sushi counter

I always prefer to stop by a local grocery store if I need to eat lunch on the run. It’s usually a healthier alternative to fast food! I was pulled to the sushi counter and then added in a hummus cup with pretzels to help me make it through my drive to Chicago. Do any of you have an idea of how to estimate a calorie count for the sushi? I purposefully got a package without the creamy sauce stuff it sometimes comes with 🍣🐠


Fendi’s Personal Vision of Luxury: The Ambitiously Refurbished Palazzo Fendi in Rome

The Italian fashion house, known for innovative yet traditional designs in furs, leathers and furniture, has been raising the bar in terms of luxury, making their flagship a symbol and personal vision of the aesthetic lifestyle reflecting the label. Offering this lifestyle to the public, is the best occasion to live the brand to the fullest extent. It’s not just a hotel, a restaurant, an apartment and a shop. At Palazzo Fendi it’s all about making sure that people leave with a better idea of the brand than when they arrived, creating a unique brand image. Read more >

Sushi Iwa, Narita Airport, Japan

Another amazing dining option has opened in Narita Airport… Sushi Iwa!

Famed for the locations in Tsukiji Market and Ginza, you can find this third Iwa outpost in the new fourth floor food court behind the Delta check-in counter in  the North Wing of Narita’s Terminal 1. While they do offer plenty of take-out option for up-in-the-air eating, I highly recommend you sit down and enjoy a pre-flight meal at their sushi counter, where two chefs prepare nigiri with same fresh fish they use in their other two award-winning sushi-ya, delivered daily…

It’s not just some limited menu of tuna and shrimp they’re offering at Iwa Narita either; they offer a longer list of oceanic options than you’ll usually find most central Tokyo sushi restaurants… everything from kanpachi to shima aji to kohada to katsuo!

And their shellfish selection is simply outstanding…

You’ll even find white shrimp and red clam…

And yes, toro too…

All this is an airport eatery!

While it’s not the most convenient airport to access, restaurants like Sushi Iwa are what makes flying in and out of Narita worth the trip.


Narita Airport

Terminal 1 - North Wing

Fourth Floor

Behind the Delta counter