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// Ahmahgash! Thanks you guys! I’m really happy that this blog is getting at least an ounce of attention after my hiatus! I’m surprised I haven’t lost many followers. Anyway! I enjoy being here, and I hope that I can send a little happiness your way! // –Mun ♥

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@atsu-san  Although no longer active on here, (You’re too cool for Tumblr anyway) I love all the love and support you give me to continue going on and even portraying my muse the way that I want to.  My Todomatsu is very different from the rest and I’ve come to love him even at my most insecure.. Heck..the only thing sweeter than your Atsushi is you when we’re not rping. Thank you for everything. You’ll always be my number 1! ♥Kareshi’s for live♥

@askhomerungirl Gosh, you’ve always been so nice from the very moment we met! Thank you for your kindness and kind words. You never have anything bad to say about anyone or anything. Your Homura is so sweet and cute, I’d love for us to interact again!!

@at-sushi-kun​ I could never forget our first encounter. We clicked pretty well!! I’m sorry that our muses didn’t work out how we would have liked, but I still made a pretty chill pal despite my hiatus (ses…seseses <– Many Hiatuses) You always give off this sort of confidence I would love to have for my muse. I’m just a shy bab. 

@lucky-number-fourteen Oh gosh! We hit it off really well when we met! I was just too shy to continue with my muse interacting with yours. You are a very caring person ooc and I really appreciate that from people. Let’s rp again soon! I’ve learned so much about Todomatsu and have been taking everyone’s sense of confidence and finding my own to put into my little Pink bean. u v u 

Thank you to everyone else for following!~ I’ll do my best to keep active. Hopefully I’ll find some nice otouto’s to rp with soon u v u //

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I know the gif is really silly but asdfghjkl let me live

Wowie zowie i can’t believe this!
I was going to do this when i hit 150 but a lot of stuff came up and i didn’t have the time to do this. But seeing it go up to 200 blew my mind. Thank yall so much! Me and Jyushimatsu are so very happy that we have so many people to interact with! This is just something small to thank yall for dealing with me and my idiot little JyuJyu bean! It’s bias i have to admit considering there aren’t a lot of people i talk to but sure as hell would like to talk to everyone else!!! 

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well. she certainly did it now, didn’t she ? she had spent her paycheck
on a bunch of weeb shit she didn’t need and now that she was checking
out actual groceries….she didn’t have enough money.

she here she was. staring at the cashier petrified with all the items laid
out for others to shame. and her wallet…near empty. fantastic. it wasn’t
even as if she was completely poor— just a few short, but still enough
to not complete her purchase.

and so she had to face her fear, of not only public humiliation, but
human social interaction.

❝e…excuse me s…ir. i….am short. 500 yen.
  could i…borrow it…maybe possibly if you
  would be so kind.


There were no answers , there was no vocal cord after all. This ‘doctor’ the human spoke off came , he was scared , the other touched his body and it didn’t felt good. Though he calms down once he sees he is just inspecting him, he is like Choromatsu.

The elder merman would treat their wounds , so if Choromatsu was a human he would be called a doctor.

Ichimatsu only heard faint words , the sandman was cradling him to sleep and rest. It was warm , somehow safe and his ‘legs’ felt warm.

A few feet away the doctor talks with Atsushi.

‘’ It is good you brought him to a warm area right away , with what I could see he had a severe undercooling. Due the undercooling his legs shut off , it is a way for the human body to reserve any heat to the heart to keep that functioning. The boy must have laid in the sea for days for that to happen , his legs are still in good condition , though they are very slim and pale.’’

On a notepad he writes an url for a website for the caretaker.

‘’ On here you can read some exercises for him to do. He is very lucky that you found him , he has no vocal cords so he was not able to scream for help . The boy probably was born mute , the throat is clean , though red from the water he had to vomit out. That will be gone in a few days , try to not let him go in cold water any time soon. ‘’

With a quick look to the boy he gives a nod.

‘’I will write a description out for him , they are painkillers , a tad stronger than the usual ones. With the exercises he will be in pain at the end of the day as he warms up the joints that had closed off , though do not make him walk for the first week. It is okay to try moving his toes , get him warm socks and always a pants and blanket around him , this way his joints will stay active. ‘’

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I am so looking forward to this angst event. Can I request a Murasakibara angst where he does not feel fit to be with his female s/o? For example, he feels that Hirumo would be a better boyfriend. So, the s/o has to reassure him that he is amazing. Thank you. Love your blog!!!

