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The Crown Prince and the Concubine

He never had the greatest luck when it comes to pulling short strings and this time it shows in its full glory that his luck is less than 0. He is a citizens from a country along with 5 of his brothers and 1 Emperor that rules them all , after the death of their parents they did their best to keep on making money so they could keep on living , they kept up the farm but there was a terrible drought , they had no vegetables to sell or have seeds to replace the dried up dirt.

So they made an agreement , make six tickets and make sure 5 are empty and with one that has a splash of ink on it.

If it were Osomatsu, Karamatsu or Jyushimatsu they would sign themselves in as a soldier and fight as they were Alpha’s and set in for that task. If you’re lucky you will be used as a palace guard but many unlucky one’s will be send to fight the war if it would arrive.

If it was Choromatsu he would assign himself to become an eunuch and serve the palace as a Beta till his death, an eunuch cannot return to a citizen once he signs in.

If it would be himself or Todomatsu two Omega’s they will sign in as concubines for the King. There was a big request for male Omega’s since they have a greater chance to produce better heirs, also with a rumour that the Emperor is in favour of males instead of females. He had a heir , the crown prince but the Queen died. Many rumour that the Emperor himself killed her after he gave birth to the Crown Prince. If he or Todomatsu becomes a concubine for the Emperor his brothers will be gifted with a rich amount of money to never work again and it will double if he or Todomatsu produces a heir.

But now he is here… He drew the unlucky folded paper with splash of ink on it. The next day he prepared himself, he didn’t want to become a concubine to an Emperor that was ruthless and even produce more children for him. But he hates it more to see his brothers suffer because of his ignorance. He may had times he wasn’t happy with them but they all shared the same womb and ever after that they were together and never alone.

A week after that guards stood before the door to ask for him , he prepared himself, although he had nothing to bring along he did got a last gift from his brothers. A bracelet with every colour his brothers liked, it were just a few strings but that was more than good.

He left and within a few hours he was washed, checked on scars and clothed to be brought inside the palace for the Emperor to examine him. It was a stern rule that no concubine or Queen may have a scar on his / her body or they would be refused to be accepted.

He sat in a room on the ground on his knees with a small pillow under his knees, he has been sitting here for over 2 hours , his legs are painful dull to the point he only feels small sparkles in them. He was told by the head Eunuch the Emperor would come after a meeting to see if he would be his concubine or one be placed in the ‘wait’ line , the Emperor only has a few concubines he actually has sex with but never had a child with. Neither did he name one of them as his second wife or new Queen.

Just as he wants to move to the side so he can rest on his hip he heard footsteps , he sat straight again and moves the ‘dress’ straight , it was a painful green coloured dress , the clothing felt soft but the colour made him frown deeply. He moves his head down as the door slide open and hears the footsteps walk towards him.

The Emperor has entered the Building.



  • Name: “Homura”
  • Animal: Hamster
  • Boys Name: Hikaru
  • Girls Name: Hotaru
  • Color: Honeydew
  • Movie: Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Something you wear: Hat
  • Drink: Hot Tea
  • Food: Hamburger
  • Something in the Bathoom: Hand wipes
  • Place: Hungary
  • Reason for being Late: having to deal with family

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I am so looking forward to this angst event. Can I request a Murasakibara angst where he does not feel fit to be with his female s/o? For example, he feels that Hirumo would be a better boyfriend. So, the s/o has to reassure him that he is amazing. Thank you. Love your blog!!!

No anon-san! I love you <3 I hope you enjoy this scenario! xx Raniku! 

It’s been a week since Murasakibara was down in the dumps. And it shocked everyone. He first started to act more polite. Then he started to cut of his portions. What shocked everyone was when he decided to eat snacks. And you couldn’t help but worry.

It was finally the weekend, Murasakibara just came over, and your parents were gone. It was the perfect opportunity to confront him about what he was feeling and why he was pulling away from you and from everyone else. 

“Sushi-kun, are you okay? This week… you’ve been pulling away from everyone. From me… and it’s worrying me.” You asked softly, before grabbing his hand.

Murasakibara kept his head down, his body quivering. His hunched position seemed to swallow him whole. Making him look younger than he looked. 

“___-chin. Don’t leave me.” He sniffed. “I know I’m not like Muro-chin, or Aka-chin, but I’m me and I’ll do anything to make you happy.”

You couldn’t help but feel so at awe, at how much he cared for you…how much he loves you. 

You wrapped your arms around Murasakibara even if he tried to shoo you away.

“I’ll always love you Sushi-kun. No need to change. No need to be someone else. I love you for who you are. And that will never change.”

Cuddling with Murasakibara would include
  • Him tilting your chin upwards and gently pressing his lips on yours
  • “You’re sweeter than any sweets, s/o-chin”
  • Him pulling a blanket over both of you to keep you warm
  • You planting kisses all over his face
  • You using his jersey as a night-gown
  • Him blushing and hiding his face in your neck
  • “Say, s/o-chin did you hide my sweets?”
  • You trying to braid his hair and him not allowing you
  • “I’ll crush you, s/o-chin”
  • “Be a good boy and I’ll bake you whatever you want”
  • Him pulling you closer to him
  • You trying to wriggle out of his hug
  • “My s/o-chin is so tiny”
  • “Sushi-kun, you’re just too big”
  • Him putting his hands on your stomach
  • Him stroking your hair
  • You snuggling in his arms

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Send me a 💖 for a Valentine’s day starter!

“ Ah! There you are! Atsushi-kun!” Homura grew a bright smile on her face at the man in front  of her. It’s rare for her to spot him in the streets! He’s quite the busy body from what she has been hearing. Well, thank goodness, she kept a bundle of Giri-chocolates right to serve in her purse! Once she arrived to him, her pacing slowed as she eagerly shuffles through her bag. There is no time to waste! She easily spots a small yellow ribbon with the name Atsushi on it wrapped around the end of the little transparent baggy. Her smile grew at the sight and proudly revealed the home-made chocolates to him. “ For you! Happy Valentine’s day!”    


//Fuckign Shaun