sushi all you can


sasuke definitely comes up with roundabout ways to spend time w hinata

he has a massive crush on her but is in denial, or can’t say it

like if this were an office au, he calls her into the conference room to go over some project the company has been working on

he strategically calls her in right before her lunch break

and he has all this fucking food laid out…. but it’s just him and hinata, and he wasn’t exactly sure what she liked to eat so he purchased the whole menu lmao

“Come in, I was just about to have lunch.” He’s sitting at the head of the table and pretends to act super casual, leaning back into the ergonomic chair.

Hinata eyed the feast on the table.

A wide variety of take out items was spread out on the long table of the conference room. Disposable containers with dishes like pasta, stir fry, and sushi took up a majority of the space; she would barely be able to tetris her documents amongst all the food. The litany of appetizers and main courses and desserts teased her senses and the emptiness in her stomach became magnified tenfold.

Was this how CEOs regularly ate? She reasoned that her boss could certainly afford it, even if it seemed a bit excessive.

“Wow, that’s quite the lunch,” was stated in a friendly, neutral manner.

“Yes it appears I ordered too much…” Sasuke cleared his throat, “Have you eaten yet?”

He knew damn well that she hadn’t, so when she shook her head, he smoothly followed up with, “Why don’t you join me?”

The turkey and spinach sandwich she quickly threw together this morning paled in comparison to the banquet in front of her, making her quick to agree.

“Sure,” she smiled, “It is almost lunch time and I know Ino and Kiba are also about to go on break so if you wanted to invi-”

“No no, I think there’s only enough for two,” he was quick to interrupt. While Yamanaka and Inuzuka were good employees, sometimes their personalities grated on his nerves. He already had one energetic loud mouth that followed him at his heels.

Besides, he didn’t want anyone to get in between their… er, meeting.

“… Okay, Uchiha-san…” She fought to keep the skepticism out of her tone, cautious of offending him due to his generous offer and his status as her boss.

“Sasuke,” he insisted. “You can just call me Sasuke.”

I’m a waitress at an all-you-can-eat sushi/other Japanese food place. I’m pretty strong because of all the lifting I do, but customers don’t realize that and constantly try to grab food before I put it on the table.

The other day I had a guy try to grab a large, very hot bowl of udon soup out of my hand as I was putting it down. We lost balance on it and it tipped over, almost wrecking the iphone he had sitting on the table. It was partially my fault because I should have told him to stop, but nobody ever listens when I do tell them and so they end up knocking something over or spilling the food.

Just because I’m a rather small-looking girl doesn’t mean that I can’t lift a plate, people. Please, I know you’re trying to help, but don’t grab the food before it gets to the table unless your server asks you to.

Ok, here’s my contribution to Ameripan Week!! Day 7 - World Meeting!

((Read from right to left!!))

This was based on a headcanon I saw long ago that said that America and Japan play a game to see who manages to embarrass the other the most during world meetings. America would make weird faces and gestures but at a certain point Japan would say something like “why ride a bus when you can ride a Honda?” and America would just sit there blushing till the end of the meeting XD

Btw I couldn’t find the original post of the headcanon to put the link in here >~< if you know whose it is or where the post is please let me know!

((Please ignore Korea’s hair idk what I did there))

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Hi! Have I mentioned how perfect your last jackparse daddy kink was? It's an absolute work of beauty. I was wondering if you've considered writing more for that particular 'verse? Even something short, other people's POV, 5+1? Or anything, really, just J and K affirming their lifestyle and how awesome they are together. Would be really really happy with anything you'll write either way!

Your daily jackparse ficlet is early today because it’s my birthday so I’m gonna go eat my weight in all you can eat sushi. 

Note: this is technically set in the sugar daddy verse but makes no mention of that dynamic. If you’re not into that kink, it won’t be a problem.

Ransom was nose-deep in his anatomy book when his headphones were tugged off him from behind. He twisted around, but there was no one there.

“Hey,” said Kent, from the seat right in front of him.

“Gah!” said Ransom, jumping. “Dude.”

“How are you even surprised,” said Kent. “I literally just - sigh.”

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that time of the month
  • uterus: pay attention to me I'm booooored.
  • me: I can't rn, I'm too busy handling my...
  • me: I was yummy...
  • intestines: TO THE DEATH!
  • me: ...can I live without a torso? is that a thing?

friday, march 10, 2017

woke up, messed around in bed a lil, and went to the gym for an intense leg day…put in so much work, i’m surprised i’m even able to walk rn lol. got all you can eat sushi for post-workout lunch…i was in heaven. the salmon toro, yellowtail toro, ama ebi, and uni were sooOOOoO good. i fuckin died yo. went to albertson’s for some groceries replenished our spice cabinet, went home and prepped steaks for dinner the next day. spent the rest of the night cuddling and talking about the future. i love him.

saturday, march 11, 2017

longest day by faaaaar. woke up early to go to la with babe to pick my roomies up to go view an apartment in sawtelle. asscheeks hurt like fuck from the previous workout so walking up any typa stairs up the apartment set my body on fire LOL. this apartment was three and a half miles from campus and it was actually super nice. i forgot to take pics but it was spacious enough: not too big, not too small, and it was clean and pristine. downstairs was comprised of the dining area, kitchen, and living roon; upstairs consisted of two rooms, each with its own bathroom. i loved the cozy feel and the amount of natural lighting and storage space. and a plus: it’s down the street from our favorite tsukemen restaurant!i definitely see this as my top pick (bae lee loves it too), but it comes down to what my roomies want, ultimately.

after dropping off my roomies, babe and i got ramen for lunch. carbs for dayssssssss. then we digested a bit by walking around sawtelle and shopping at daiso lol. at night, we went to watch logan; finally used up the gift card our manager gave us – thanks endalk! ♡ the movie was good; my friends were definitely right about it being a tear-jerker…rip. gonna miss hugh jackman as wolverine but it’s time for the dude to retire from this role i guess. after our movie date, we went home and cooked up the steaks for dinner. then we laid in bed with some stella rosa and a massage bar from lush, and, well…you can see where it went lol. 

sunday, march 12, 2017

daylight savings fucked us over… :))) but basically we had lunch at long beach thai and did homework for the rest of the day. super chill hehe.

I was matched with this guy and it seemed like we had so much in common. He was also very quirky and funny so I decided to put myself out there and see what happens.

Our first date we went to an all you can eat sushi that I ended up paying for because he didn’t have enough cash on him. During dinner he told me bisexual people don’t exist, you’re one or the other. (i am bisexual) and he then ranted about how his sister is going through the process of being transexual and how he hated her. I thought okay I know all people don’t agree with me so I’ll just keep trying to see the good in this.

A few weeks in I told him how uncomfortable the “n” word made me and he proceeded to use it around me constantly,even saying it randomly to get a reaction out of me. He also would keep picking fights with me then apologize saying his ex girlfriend would fight with him all the time. I ended up breaking up with him after a month and a half. After that he said he loved me and he knew we would fight over that if he told me. I’ve had to block him on all my social media and I have avoided him at all costs.