No anon-san! I love you <3 I hope you enjoy this scenario! xx Raniku! 

It’s been a week since Murasakibara was down in the dumps. And it shocked everyone. He first started to act more polite. Then he started to cut of his portions. What shocked everyone was when he decided to eat snacks. And you couldn’t help but worry.

It was finally the weekend, Murasakibara just came over, and your parents were gone. It was the perfect opportunity to confront him about what he was feeling and why he was pulling away from you and from everyone else. 

“Sushi-kun, are you okay? This week… you’ve been pulling away from everyone. From me… and it’s worrying me.” You asked softly, before grabbing his hand.

Murasakibara kept his head down, his body quivering. His hunched position seemed to swallow him whole. Making him look younger than he looked. 

“___-chin. Don’t leave me.” He sniffed. “I know I’m not like Muro-chin, or Aka-chin, but I’m me and I’ll do anything to make you happy.”

You couldn’t help but feel so at awe, at how much he cared for you…how much he loves you. 

You wrapped your arms around Murasakibara even if he tried to shoo you away.

“I’ll always love you Sushi-kun. No need to change. No need to be someone else. I love you for who you are. And that will never change.”

Cuddling with Murasakibara would include
  • Him tilting your chin upwards and gently pressing his lips on yours
  • “You’re sweeter than any sweets, s/o-chin”
  • Him pulling a blanket over both of you to keep you warm
  • You planting kisses all over his face
  • You using his jersey as a night-gown
  • Him blushing and hiding his face in your neck
  • “Say, s/o-chin did you hide my sweets?”
  • You trying to braid his hair and him not allowing you
  • “I’ll crush you, s/o-chin”
  • “Be a good boy and I’ll bake you whatever you want”
  • Him pulling you closer to him
  • You trying to wriggle out of his hug
  • “My s/o-chin is so tiny”
  • “Sushi-kun, you’re just too big”
  • Him putting his hands on your stomach
  • Him stroking your hair
  • You snuggling in his arms

hulafairy66  asked:

Hey! I really enjoy your blog, I'm a big fan of YOI!! I'd like to check out some other anime, could you please give me some recommendations, if you have the time? Thank you <3 <3 <3

Thank you for enjoying my blog. It always makes me happy to find more people that share similar interests with me. I’ll give a list of anime I enjoy. They don’t fall all into one genre though.  I hope that a few of them look appealing.

All Out (Rugby sports anime with great friendships and very positive body image themes* All sizes have a reason and strength)

Barakamon (Calligrapher goes to an island to find his style, crazy ensues.)

Bungo Stray Dogs (mystery like, with a cast of awesome lovable characters. Big perks for being funny)

Days (Soccer anime, a little different than the rest because they all love the main character, who predictably sucks at first, and actively support him.)

Diamond no Ace (Baseball sports anime with fun, funny characters with a lot of heart)

Durarara (lots of shit happens and then they eat sushi)

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (this breaks any mold you could find in anime. I usually can’t stand shoujo anime, but this one is SO different than the rest. I have never regretted taking a chance on this one.)

Haikyuu (Volleyball sports anime, similar to DnA’s description)

Kuroko no Basuke (Basketball sports anime similar to Haikyuu and DnA only with a little of the supernatural mixed in. Excellent main crew of characters)

Kyou Kara Maou (Teleported to another dimension and finds your the king of daemons, what could possibly go wrong? This one makes me smile no matter how often I watch it.)

Noragami (Delivery God at your service. Also very funny and mystery built in.)

One Punch Man (Different than the rest, Fun main character that breaks a lot of “perfect main guy” molds and a cyborg apprentice.)

Orenchi no Furo Jijou (Because what else would you do if you found a merman on the side of the road? Of course you would take him home to live in your tub.)

Psychic Detective (A guy who can see ghosts with his red eye and tries to be apathetic, unsuccessfully. Wonderful mystery arcs in this series, the manga is awesome also)

Psycho Pass (Using collected data about past and present personalities to decide who’s going to be a criminal before they ever become one?  One of the best first seasons in all anime I have watched. Fully fleshed out characters and intricate story line. One of my favorite villains of all time)

Sakamichi no Apollon (Coming of age for three kids in their latter years of high school. It does not sound like much but it’s truly one of the best I’ve ever seen. Make sure to read the follow-up manga extra after you’ve finished.)

