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i. (long) michael is born first from the thigh of God, a little constelation screaming with holliness and rightousness. he is given form by the skin of an old lion and he's all polished ebony skin and dark eyes. when he is gifted a sword forged by dragon's breath and blessed by mermaid tails, he's not as holy and rightous (don't weep, child, death is ridicously abstract in eden)

ii. heylel came second and he had a thousand eyes. when michael asked why, god said “he is wise”. he was a ghost born form the heart of an old nebula, circling around the divine throne chanting holy songs. when god draped buck skin around his changing body, heylel’s burned it whole. when god draped dragon skin around his shining body, heylel ate it whole. when god fed heylel forbidden fruits, heylel took form; and he was tall and thin waisted, and his hair was golden threads.

iii. raphael was born from song; god sang for the first time and raphael was nothing but a wave of sound travelling through dimensions, coming back to tell stories of other worlds in a language that no one could hear but everyone understood. god gave him one million bird feathers, but raphael blew them in the wind. god gave raphael the skin of a white antelope, but raphael fed it to the children. when god made the disease, raphael took form; and he was golden skinned and silver tongued.

iv. uriel came fourth. “what’s a woman?” “a woman is a song, a white flower, a calm water”. father forgot to tell them that she was fire itself. they didn’t expect the chaos and heat and the disaster, disaster, disaster. uriel had no need for gifts to take form; she spun three trimes and turned dragon and she spun four times and turned a serpent biting it’s own tail and she spun five times and she turned woman with firey robe, all dark hair and pretty eyes and bearer of the divine light.

v. nobody really knows how gabriel came to be, he just appeared one day. they were already too many to notice yet another brother. he was given a lily and was taught to sing “ave maria” through eden and left everyone wondering “who in father’s name is maria?” (maria always hated this song)

vi. it was never the same after the war. corpses of dead angels were in piles of fifteen, an entire plain of burning corpses. the cherubs were covering the tree with their wings, all four of their faces singing prayers. when uriel was stationed at the gates of heaven, she burned for a hundred days in rage. they don’t really talk to her that much now, outside the formal archangels-YHWH meetings.

vii. “if he were to forget his pride and come home, i would kick the gates open for him, sew his wings back with golden thread with my own hands.” no one really talks after father said that. “i loved him the most, still do, always will.” uriel sighs.

viii. when they learn who maria is, the eden is too broken to be happy. “‘tis just the begining of the end” michael told gabriel before his departure “lucy will find a way to destroy that too.”

ix. it’s the year one, 1933. jochebed michael is blond haired and light eyed. in the night, the fire from the fireplace rises, crawls towards the child. “he is cradled by hell”. deborah, green and afraid, whispers. it was an inconvenience, to be the Antichrist’s guardian angel.

x. the death of the universe was merely an earthquake. “why did you allow this?” raphael asks father. “it is time to start over.” father answers as he sews wings with golden thread. -sushi

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First time making sushi and I have to say, I’m feeling rather smug.. this one’s filled with short grain rice, carrot and cucumber with lettuce and soy sauce! And there are 20 pieces if anyone’s wondering 😏😋💪🍙🍙🍙 I’m feeling okay today, but overall not too well. I’m having a lot of digestive issues and I’m rather worried about what I can and can’t eat! Hopefully my appointment with the nutritionist and acupuncture session next week will help. #fingerscrossed


Olives for Dinner | Watermelon Tataki by Olives for Dinner
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Atsuyaki Tamago, or Tamagoyaki, is a delicious and thick Japanese rolled omelette that is commonly used in bento and sushi! It is very simple and easy to make. 

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