sushi all you can

Du bist beim All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurant. Nach der 42. Portion, kurz vor Ladenschluss, kommt der Kellner zum wiederholten Male zu dir, um dich vom Weiteressen abzuhalten. Er greift nach deinem Teller, um ihn dir wegzunehmen, doch du kannst ihn noch rechtzeitig beim Handgelenk packen. Ein Tauziehen um den Teller beginnt. Schließlich lässt die Kraft deines Gegners nach und gestärkt vom Sushi, behältst du die Oberhand.


sasuke definitely comes up with roundabout ways to spend time w hinata

he has a massive crush on her but is in denial, or can’t say it

like if this were an office au, he calls her into the conference room to go over some project the company has been working on

he strategically calls her in right before her lunch break

and he has all this fucking food laid out…. but it’s just him and hinata, and he wasn’t exactly sure what she liked to eat so he purchased the whole menu lmao

“Come in, I was just about to have lunch.” He’s sitting at the head of the table and pretends to act super casual, leaning back into the ergonomic chair.

Hinata eyed the feast on the table.

A wide variety of take out items was spread out on the long table of the conference room. Disposable containers with dishes like pasta, stir fry, and sushi took up a majority of the space; she would barely be able to tetris her documents amongst all the food. The litany of appetizers and main courses and desserts teased her senses and the emptiness in her stomach became magnified tenfold.

Was this how CEOs regularly ate? She reasoned that her boss could certainly afford it, even if it seemed a bit excessive.

“Wow, that’s quite the lunch,” was stated in a friendly, neutral manner.

“Yes it appears I ordered too much…” Sasuke cleared his throat, “Have you eaten yet?”

He knew damn well that she hadn’t, so when she shook her head, he smoothly followed up with, “Why don’t you join me?”

The turkey and spinach sandwich she quickly threw together this morning paled in comparison to the banquet in front of her, making her quick to agree.

“Sure,” she smiled, “It is almost lunch time and I know Ino and Kiba are also about to go on break so if you wanted to invi-”

“No no, I think there’s only enough for two,” he was quick to interrupt. While Yamanaka and Inuzuka were good employees, sometimes their personalities grated on his nerves. He already had one energetic loud mouth that followed him at his heels.

Besides, he didn’t want anyone to get in between their… er, meeting.

“… Okay, Uchiha-san…” She fought to keep the skepticism out of her tone, cautious of offending him due to his generous offer and his status as her boss.

“Sasuke,” he insisted. “You can just call me Sasuke.”

Little things —

  • I cleansed and charged my new crystals under the full moon the other night
  • I was feeling very inspired and uplifted after my rituals so I created four corresponding sigils too
  • My sisters and I went to a craft show with my aunt (who surprised us each with a gift) she gave me essential oil rollers and such for back pain, she’s so thoughtful!!
  • I found a lovely moonstone ring for a really fair price and a scarf to gift my mother (which I think she’ll love)!
  • My sister made us pancakes for breakfast
  • We went to all you can eat sushi (again) so I had even more veggie tempura aha
  • It’s been so gloomy and I just like that
  • I also finally caught up on journaling — October truly was such a busy, busy (but absolutely incredible) month
  • The universe has been aligning and sending me clear msgs which I’m pretty excited about

I’m a waitress at an all-you-can-eat sushi/other Japanese food place. I’m pretty strong because of all the lifting I do, but customers don’t realize that and constantly try to grab food before I put it on the table.

The other day I had a guy try to grab a large, very hot bowl of udon soup out of my hand as I was putting it down. We lost balance on it and it tipped over, almost wrecking the iphone he had sitting on the table. It was partially my fault because I should have told him to stop, but nobody ever listens when I do tell them and so they end up knocking something over or spilling the food.

Just because I’m a rather small-looking girl doesn’t mean that I can’t lift a plate, people. Please, I know you’re trying to help, but don’t grab the food before it gets to the table unless your server asks you to.

[Darkwing Duck] How we Roll

Apparently we needed 2,330 words of Darkwing Duck family feels fluff involving sushi today.

“Launchpad!” Drake grinned at his partner in delight. “I didn’t know you could use chopsticks!” 

“Oh yeah.” Launchpad deftly dropped a piece of crab sushi into his mouth with his chopsticks, taking a quick second to chew and swallow before speaking again. “Went around the world with Mr. McD and the kids, picked up a few things along the way. Kind of had to, Mr. McD is a stickler for table manners, especially when it comes to meal time negotiations.”

He went to grab another pieces and it slipped, falling out of his chopsticks. The chopsticks quickly followed, one falling off the table and rolling on to the floor. “Course, I tend to crash them too.” Launchpad chuckled ruefully, then picked up a piece of salmon nigiri. “To be honest, I’m better at eating sushi with my fingers.”