Yowamushi Pedal (Bicycling sports anime, the animation is a little different, but you’ll love the characters and their growth)

A few more add on’s because this is already very long: Boku no Hero Academia (superhero kids with heart), Free! (swimmer guys working on friendship and their futures), No. 6 (Utopian society couldn’t be a bad thing….right?) Sakamoto desu ga? (Because what if you were actually perfect? Hilarious and fun)

And of course Yuri on Ice (nothing like a healthy relationship, a show that does not tease but follows through, excellent well developed characters and a great story line to keep you watching) *but you knew that one already : )

just-abby-maya  asked:

Hey hun! I love your art ♥ and I hope you're having a nice day/afternoon/night! Can you do Atsushi Nakajima in #309?♥

Omg when I got this ask I yelled “Atsushi-Kun~!!” like Dazai lol Thanks so much! I hope you’re also having a nice day/afternoon/night! ^^ Here’s sushi-kun~

He looks pretty in purple. :D Nice choice @mcl-abby-maya !!!

(requests are closed but you can find the color palette challenge here!)

anonymous asked:

Can I have Gom+Kagami+Haizaki having their shy s/o avoiding their kisses. The guys feel embarrassed or rejected, but it's only because the s/o have chapped lips. They dont care, what will they do to get a kiss anyway?

Hi Anon! I posted awhile back regarding the 6 character limit! And you never got back to me in changing the characters! I hope you don’t mind me cutting out Kuroko and Midorima for this scenario! Hope you enjoy! And sorry for the wait! xx Raniku


Akashi didn’t understand why you were pulling away. Again. When all he wanted to do was kiss your lips. You turned your face away from him before running towards your classroom. Akashi couldn’t help but feel upset at the sight of your running away from him.

He thought you were both dating. He didn’t understand why you were pulling away from him every single time he tried to hold you.

During practice, you could tell that Akashi wasn’t up to it. He wasn’t smiling and he was colder than usual. When practice ended and you approached him to touch his shoulder.

He shrugged your hand away. 

“Gomen _____. I need to change first.” He gave you a polite smile before walking away.

You ran after him and grabbed his arm.

“Sei! Wait! What’s wrong! I…I don’t know what I did wrong.” Your lips trembling.

“You’ve been rejecting me all day _____. _______ if you didn’t want me…you shouldn’t have answered my confession.” Akashi smiled ruefully at you. 

Your eyes widened. Rejected? No! You just didn’t want him to kiss your chapped lips!

“My lips are chapped!” You yelled, red face.

“My lips are dry and chapped and I didn’t want to feel them.” You mumbled before looking at your feet.

Akashi didn’t move for a moment then sighed. 

“_____. I didn’t confess to you for nothing. I confessed to you accepting all your flaws hoping you’d accept mine as well.”

He grabbed your chin to lift your face up to look at him.

“Can we start again? This time don’t run away when I kiss you.”

He bent down to kiss your lips softly before pulling away.

“Soft just like the finest cotton.” He said smiling at you.


Murasakibara spent the day pouting. Ever since this morning you spent the day avoiding his kisses or his pocky games. You’d break the pocky intentionally before rushing back to your classroom.

“Atsushi, we have to go to practice.” Himuro said patting the purple giant’s back.

“Yada.” Murasakibara grumbled as he blew his bangs away from his eyes, his chin resting on the desk as he watching Himuro.

Himuro sighed. 

“Is this about ____-chan not kissing you?”

“_____-chin hates me.”

“I don’t think she hates you Atsushi.” Himuro chuckled.

“She does. She doesn’t want anything to do with me.” He grumbled.

“Ah! ______-chan! Can I talk to you for a second?” Murasakibara’s ears perked up at your name before shoving all his things and snacks to his bag, standing up and walking towards the door, stopping as he saw you midway, before huffing and walking out. 

You felt your heart clench at the sight. Did you do something wrong to make Murasakibara ignore you? 

You slowly walked your way towards Himuro who was leaning against Murasakibara’s table.

“_____-chan. Gomen but can you help me with something?” Himuro said with his hand in a half prayer, smiling at you.

