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♡Pocket Sized BTS♡

Everyone needs pocket sized BTS in their live right?


♡ J-hope would call your dog and jump on its back using it as transportation around the house. He would hold onto your dogs coaler with his tiny hands trying not to fall off.

♡Jimin would always sleep with you in your bed even though you’ve made beds for everyone. He would come after everyone is a sleep and make his way to sleep next to you, between your arms with his mini blanket. No matter what, he always wants to sleep with you even though you’ve once squished him while turning.

♡Jin would help you when you make dinner by carrying the salt and pepper bottle, which is twice his size, and bringing it to you. As you cook, you would occasionally find Jin using your cup as a boat and you spoon as a paddle around the sink to get to the other side.

♡Jungkook would be the naughty one. He would hide your car keys so you won’t be able to leave the boys. When you would tickle your toes with a feather twice his size and tickle your nose with your hair. Eventually you would sneeze on Kooki and he would fall of your bed.

♡Yoongi would be sleeping everywhere and anywhere when he get tired. Doesn’t matter if it’s inside a cup, on your top of your dog or in you neatly folded clothes, with his head pocking out, when he wants to sleep he will stop everything sleep. Then you would carefully carry Yoongi in your hands and puck him is his mini bed.    

♡Taehyung would sit on the top of your head whenever you would go shopping. He would hold on to strands of your hair so he wouldn’t fall of when you’d take a sharp turn. As you walk around, something would eventually catch Taes eyes and he would tug on your hair to buy what he wanted.

♡Namjoon would somehow get himself trapped inside an upside glass. He’d be pouting and sitting with his legs crossed while waiting for you to get home because none of the boys would help him, they’d just teas him for fun.

♡ The boys would all get a cup or share a bowl and fill it with hot water. They would take their cloths off and wrap the mini towel around their waist. Then they would get in side the cup or bowl and enjoy the mini hot spring with a wet towel folded on their head. >//ω//<  How cute!?

♡ As you come to home you constantly find The Maknae Line enjoying the treasures of your sweet stash. Kook, Jiminie and Tae would use strawberry jam as fake blood and guts and have sword fights with pocky sticks.

See ya ✌︎

~Admin sushi スシ