If that was the only thing Launchpad crashed tonight, Drake would count it as getting off lightly.

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Okay so I wasn’t gonna post this until tomorrow (today?) but this ask made my night so I’m posting it now and I’ll show you guys the other thing tomorrow. xD;;;

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how would everyone react if Elizabeth turned into a human

Thanks for the request!

Zen: Would be stunned by her beauty, not even questioning how she turned into a human. Takes a liking to the lady he once called ‘furball’ but still sneezes around her, she still has some traces of being a kitten after all. 

Yoosung: Extremely excited to see “the girl in Jumin’s penthouse” because apparently she’s a beauty but it takes him a while to catch on to the fact that she is Elizabeth. When he realised (or is told) he’s shocked and stays in a state of shock until she says something which blows him away.

Jaehee: She would be surprised and start to question just how this happened but to be honest, she’s quite happy due to this chain of events. It means she won’t have to take care of an active kitten anymore and perhaps Elizabeth could teach Mr. Han what emotions and caring for somebody else means.

Jumin: The most shocked from this experience. Woke up one day to see a white haired beauty sitting calmly on his couch, then they stood up with a smile and gave him a big hug. Immediately informs the RFA of the situation while Elizabeth cuddles up to his side. He tries to find a way to turn her back into a kitten because her human form is quite emotionally taxing for poor Jumin, it’s too much for him to handle.

707: Would be absolutely elated and would want to talk to her all the time. Would still call her Elly and would play around with her, teaching her all the good things about the world like how you can eat all you want at a sushi place if you go at the right time or the fact that there are sales every Friday night at the supermarket. You can count on Seven to teach her useless information. Jumin still wouldn’t let him near Elizabeth.

V: Would be overjoyed that the little kitten he named was now a human. He would question it a bit however he’s just overwhelmed with emotion as the girl begins to talk to him. Would hope that now that she is a human, he can keep Jumin proper company and teach him a few things about empathy.

Saeran: Absolutely confused about the situation. Tries to think of reasons how this happened however nothing comes to mind. He tries to avoid Elizabeth as much as he can saying that “something is weird” but just her smile is enough to convince Saeran that she’s worth talking to at least.

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what are some of your other Jason head canons? Like domestic, ethnicity, or maybe even some nsfw ones??

Thanks for your ask, anon, but - oh boy - where do I start? There are so many things I’ve already mentioned at one point or another in one of my stories, and so many more that I have yet to write out… If you want something specific, please don’t be shy to ask.

But here, we go, some Arkham verse headcanons:

  • His favorite color is red.
  • He is actually a year younger than Tim, but god help you if you point that out to him.
  • Jason of my continuity is white. His parents were Willis and Catherine Todd, both white Americans.
  • His mom got pregnant by accident when she and Willis were just dating. The marriage was her idea (and mostly due to Jason).
  • Willis never stopped resenting Jason for it. Occasionally, Catherine was bitter about it, too, but at least she never got physically violent about it.
  • He cared for his mother for almost a year before she died, and seeing what drugs did to her turned him off ANY and all drugs for life. Jason hates painkillers and he hates needles with a passion.
  • Jason loves non-fiction books, especially technical stuff (he designed most of the militia gear, so he’s obviously got a knack for engineering).
  • Related to that, Jason got along wonderfully with Lucius Fox and the two of them regularly exchanged designs. The disruptor gun used in BAK is based on Jason’s designs.
  • Bruce had him home-schooled/tutored while he was Robin, to help him catch up on all the academic progress he lost. (Jason of my continuity was 8 when he started living on the streets.) The plan was to have him go to normal high school as soon as he had caught up, but Joker got in the way.
  • His worst school subject were languages. All of them. Mostly because language depends a lot on social interaction, and Jason didn’t exactly have the best track record with that at any point in his life.
  • Jason loves to cook. He’s also a bit of clean freak, mostly because he knows what it’s like not being able to afford proper food or proper hygiene.
  • He always keeps at least three sets of knives and lock picks on himself: one to find easily, one to find after a lot of searching, one so well hidden no one can get it.
  • He was arrested and charged three times as a kid, twice for theft, once for prostitution. He always managed to get away before they could ship him off to juvie jail.
  • He used to go for late night / early morning all you can eat sushi whenever he was patrolling with Batgirl and without Bruce.
  • He met up with Dick once a month to train, when he was Robin, but Dick quickly shifted it from pure training sessions to half training / half brotherly bonding and normal social interactions.
  • Jason doesn’t trust people in general and finds dealing with them exhausting. He’s more of an introvert.
  • As mentioned in an earlier ask, the Jason of my continuity was abused as a child. Specifically, he was 12 and he ran into the wrong people during a break-in gone bad. The second winter that followed was the time he was arrested for prostitution.
  • Batman took Jason to the manor without revealing his identity, but it didn’t matter much since Jason figured it out the next morning at breakfast.
  • Jason initially thought that Bruce expected him to pay for the entire rich kid and Robin deal in sexual favors. Creeped the fuck out of Bruce, and it took him months to actually come to trust him.
  • Jason hates thunder because it reminds him of gunshots (he likes guns, he just doesn’t like waking up to the sound like someone’s trying to shoot him in his sleep.)
  • Jason’s favorite perch in Gotham is Mercy Bridge, because it’s got watchful gargoyles on all sides and a nice view of everything - Lady of Gotham, Arkham Asylum, Wayne Manor, the three islands of Central Gotham, etc.
  • Jason has a distinct Park Row accent that he slowly got rid off during his time with Bruce, but that keeps on popping up when he’s angry. Lots of dangling participles, gutteral Rs, and double negatives.
  • He swears. A lot.
  • He is perfectly fluent in Spanish since he spent to so much time building his militia in South America.
  • He has at least one safe-house and two caches on each of Gotham’s islands.
  • His helmet has a self-destruct mechanism that is connected to his voice print and triggered by the phrase “I wish Joker was still alive.”
  • He changed the interface of his Robin cowl from blue to red first chance he got and it annoyed the hell out of Bruce.
  • He would frequently run from the manor if triggered, although those escapes became less frequent the longer he stayed there.
  • Jason always dials the thermostat up by two degrees, no matter how warm a room is to begin with.
  • And since it is Halloween: Jason loves Halloween, but since his parents could never afford proper deco, he used to swipe a pumpkin from a random neighbor each year. When he did that during his first year at the manor, Bruce scolded and grounded him. Alfred took him with him to the market for weekly grocery shopping, bought the biggest pumpkin they could find, and then proceeded to show him how to make pumpkin-everything out of the innards.
  • Alfred is Jason’s favorite person ever.
  • Edit: Also, Jason likes to keep all exits to the room within his sightlines when he sleeps, so the first thing he does when moving in somewhere new, is usually to reposition the bed.

Whew. Long list got long. Again, if you want to know something in particular, feel free to ask.

And Sans was never hugged again

This audio was done by @sushinfood! I would highly recommend giving him a listen, he’s a SUPERB voice actor, and definitely deserves all the props!


Anonymous said: Hello^^ I was just wondering if you’ll continue “Pinup Boy” from Michinoku Atami. No rushing or anything. I just really like it and I wanted to confirm that it didn’t get dropped. I love your work~ 😊😊

Hello! Pinup Boy was only 2 chapters so it’s been completed! I feel like I get this ask a lot lmao. But no worries, that couple shows up in other chapters in the Midnight Love Alliance universe!

(taken from a chapter I’m currently working on)

Anonymous said: I know that some people’s pet peeve is scanlating using ebooks found wherever, but please keep in mind some of us solo scanlators buy the books and use found ebook raws simply to save time.

I… wasn’t talking about you then?😭😭 That reblog was about scanlators who don’t buy what they work on but still tell others to buy them. You said you buy them, so that’s awesome! Keep doing you, let us support the mangakas any way we can 💕

Anonymous said: I understand that you won’t translate the manga of your future list of projects. Did you find any groups that took them?

No one has contacted me to use my raws, but I’m sure there are groups that will pick them up! 

Anonymous said: Hi! This is completely unrelated to translations and you don’t need to answer but did you know there’s this makeup brand called TooFaced and they came out with this peach line and their new palette is called just peachy? I thought i’d mention it because of your cute name!!

GIRL. (or boy or however you self-identify)
DON’T START THIS HERE YOU DON’T WANT TO START MY MAKEUP RANTS HERE. OF COURSE I KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!!! The moment they announced it I was ON IT. I’m sad because I bought their previous Sweet Peach palette for Nitsu but I should’ve waited for this JustPeachy one 😩 I haven’t bought it and idk if I will bc I don’t wear eyeshadow, and I’m more skincare > makeup so I’m saving up for some new essences and creams instead 😭 Thank you for this message though I got so excited!!!! 

reikicchi said: Nothing related to scanlation, I just wanted to say that I like your kakao icon XDD ♥

Thank you!!! Though I feel bad, I only chose apeach because he fits my justpeachy vibe, my favorite character is actually muzi!!!

