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did you get v's good or normal ending? honestly feel like normal ending was much more romantic, even if we didn't get to see his all-new hippie stylez

Ah I did both!! (Did the normal ending earlier haha) But yes the normal ending was definitely more romantic! It’s such an interesting choice that Cheritz made the normal ending more romantic– but I actually like it like that! I feel like with V’s good ending, there’s more closure with the characters (except… considering what happened to Saeran…) and that V was able to grow on his own and learn to love himself. Only which, he finally came back to us with FULL confidence to confess his love and to pursue what he really wanted to do. Whereas in the normal ending, he’s still relying on us a bit to change and the fact that he’s doing music??? Omg!! Either way, after seeing both endings and thinking about it, I feel a lot better haha. Awe V TT v TT still wish I could’ve seen more sassy V. I could feel the hard core sass in him… Did they ever addressed why he was called V i forgot LMAO

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i'm starting a new job next week so i was wondering if you could do some xv headcanons for the chocobros each starting a new job pretty please? (ps, i love your blog♥)

I hope you do great on your new job and that you love every minute of it!


  • sushi chef assistant (part time)
  • he likes fish so he signed up, had no idea what working at a sushi place entails until he was put in an apron to do it
  • not very good at interacting with customers so he was assigned to flip the rice
  • literally just flipping sushi rice until it’s cool enough to handle
  • it’s okay he likes it
  • gets excited every morning for the new fish coming in from the fish market
  • sometimes the guy in charge of the sashimi will give him a slice because it’s like having a dog give you beggin eyes when you’re snacking YOU CAN’T JUST NOT GIVE HIM SOME


  • camera repair shop
  • loves tinkering with the rejects, somehow manages to get them back into working condition after being declared dead
  • loves the older models because it’s easier to find replacement parts
  • plus the polaroids are instant! they don’t make them instant anymore!
  • sometimes a dead camera will contain some precious photographs, he likes flipping through them and imagining what kind of life it shared with the owners
  • other times he regrets looking at the photos and wonders if developing solutions can wash the images burned into his eyes


  • daycare instructor
  • wears a floral apron and is permanently attached at the hip to at least one toddler
  • teaches the children how to play nice and wash their hands after lunch
  • says he only took the job because it will look good on his resume
  • says he doesn’t feel it’s the job for him because he doesn’t work well with children, it is only temporary, he will move on to something bigger soon
  • has been doing it for three years already
  • actually talks about ‘his kids’ every waking moment of every day
  • sends pictures of their shenanigans and playground drama to the other chocobros
  • they want to groan and tell him to stop gushing over other people’s kids but Ignis somehow landed some seriously juicy stories from these shrimps like legit mexican-drama-level entertainment 


  • firewatch lookout
  • spends his mornings in the tower reading books and keeping an eye out
  • takes walks all day and intimidates campers who litter
  • eats mushrooms and cup noodles and mushroom cup noodles
  • scares the crap out of Iris and the other bros by sending pics of himself touching the dangerous wildlife
  • gets yelled at by Ignis for taking selfies of nearly putting poison berries in his mouth (he knows what they are, its just too much fun to tease Iggy lmao) 
  • wrestles bears
sushi date | hayes grier

pairing: hayes grier x reader

requested: yah

request: Can u please write a Hayes Grier imagine where u guys go on a sushi date with his friends (jack j jack g Kyle Massey etc.)

requested by: @ilysm108

summary: reader and hayes go on a sushi date with their friends

author’s note: so this is my first imagine and I hope I did okay. I’m not a fan of the end but the rest of it turned out okay

warning(s): none

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