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May 28th 2016 3:38 PM // doing some additional mathematics past papers as I have both papers next week plus an economics mcq paper the following week and then I’ll be officially done with the IGCSE’s! Also thank you all vv much for 12K :D I am honestly super happy but too stressed to show it hehe

Captain Charming June Prompt is “Killian Helps David on the Farm’ 

Words ~ 1000 words. 

My contribution       Aesthetic by @juliakaze

A Bet, A Hickey, and A Useful Teen

Killian knocked on the farmhouse door, thoroughly disgruntled that he had lost a wager!  Who knew Wasabi sauce was so hot?  Besides any good seaman knew that sushi didn’t require additives to make it tasty.  In the future, he would check the facts before allowing the prince to best him.

Dave opened the door and called, “Hook, good morning,” jovially as he walked outside.  "Ready to work?“

"Aye, lead the way,” Killian followed his father-in-law down the stairs.

They rounded the house and walked into the barn where David pulled an old pair of denim overalls off a hook, “Here, you might need these. Wouldn’t want your leather to get dirty.” Killian gave him a look that said over my dead body, “Suit yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“I’ll be fine.” He followed Dave deeper into the confines of the barn.  "Just let me know what needs to be done.“

David led them toward a stall where a beautiful, jet black Thoroughbred stood, easily measuring seventeen hands.  "Lovely animal,” Killian held his hand out toward the horse’s snout.  

The horse whinnied and backed up a few steps until David held out a carrot and the horse settled and nibbled away.  "He needs his stall mucked out, fresh hay and water and brushed but don’t forget his carrots.  You do and you’ll get nothing done as he won’t let you touch him. He’s been known to take a nip and might go after that one good hand of yours.“

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A Quick Guide to Lady Murasaki

In short, she is Hannibals Aunt, the wife of his uncle, who in the film story line passed away prior to Hannibal arriving in France from Lithuania. She enjoys flower arranging and martial arts and manages to get Hannibal out of his mute state. 

In the films they develop a kind of romantic relationship, they are in no way related. She knows of Hannibals, habit, blames it on his age and mental trauma, attempts to protect him.

She is Japanese, hence the Japanese influences in Hannibals life. The addition of sushi this season and these paintings on the walls.

In the films, they are seperated after Hannibal kills the last of the men who ate his sister in Lithuania, and she is never heard of again.