It’s been well over a year since we last checked in on nutty creations of professional “Peanut taxidermist” and “Painter of Nuts” Steve Casino (previously featured here). He’s still toiling away (though we imagine he does more snickering than toiling) on punny new peanut characters, like Nuts-feratu, and has branched off from creating human likenesses to making monsters, animals, and inanimate objects including a mouthwatering mini hot dog. Casino was recently commissioned by MTV to create peanut versions of the main characters from Game of Thrones.

He also painted self-portrait in which he’s trapped inside a peanut shell:

Casino has created over 200 peanut characters over the last three years and he shows no signs of slowing down. Keep up with his latest creations via his personal website, Facebook page, or Instagram.

[via Bored Panda]

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I finally finished my two sushi dogs that have been waiting for concept sketches for a loooong while now.

Liam the top boy I got in a trade but I didn’t care so much for his design when I tried drawing him. witchpaws gave me permission to revamp him a bit for approval.

And Nelly, well gosh I’ve been sitting on a MYO ticket for… months now since the donation even but couldn’t come up with a single theme I liked. I wanted something with colors but also something I liked to eat/drink. Most the things I wanted were already taken so it was tough. This year I found out I really love Mimosa’s and it hit me to check that. IT WAS AVAILABLE!

I was so gosh darn excited I had to work on mimosa last night/this morning. While working on her I also worked on Liam who I had been stumped on for a while too. I am totally surprised I actually got 2 designs done and I love them BOTH very much.

Well I just got the news today that they both have been approved!!

So officially meet Nelly Mimosa and Shamrock Shake Liam!