Pretty pretty rachel ( @limitedmercy ) tagged me on this selfie thing, so im sharing my three fav selfies. Theyre quite old (and one is in wig obviously) but yea these are the ones i like ^^
Im tagging @ye-rims @nanssagajii @ayoshidae @sshinhye @haengah @sooyyoung @hyejonqs @yulkwo but if u guys dont feel comfortable sharing pics of urself, thats ok ^^

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am very happy I found your simblr! Your game and your sims are so inspirational, like really, I never was a MM fan, but now I am, thanks to you! Honestly, right now I am mostly downloading MM things to my game! This shows how much your simblr fascinates me! :D Also, your downloads and your sims are so great! I downloaded alsmost everything you shared and almost every sim. I just want to say thank you, for sharing your beautiful imagination at this simblr & creating awesome things ^~^

This is sush a wonderful message that I don’t have enough words to say thank youuuu! You totally cheer me up and I’m so happy to hear that someone finds my game inspirational ♥ Thank you for stopping by and telling me all these beautiful words. Have an awesome day, awesome person! ♥

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for whom the bell tolls// Metallica

Sasuke: “Did I legit have to wait 2 minutes of the singer to actually sing?”

Obito&Madara: “Sush it , Sasuke”

Izuna: “I bet I can play good air guitar with this song!”

Shisui: “Aah my inner heavy metal guy likes this.”

Itachi: “Not my cup of tea.”