Hi mi name is Di, pronounced Die haha.

I’m a total goof ball and very free spirited. I love laughing and adventure.

Love sushi, vegan food, from time to time meat, love all foods tbh, cat lady, tea drinking, loud puertorican, colorful , artist, writer, and lover of nature.

Hit me up if you think we’d connect. Hope ya have an awesome day =3

Tsubasa 57.5! Omake #1

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget! Volume 8 ends with the first Omake of the series, which has been patiently waiting for me to finally turn the page, so let’s look at that now. 

It’s only a few pages long so we’ll put it all in one place. Because recycling.

Or something. 


Anyway, Omake!

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Yesterday when I met the girls, I gave each of them a deck of cards with 52 different reasons why I loved each of them. That’s a total of 260 Reasons to love Fifth Harmony. 

In case they somehow didn’t receive them because who really knows what happens to things at meet and greets, I typed them all up as well. So girls, if you’re reading, here are 52 reasons that I love each of you. If there is ever a day that you’re feeling down, unloved, or just not as confident as you’d like to be, just rememeber, you are amazing and I love you.

Love and hugs always,


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