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Wanting to screw Bayani and all your other Ocs aside... I wanna know about the artist. You! How do you feel about K-Pop? Any favorite artists or K-Pop bands? How long have you known Sushi and Poo?

Haha omg me? Ah well I like K-Pop! I don’t listen to it as much as I did before though, from time to time I would listen to Korean artists like Dean, sometimes BTS, Got7. I consider myself a more old school (okay not old school) k-pop fan bc I got into it around 2007. My first ever group I listened to and became a fan of was DBSK! And I was super obsessed! Tbh, after changing Rein’s look, I based him off of Jaejoong for the longest time ahah. Do you know how hard it was to find music back then…? So very hard… Uhh I used to be a HUGE ass fan of EXO right when they first came out (I used to make K-Pop gifs of them… which still gets likes smh) and ya ever since the Chinese members left, it was never the same feeling— but I still like them haha. I was a casual fan of MBLAQ, F(x), CN Blue, Beast, Miss A, Sistar, U-Kiss, FT Island, Urban Zakapa… etc.—

But my favorite group ever is definitely SHINee!!! I love them to bits and pieces and I still keep up with them! Even though I love all the members, Taemin is my absolute fave ever. I love him so much that multiple OC designs I have are based off of him and his style LOL. I love SHINee and thinking about them makes me so happy ahh. I also used to read a SHIT ton of k-pop fics… used to write some too— not anymore haha but ya some of them were so good though… the writing was crazy good it could’ve been it’s own series.

Oh! And I’ve known Poo for over a year! As for sushi, we officially started talking around January haha. We’ve been talking all the time ever since and I love love love them so much! It feels like we’ve known each other longer bc of how comfortable and transparent we are with each other. Like I don’t feel afraid sharing anything and it’s nice to be able to go in depth about games, anime, or manga etc. We can get into debates, disagreements, but we’re still able to treat each other with respect. We laugh about really stupid shit, make fun of each other, but also support each other when one of us is going through a rough time. It’s just nothing but love!! I wanna make sure I can meet them at AX this coming summer!! And I also can’t wait to play OW with them since we basically bought the game together LMAO.

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hey seo what do i do with my sister? lately, she is into korean culture (but tbh it's only the pop side >>) and she keep trying to educate me about it. the sad thing is that she is educating falsely. for example she told me 애교 is pronounced (ai-go, but it's like ay-gyo) and called this sushi "omg it's kimbab" (even tho it doesn't have sesame oil/traditional kimbab seasoning and contained fish??) +among other instances...:/ i research most of what she said but they never correlate?

tell her that a true, 100% organic, pure, fresh Korean™ is telling her to chill


B.A.P’s EATING CONCEPT.. is the best THING ever!😻😹
❣ Here’s each member’s favorite Japanese dishes💕
See how happy DAEHYUN when HIMCHAN gives him his favorite sushi. OMG! So cute!😂 Yup! No one could ‘appreciate’ food as best as DAEHYUN!😌
*Aaa.. I’m like HIMCHAN.. I love Miso Soup much!😋👍
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Crab Rangoon Roll (Crab Salad rolled in Nori, Tempura Fried, and served with Fried Won Tons and Eel Sauce) from Kona Island Sushi Bar located in Disney’s Polynesian Resort.