Can we just

Can we just talk about how Japan and America give presents to each other on their birthdays?

((Look at America in the final panel staring at Japan and waiting for his reaction to the cake it’s just… ASDFGHJKL))

 Someone just ruined my dream and said it was because of Haikyuu!! Day. sigh

So look at this very nice coincidence. 

Yachi’s uniform in the official cover drawing is number 19, right?

AND Hinata and Kageyama are 10 and 9 respectively.   


Can we just talk about how desperate and horrified America gets after his cute innocent Japan turns into a tsundereish soldier?




Day 99/365: April 9th 2017 | Futomaki Rolls from TNT

Today was pretty unproductive in terms of studying… blergh. I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 7am last night……. was up all night THINKING and my thoughts were so repetitive and annoying ;; drove me crazy and I couldn’t frigging fall asleep UGH. Anyway, I woke up after around 4-5 hours of sleep. Went to TNT at WEM because I really wanted to buy Asian food LOL and Jane told me that WEM’s TNT sold fire noodles so I wanted to see if I could get them… and I DID!!!! I bought one pack of fire noodles, one pack of rabokki noodles (I thought those came with rice cakes but they actually don’t so… rip LOL), a box of futomaki sushi rolls, a six-inch plain cheesecake (!),3 bags of frozen dumplings (they had a special!), HONEY BUTTER CHIPS, and custard taiyaki!!!! I wanted to buy hot dog buns and those TNT specialty buns but they all had a shelf life of ONE DAY rip sdjhgaksj maybe next time!!!!! Anyway, buying all that food definitely cheered me up! However, today was really cold so I felt really sick so I only studied neuro at the library for about 2 hours before heading home. 

Washed my hair, watched Conan, and called it a day. ;_; waaaa I MISS GABY