At practice, Murasakibara hadn’t moved an inch from the basket and made pathetic attempts to block the ball. And everyone knew he was pissed. 

“Sushi-kun.” He heard you quietly call your name from the bench, as you placed your bag down.

He glared at you, before stopping a ball midshot only to slam it down hard. After which he walked towards you obviously upset.

When he stopped right in front of you, you stood up shakily on the bench before placing your hands on his shoulders, tip toeing to give the giant a gently kiss at the corner of his lips.

Murasakibara flushed at the kiss before turning away pouting.

“Gomene, I didn’t know you were upset about me not kissing you. My lips were chapped and I didn’t have any lip balm on me. And I didn’t want to kiss you with dry lips.” You softly said blushing. 

“I don’t care _____-chin. But you hurt me.” Murasakibara whined. 

“I’m really sorry. I’ve brought you some snacks to make up for it.” You said before jumping off the bench to show him a plastic bag.

“Its the new nurenurenurenure flavor. I hope you like it.” You shoved the plastic bag into his hands. Murasakibara’s eyes widened at you before dropping the bag and pulling you into a hug.

You gave him a hug bag sighing. You should really start saving up for all those future I’m sorry snacks. 


You sweat dropped at the sight of Kise. Everywhere you saw him he was pouting. And everyone noticed. The girls tried to cheer him and glared at you. The basketball team sighed, while Kasamatsu beat the crap out of him. And you didn’t have a clue why he was pouting.

You finally found him alone, staring at you from the corner of the wall, tearing up.

“Ryouta what’s wrong?” You blushed. No matter how pathetic he looked, he was still handsome.

“You’ve been avoiding my kisses ____-cchi!” He said pouting and not coming close to you.

“GOMEN!” You bowed at him.

“My lips are dry and chapped, and I didn’t want you to feel them!” You said with your eyes clenched tight.

You heard Kise’s footsteps approach you then pulled you into a hug before kissing your hair.

“Fine.” He said “I’ll wait for your lips to be acceptable for you. But for now I’ll do this instead.” He suddenly bent down to suck a spot on your neck gently marking you.”

He pulled away grinning, “NOW EVERYONE KNOWS YOURE MINE ____-CCHI!”



Haizaki was beyond livid. No one has ever rejected his kisses before. Girls even begged him for it. But here you were, dodging him every way you can and pretending everything was okay. 

“Ne Shougo. Why don’t we go into that cafe over there?” You pointed out, grabbing his sleeve.

He shrugged you off before walking towards the cafe, not bothering to wait for you, “Fine, whatever floats your boat.” He tsked.

You frowned at him. You didn’t do anything wrong in the last few hours, so you didn’t understand why he was suddenly turning cold. And things got even more worst as you guys sat in the cafe.

Haizaki openly flirted at the waitresses, accepted women’s numbers and even gave them a bunch of them hope for a night of pleasure.

Your hands clenched on your lap, fighting away the tears that threatened to spill over.

“Toilet.” You stood up without waiting for Haizaki’s response. Instead of going to the toilet, you paid for both of your meals before heading out to the streets.

Haizaiki didn’t bother following you when you went back to your apartment, to curl up in ball on your bed to cry.

A couple of hours later, you heard someone banging your door, wondering who it was at this time of night. 

You opened the door only to see a very angry Haizaki.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?” He yelled pushing you against the nearest wall.


You eyes widened at his words. Haizaki was jealous and hurt…?

“Shougo…” You whimpered.


“My lips were chapped.” You whispered, looking down.


“I said my lips were chapped.” You said a little louder. 

Haizaki’s eyes widened and realized what you were saying. 

You suddenly felt him pull you into a tight hug, only to have you cry and clutch his shirt.

“Baka. My lips are dryer the yours.” He said chuckling into your hair.


Everyone knew Kagami wasn’t the PDA typed, but when you ignored one of his rare kisses. He was floored with rejection. 

He spent the day upset. And he was strangely polite towards you. He wouldn’t laugh at your clumsiness before helping you out. Our talk to you in between classroom duties. It was like you guys weren’t even together.

Before he left for practice, you called out his name, holding onto the back of his uniform.

“Taiga..” You called out.

He stopped. Before looking over his shoulder.

“Gomen ____-chan, I’m going to be late for-”


He suddenly turned to you as you apologized.