HE’S A PICKLED RADISH IN A BUNNY COSTUME. Try and tell me that’s not cute I dare you. I’m going back to Korea next year so u kno I’ll be stopping by the kakao friends store and stocking up on some muzi merch 😭😭

Anonymous said: Hi Tea-San, 1. Did Crackster get finished translating I didn’t know if it was dropped or still ongoing either way I understand I just recently discovered this title? So good! 2. Isn’t really a question, but how did you come up with the adorable name? Love your translation keep up the good work! じゃあね

1) The translations for Crack Star has been completed, the releases are up to the anon and they will be private releases on her site! I DEFF get a lot of asks about this lmao. Oh man did you guys read the spinoff series with the idol brother?? I’m so psyched for the next chapter  👀
2) Story time! My online username has been icedtea since the beginning of time like since the og club penguin days lmao. It’s from Sugar Honey Iced Tea… My best friend was sugar honey and I was iced tea. If you know what it means I’m sorry ok if it makes you feel better it was my friend’s idea and not mine. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. And for the justpeachy part, I think this was when I was doing my internship and also worked part time? Yall og followers know when I’m talking about. It was like 10pm on a tuesday after my part time job and I’m giving my best friend a ride back and- here, let me just copy paste my response from another ask: My friends came to visit at my part time job (I worked at a Korean/Japanese restaurant and could sneak them some free food) and one of them lives close to me so I’m giving her a ride back, she says she’s craving a snapple iced tea so we stop by a store and this dumbass buys the diet lemon iced tea which who tf gets, come on step your game up. Well, on our drive back, she takes a sip and says, “this is disgusting, do you want it? I should’ve gotten the peach”. And bam. What a great and touching story, right? Aren’t you glad I told you? Though honestly… diet lemon iced tea? get out of my house… My go to iced tea flavor will always and forever be peach. Though guess who’s allergic to peaches 😂😂😂 OH! SPEAKING OF!!! LOOK AT WHAT I SAW THE OTHER DAY

Anonymous said: May I ask why you are closing down? Thanks for all the hard work you have done!
Anonymous said: Hey I was just wondering why you were closing down by the end of the year??
Anonymous said: “Code: will be the last justpeachy scanlation, it’ll be released as a volume once I’m done with all my other projects” What do you mean??? You’re closing down??? NOOOOOO T_T I LOVE YOU I DON’T WANT YOU TO GOOOOO
Anonymous said: Hi !! Thanks so much as usual for translating Batsu Game <3 . As i saw from your ‘About’ , you will be closing down by end of the year. Can i know the reasons for it and will u drop those project that were on hiatus ?? Appreciate if you can reply me thankss <3

Yes, I’ll be finishing up the projects I currently have listed (Batsu Game, Koiyume Lover, Ai ni Dekinai Koi wa Iya, Code) before I close down so no worries. If Family Affair comes back, I’m not sure if I’ll be down to work on it, I’ll have to see what my rl situation is like. The main reason I’m closing down is that I’m over this whole thing 😅 I barely read yaoi anymore, I’ve watched the groups I was in and grew up with disappear, there’s a lot more readers now which is good! But that brings more of the toxic stuff and even though I don’t read the comments on reader sites anymore, it’s a little depressing seeing that side of things 😂 This ‘scanlation group’ was just me doing my thing, but because I’m lazy and have no skill, I asked friends/strangers for help. So it’s not like I have group members to worry about. And they’re in other groups or have their own groups anyway. I guess scanlating just isn’t fun for me anymore so 

🍑 Peachy Updates 🍑 

  • Koiyume Lover ch 5 is completed, just waiting to be released (I’m wondering if I should do what I originally planned and wait to release the rest of the chapters all at once? Or release one by one…)
  • Rift extras currently being typesetted
  • Finished translating chapter 2 and 3 of No Color Baby for Sentimientoyaoi (shit’s wild 👀)
  • The new Michinoku Atami has been cleaned, waiting for me to finish translating, then will be sent off for some font magic
  • Lmao I haven’t touched Ai ni Dekinai Koi wa Iya and I prob won’t for a while 
  • Code: has been cleaned, I’ll eventually start translating it
  • Is this it? I feel like I’ve been a lot more productive…
  • Oh, it’s bc I’m helping kr proof this one series and proofing takes a lot more work than translating…
  • And also bc I did half of what I listed today lmaooo
  • I have a friend coming to visit this weekend so no work will be done bc we’re about to hit up all you can eat sushi and study for exams
  • Homecoming is next weekend so no work will be done bc I’ll be out of commission. Hopefully not puking.
  • The weekend after that I’m spending in the city for a friend’s birthday so I definitely will be out of commission and will definitely be puking.

Some angst is coming your way

 Floria - Tomohisa Sako (Natsume Yuujinchou Roku OP)