sushi sweater

✨🌙 Mayor Ruby of Lunaris 🌙✨

💜 This Outfit
💜 Moon Hairpin
💜 Purple-Stripe Tights
💜 Black Rain Boots

🌟 Info 🌟

🖤 Kind but can be very blunt yet honest
🖤 Is quiet around strangers but will always be there for her friends
🖤 Works at The Roost during the Fall and Winter making perfect warm drinks
🖤 Is fascinated by space and astronomy
🖤 Loves collecting books, gems, snow globes and stickers
🖤 Wants to travel the world
🖤 Loves the cold weather and its rain/snow
🖤 Likes tea, cats, warm sweaters, sushi and sleeping in
🖤 Night owl, appreciates the moon and its beautiful night
🖤 Loves her boyfriend Alex very much
🖤 Appreciates nature and it’s little things
🖤 Daydreams a lot


Mabel’s Sweaters

Pattern available on home decor, apparel, cases, and more~!
Available now on RedBubble~! Stickers of some of the individual sweaters also available with more coming soon and upon request!

I’m open to commission~!
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Hauls from 3 trips within the last 2-3 weeks.
Not pictured:
A few pairs of underwear as I’ve already worn them
Two shirts and a dress and a sushi sweater, boosted items and gifts for friends.

Too lazy to total as its 3:30 on the morning
So here ya go