“My lips were dry! I didn’t want you to feel it, and I left my lip balm back at home.”

Kagami tilted his head to the side, “Whats a lip balm?” 

You laughed at his dense words.

“Its the thing you put on your lips to keep it soft Taiga!”

“Oh….OH! His eyes widening.

“I uhm…I thought you didn’t want to…” 

You suddenly kissed the corner of his mouth.

“Its okay. I promise to kiss you without thinking about my lips next time okay?”


Aomine suddenly grabbed you from behind and pushed you inside the janitors closet.

“Now _____-chan. Maybe you should explain why you spent the whole day ducking away from me.” He bit out.

Your eyes widened. How can you admit you didn’t want him to kiss your dry lips? How can you admit you didn’t want your first kiss with him as a couple to be horribly dry. 

You suddenly felt Aomine pull your body against him, tightening his hold and hiding his head at the crook of your neck and shoulder.

“I’ll do better. I know I’m not the best boyfriend, but I promise to do better. So don’t leave me _____-chan.” He whispered. He started kissing you all over your face before stopping at your forehead and staring into your eyes. 

Ah. It’s probably a bad time to say you didn’t want him kissing your lips since you wanted to savor the rare moment Aomine decided to bare his feelings towards you.

A very rare moment in deed.

anonymous asked:

hello may I request GOM at a party with their S/O, s/o gets drunk and yells that they love the boys ?

Hello anon-san, I def wish I was s/o :)) That seems like a lot of fun tbh. Hope you enjoy and sorry its late xx Raniku


If Akashi had a choice, he wouldn’t be in this party in the first place. But Hayama wanted to throw a victory party, and it would be weird to have a victory party without the captain of the team. So he was there with you, and you were offered a lot of drinks. Trying to not be rude, you took all the drinks.

A couple of hours later, you were definitely trashed. You couldn’t stop yourself from climbing up a table the moment Akashi left your side to talk to someone.

“EVERYBODY! Shhh music shhhh! I just want to say I LOVE YOU SEI-CHAN (hiccup)!” Akashi’s eyes widened at the sight of you giggling and wobbling on top of the table, and he knew you the next thing that was going to happen was you falling, so he rushed as fast as he could to catch you, and he did. 

“You never fail to amuse me _____.”


It was the second party Kagami threw for the team, and Kuroko couldn’t help but attend. Kuroko was really happy to be there because most of the time he was often forgotten and never invited to these kinds of things. Thanks to his new light, he was able to attend parties and enjoy them as well. 

So he invited you to enjoy it as well, much to your surprise. 

But what you didn’t was you getting drunk. So when you were at the peak of your buzz you couldn’t help yourself your overwhelming emotions.


Kuroko couldn’t help but smile at your confession, as he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. 

“Lets go _____-san. Maybe you can show me more of your love at home?”



Midorima couldn’t help himself blush like crazy as he made his way to your figure on top of the table, the whole team screaming for you to go on and say more. 


Suddenly a bandaged hand covered your mouth and dragged you away. 

“Come on ____. You need to get some rest, you’re too drunk.” 


You and Kise was often invited to parties due to his popularity. And every time, you spent your time sober and pissed at everyone who judged you for being his girlfriend in the first place. 

Having enough of all the judgy eyes and comments, you decided to drink the night away.

Two hours later Kise couldn’t find you anywhere, and he was beyond worried.

So when he spotted you on top of the bar screaming like a man woman he couldn’t help but feel his jaw drop.


“_____-cchi,” Kise said hauling you over his shoulder.

“That’s enough drinks and trying to create a mob okay? I think the best course of action at the moment is to run.”


Murasakibara never failed to spend his time eating at parties. You know that person who ate all those snacks that went with the alcohol? That was him. And most of the time you’d help him finish those snacks. 

But one day, Himuro tried to get you to drink, just to give you that high school experience you might have been missing out from sitting in a corner eating your night away.

What Murasakibara and Himuro didn’t expect was how much of a loud drunk you were. 


Murasakibara couldn’t help but blush at your words as he carried you out of the party.

“I’m going to crush Muro-chin.”



When Aomine heard you scream those words out, he couldn’t help but smirk at your drunken figure you as you asked for a toast.

So when everybody started to go back to their own business, Aomine came over you  and pulled you close to his body. 

“So are you going to show me how much you love me tonight _____-chan?”