susevfi 4

Susevfi IV : visit to the new comer to Galactic Senate.

Vincent Harrakut, Saarai-Kaar of the jensaarai Order (a grey Jedi Order), invited Outer Rim Guardian to visit Susevfi IV. This gentelman is also Capitain of vessel named Icarus and owner of the Elemental fleet.

Vincent Harrakut (Hologram on left) is really thankful to sir Hixal Aulus, who made a wonderful job as Mayor of the colonies. Then he spoke about a rakghouls invasion from Taris. According to Sir Harrakut, a former friend of his Order discovered the secret of a talisman and rebuilded the Rakghoul’s population. The colonies have to be evacuated to protect the population. After this, the protection's force of Susevfi IV reclaimed the evacuated lands. The Rakghouls attacked some of inhabitants and were contaminated, and thanks the help of Yavin IV’s, they were able to find a vaccination against the Rakghoul’s desease and cure the infected civilans.

Regarding the commercial assets of Susevfi IV, they are producing local grown and bantha meet. They are exporting various goods including some cybernetic and medical supplies.

The question of security are managed by Kaidek Alrick (Hologram on the right) who is Uzdar-Kaar of the Jensaarai order. To the question regarding the eventually attack by Trandosha Confederacy, Susevfi IV didn’t suffer until now of any treat. Also, both men are confident to them planetary defences and them imposent fleet. Kaidek Alrick told that a important part of the fleet is currently protecting the Republic from Trandosha Confederacy, the other part is still orbit the Colonies. he said “We have many projects in place now to insure that we wont be leaving Susevfi 4 anytime soon. I’m confident that no matter what comes our way, we shall be able to deal with it in a quick and decisive fashion.../…The Fleet is just one aspect of our deferences. We have other droid and conventional programs in the words aswell as unconventional weapons development that for obvious reason i can’t get into”  The fleet is composed by Capital Ships to Super Carriers to Medical frigates to the littlest fighters and bombers.

After seen the military side of Susevfi IV, let see the trade and exchange aspect of this world.

Each week, a market is hold in the main plazza. Many Worlds of Republic are welcome to Susevfi IV. Vincent Harrakut said the market is free of taxes, not like do the Hutts. This day, Zonama Sekot merchants Tishia Rinai and Treeku Navdak came to sell them fruits. Tishia said to Outer Rim Guardian “We, merchants try to help the people, not just making money. But the politic guys hammer us with red tape,  taxes, etc… We can hardly sell something without having to fill paperwork from some local dignitary locked in an office. Well, not here in Susevfi, it’s appreciable… By the way, people should travel more and try to make the peace. I went in place an army couldn’t be.. Like in Sith Occupied worlds. The tax thing is more from the Hutt, it’s their form of paperwork… although we have some agreement with them. I sometimes visit some of the wildlife on the planets we’ve an outpost, it’s beautilfy.. sometimes dangerous.. Like the time I was chased by some ugly creature in Ossus

This weekly market seem a good opportunity for commercial exchange form the whole Galaxy and the Worlds of Republic.

For the Outer Rim Guardian,

- Eloya Chen-Ya, Chief Editor -