  Where did we go wrong, Bits?  This is karma isn’t it, for all those five am checking practises.”

Bitty just kisses his husband and sighs, and knows whatever else their kid turns out to be, they’re gonna love the hell out of her.  Doesn’t stop him from chirping, “Yeah it probably is.  This is all your fault Jack. All your fault.”

missmarsbar  asked:

For that prompts thing from a couple days ago could you do Zip Me with patater helping each other get dressed for a Black Tie event? 😊You're great!

“Kenny I…”

At the hesitant sound in Alexei’s voice, Kent came round the corner from their massive walk-in closet and saw him stood in front of the mirror, tugging helplessly at the bottom of his unbuttoned shirt.

The clothes had all been either gifts or elaborate bribes to convince the pair to sit for photos shoots and advertising.  Kent had meticulously picked out Gucci, as the cut of their suits fit Alexei better than anything else they had.

Right now, though, Alexei was staring at himself, distress plain on his face.  With a sigh, Kent walked up and used his thumb to smooth out the wrinkle between Alexei’s brows.

“Kenny I’m don’t think this is good idea, this party.”

Kent raised a brow.  It was a black tie benefit for charity–there would be a silent auction, and thousand dollar a plate dinner which would all go to an organisation meant to help LGBT+ youth.  Alexei had been excited for the event, until that morning, when he’d began to show signs of hesitation and anxiety.

Putting his hands at Alexei’s waist, Kent tugged on his belt loops until Alexei had invaded all of his space.  “You wanna tell me what’s going on, babe?”

Alexei sighed, scrubbing a massive hand down his face.  “I’m look stupid in this suit.  Is not me, Kenny.  I’m look…fake.  Not…not like you.”  He brushed his hand along the side of Kent’s shirt, which was buttoned and tucked into his trousers.

Kent cocked his head to the side, smiling until he realised that Alexei was serious.  “Babe… you know I’m biased.  You could walk around in a goddamn burlap sack and I’d think you were the sexiest fucking thing on the planet…”

Alexei laughed and rolled his eyes, leaning in to press a kiss to Kent’s temple.

“But everyone else is going to think you look hot as hell.  You don’t look fake.  You look amazing.”

Alexei’s eyes softened, but he still looked troubled.  “I’m just think…I come from poor family in Vladivostok.  Never wear a suit like this, spend my childhood on fishing boats and…”  He looked back at the mirror and pulled at the collar of the shirt.  “Is not me.”

Kent sighed, then took the bottoms of the shirt and began to button it up carefully.  “Okay so that little boy who worked on a fishing boat never wore Gucci.  But the fucking MVP, D-man who won a fucking Stanley Cup twice, who donates a quarter of his salary to help homeless kids–he wears fucking Gucci suits.  And goes to charity benefits where he can show off his adorable boyfriend,” Kent paused to bat his eyelashes at Alexei, making him laugh.  He finished with the last button, and smoothed the collar before gently tucking the ends in to Alexei’s trousers.  “He deserves to wear Gucci.  Doesn’t mean he’s not still that kid who worked his ass off on fishing boats.  It just means he’s this, too.”

With careful hands, Kent turned Alexei toward the mirror, the slid an arm round his waist.  Alexei tucked Kent close as he looked at the pair of them, then turned his head, pushing his nose into Kent’s hair muttering a long string of Russian Kent only half understood.  

“We look good together,” Kent said, then pulled out his phone to snap a mirror selfie.  He was momentarily startled by the look of absolute adoration on Alexei’s face, though he shouldn’t have been.  Alexei always looked at him like that.  He uploaded the pic, then tossed his phone over onto their bed.

With careful hands, he cupped Alexei’s face and locked gazes with him.  “Alyoshenka.  You’re gorgeous.”

Alexei tugged Kent closer, dipping down to kiss him, soft and slow.  “Okay, I’m convince.  I’m arm candy for Kent Parson tonight.”

Kent rolled his eyes and thwacked Alexei’s stomach with the back of his hand.  “You fucking wish.  I’m the trophy husband here, everyone knows it, Tater.”

Alexei laughed, loud and booming as he tugged Kent even closer.  “I not marry you yet.”

“You’d better get on that soon,” Kent warned, a thrill running up his spine at the very idea.  “I’m not going to wait around much longer.”

Alexei’s eyes were alight with mischief and he pushed his fingers through Kent’s, tugging him toward the door.  “I think you will, trophy husband.  Now come, you make us late.”

Kent rolled his eyes and grabbed their jackets as he allowed Alexei to tug the out the door.  “You tell yourself that, Tater,” he muttered.  

They both knew perfectly well, Kent would wait forever.