Miami is going well so far 🍓❤🌴 how bout u guys? I will miss y'all a lot 💋

@freebackbird @willclarksonphotograph @a-russette @bekahxrogers @ashton-yourbodyguard @theblackpanther89k they are growing 👶👶❤

*enjoying the nice weather, views and food with @dr-trevorsterling 🍱*

  • Tronnor: *travels the world together, posts vine together, leaves youtube convention together, has pictures of each other on their fridges, face times each other planning a sushi date, takes a selfie on someones phone, has a girls night, gives us like 6 selfies of the girls night, has an art night, posts another vine together, goes to disney together, gives us 6 more selfies, snapchat video, snapchats connor peeing, goes to the beach together, and grabs each others butt.*
  • Troyler Fandom: ya but we got a kiss