sushi plate


Today’s adventures include….
-finishing 8 plates of sushi and discovering I might be allergic to shellfish and iodine
-Finding out I can’t escape Funko Pops
-A free large smoothie from Jamba Juice
-Turkeypig was back


Lazy days are not laundry days, I’ve recently learnt. Living in a dorm and having to do most things, I relied on my mother to do, has taught me that. Cooking and cleaning is not as easy as 50s housewives and home makers (as my English Language students like to call their mothers) make it seem, definitely got a new found respect for them.During my first month here I became a regular at the local konbini (convenient store) and Kura Sushi (100yen per plate, sushi restaurant/dinner-placey). I soon learnt that being lazy is expensive when my bank account had just enough money to stay open, but not enough for me to draw any. The number on the screen taunted me as my mother’s words ran through my head, “remember to budget, don’t spend it all on snacks and clothing.” Well, I’ve learnt my lesson and am proud to say it’s just over my second month here and I have not starved to death yet and my bank statements are at a healthy number. I’ve learnt how to NOT burn onions while frying them and that you have to let an egg that has been in the fridge get to about room temperature before frying it. It is now safe-ish to be around me in the kitchen. Wowuuuu! for a post that has the word “laundry” in it’s title, I haven’t talked much about my laundry skills…which are Ace if i do say so myself, I haven’t changed the colours of any of my clothes or shrunk anything yet. So I’m pretty sure I can get my adult badge around about now.
With love, M

Today, I fucked up... by randomly picking a sushi restaurant in Tokyo

So, like most TIFUs, this was not actually today. About two weeks ago, I picked out a small local sushi place in Ginza to go get a bite while I was there on vacation. Unfortunately, it was closing as I arrived, so I Googled ‘sushi near me’ and picked from the list at random. I landed on a place nearby, about 5 mins, called 'Sushiko Honten’. It took a while to find - it was a small recessed door with no sign, somewhat shady - but once I entered it was lovely.

After eating some of the best sushi I’ve ever had, I noticed there were no prices on the menu. I’d had about 8 plates of sushi at this point, and started to panick a little. I quickly Googled the restaurant and blanched at what I found. The restaurant was 120 years old and had one Michelin star. As quickly as I could, I asked for the bill.

¥20 000 ($150) later, I decided to thoroughly research any future restaurants I visited on a whim. And not to use data in Japan. That was another 50 USD.

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Rajigaze Sep 23

Reita (reading question): “Have you guys ever eaten a really huge amount of food? None of the members seems like they eat much, but if you have any stories that you can brag about, like ‘I ate 30 plates of sushi,’ I wanna hear! When I was in middle school, I was so hungry I ate 5 packs of instant ramen with 4 eggs. I ended up getting sick and haven’t been able to eat instant ramen since. Please keep eating delicious foods and working hard! I’m supporting you!”

Uruha: …How much ramen is in 5 packs!?

Reita: Well…like 5 servings? (laughs)

Uruha: That’s crazy…they must have had a gigantic pot.

Reita: Well usually when you’re suuuper hungry, you always feel like you can eat a lot, but once you eat it you really don’t feel well.

Uruha: That’s exactly like when we first started the GazettE, we had crazy appetites.

Reita: Yeah, it was insane.

Uruha: It was ridiculous.

Reita: We ate SO much.

Uruha: There must be something we can brag about from that time…

Reita: For example..?

Uruha: Like, the pasta place.

Reita: The pasta place. (laughs)

Uruha: The pasta place incident.

Reita: Oh yeah, our favourite family restaurant…

Uruha: It was stupid…

Reita: Yeah (laughs) It was stupid how much we went. And we would always order…supersize?

Uruha: Yes. And always mentaiko pasta (*marinated cod eggs)

Reita: Yeah, we’d always order three supersize mentaiko pastas…but Ruki…

(Uruha explodes with laughter)

Reita: He tried to order it as we were walking into the store…we took a video of it.

(Uruha still laughing)

Reita: It was so funny. They’re like, “hi, for three?” and Ruki’s like, “yeah, can we get three superzise mentaiko pastas, and three clam chowders?”

(both dying laughing)

Reita: Like, we’re still in the entrance, we don’t even have seats yet. They’re just like, “o-oh, okay…right this way…” they were probably thinking like, “tf is wrong with this guy…” Well, he just wanted it to come fast, he was hungry so, what are you gonna do.

Uruha: And we already knew what we wanted.

Reita: Yeah…

Uruha: We also got seconds a lot of the time, didn’t we?

Reita: Yeah, once we finished eating…

Uruha: We would eat the supersize and…did we get a refill?

Reita: Well, we would just order another one.

Uruha: And then after that we ordered the regular size, didn’t we?

Reita: You mean like, supersize, supersize, regular? You’re kidding.

Uruha: Didn’t we do that? I feel like we did that once.

Reita: Yeah, that does sound like us.

Uruha: Why were we always so hungry back then?

Reita: Seriously, we could keep eating forever. And we never gained weight, either.

Uruha: Yeah, for sure.

Reita: Mhmm. If we ate like that now, we would gain weight.

Uruha: Yeah, we gain as much as we eat.

Reita: I guess that’s just the power of being young.

Uruha: Yeah, it’s amazing, eh…I wanna go baaaack~

(both laugh)

Uruha: I said it so seriously lol

Reita: But back then, I mean, even though we did go to restaurants, it doesn’t mean we had money…

Uruha: Yeah…

Reita: Sometimes we couldn’t eat. We’d have to be like, “we’ll wait in the car.” It was so sad.

Uruha: Yeah, that’s true eh…did we actually wait in the car that often though?

Reita: It was usually Ruki or me, we’d be like, “we don’t have any money, so we’ll just wait here.” And then you guys would be like, “just come, I’ll give you a bite!”

(both laugh)

Uruha: We wouldn’t treat you…I mean, we didn’t have the money to, anyway.

Reita: Yeah, you didn’t have the money to treat us.

Uruha: Mhmmm….

Reita: Oh, also, there was that one time…we went to Ruki’s house, the two of us. (*back when he still lived with his parents) And we were like, “we’re hungry, let’s go eat gyudon.” (*rice bowl w beef and onions)

Uruha: We didn’t have jobs back then, did we?

Reita: Well, we didn’t have money anyway…

Uruha: Oh, we did have jobs…

Reita: Yeah, we just didn’t have any money on us. But anyway, we were like, “let’s go for gyudon,” and we got Ruki in the car, and we’re in the middle of our meal…

Uruha: And we’re just like “oh btw we don’t have any money”

(Reita bursts out laughing)

Uruha: And Ruki’s like, “what!?”

(Reita laughing)

Uruha: Like, “what were you planning on doing if I didn’t have any money!?”

Reita: Yeah, seriously, if he hadn’t had any money…

Uruha: We’d have to dine and dash.

Reita: Yeah, we wouldn’t have had a choice.

Uruha: But he saved us.

Reita: Yeah…we were stupid.

Uruha: Seriously, how did we even manage to feed ourselves…

Reita: We were so stupid.

Uruha: Like, we didn’t actually know Ruki had money…

Reita: We were just assuming.

Uruha: We were.

(both laughing)

Uruha: That’s so bad.

Reita: We were just like, “oh, he’s got us.”

Uruha: We put him in the car…

Reita: His house was close to the place, too…

Uruha: We brought him to the gyudon place…

(both laughing)

Reita: We were awful.

Uruha: We were…