sushi saito

ViVi Magazine January issue - Kyungsoo cuts, part two

I always carry around a backpack. I never leave behind my glasses, charger, or throat spray. I keep foam cleanser and lotion in the black pouch, which I actually bought at Muji (laughs).

Group questions:

▪ Your favorite Japanese phrase!

KS: Nan demo ii (Anything’s fine). I hear it a lot in Japanese movies. Is it something that people say often? I think its comforting and convenient.

▪ If you had a day off?

KS: I would watch movies and dramas all day long and then go out to eat something nice afterwards.

▪ Your goal for 2017!

KS: I want to think about health. Nothing big; I wish constantly for all the members to be healthy as we go about our daily lives.

▪ The world is ending tomorrow. What will you do?

KS: I’d want to eat sushi from the Michelin 3-star restaurant Sushi Saito.

▪ A spot you recommend in Seoul!

KS: A Korean cuisine restaurant called Duru that specializes in noodles, at Hakdong Intersection. Their stir-fried octopus and rice ball combo is the best!

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