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Vor fast genau einem Monat begaben Josi und ich uns an einem frühen Sonntagmorgen auf die Hamburger Elbinsel Wilhelmsburg zur Alten Harburger Elbbrücke. Ein wirklich schönes Bauwerk aus einer längst vergangenen Zeit. Und der ideale Ort (wenngleich nicht der beste Boden) für ein Shooting, das modernen Tanz und spontanes Portrait verbinden sollte. Die Sonne schmeichelte uns, es ging ein leichtes Sommerlüftchen, kaum Menschen. Traumhaft. Alle Fotos hier und noch ein paar mehr sind das Ergebnis jenes Morgens. Freilich wieder analog aufgenommen, einige mit langer Belichtung in Kombination mit einem ND-Filter, auch meine Tricklinse kam zu einem seltenen Einsatz und verleiht so mancher Bewegung die gewisse Extraportion Dynamik. Schön war’s, Spaß hat’s gemacht. Vor und hinter der Kamera. Danke dir, Josi, für Zeit und Energie.

Wenn ihr mehr über Josi erfahren wollt, sie ist u.a. Teil des famosen Tanzorchesters von Suse Tietjen: Alle Fotos gibt’s jetzt hier: Und bald auch auf meiner Facebook Page:

In other news i had scrambled egg on toast for breakfast. My stepdad got unsalted butter instead of salted which is disappointing as it doesn’t taste of anything :( but i made my eggs properly in a pan and wow im not great at it but it tastes SO much better than doing it in the microwave. Like you can’t compare.
I’m having a coffee again in cafe nero. Again, spending money, of course. Fuck it, why not. I’m working 11-2 in the cafe which is the EASIEST shift ever, and I’ll earn just under £20 which isn’t too bad. Going to end up spending that hard earned cash tonight though haha as I’m going to the cinema with Chris and Suse. Not even interested in the film, but i would just really love to see them and have a cuddle. We’re going to wagamamas before which i am SO excited about. Yay!
Portal:Leap - openSUSE

openSUSE Leap is a brand new way of building the openSUSE regular release Linux distribution.

openSUSE Leap will be based on the core of SUSE Linux Enterprise. The first Leap is scheduled for release in November 2015.

openSUSE is doing some interesting things, going super stable with Leap and rolling with Tumbleweed.

I haven’t used it in a while but I’m thinking I need to very soon.

Dell Simplifies Path to Cloud, Virtualization and VDI with Enhanced End-to-End Portfolio of VMware Solutions

Dell Simplifies Path to Cloud, Virtualization and VDI with Enhanced End-to-End Portfolio of VMware Solutions

  • New release of Dell Active System Manager supports deep integration with the VMware portfolio to enable end-to-end management automation for private and hybrid cloud
  • Updated Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition provides customers with up to 80 percent greater density for virtual desktop and application workloads over first generation
  • Dell Wyse ThinOS 8.1 thin client operating system features greater security, expanded connectivity, and expanded peripheral support for Wyse thin clients
  • Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager (CCM) release 8 expands flexible client management support to includes millions of Windows Embedded Standard (WES) and SUSE Linux thin clients

Dell today announced enhancements to its end-to-end solutions for VMware from the datacenter to systems and device management to thin clients. These new offerings, announced at VMworld , are designed to enable customers with right-sized, easy-to-manage cloud, virtualization or VDI solutions to support their business needs. Dell is adding even more VMware capabilities to its comprehensive portfolio, and continuing to help solve customer challenges and create a simpler path to virtualized environments and the cloud.

Dell enables VMware customers on their journey to hybrid cloud

Recent Dell research shows that hybrid cloud - the ability to deploy and manage applications across public, private and managed cloud solutions - is the future for enterprise IT. As businesses of all sizes migrate IT assets to private or hybrid cloud environments, Dell and VMware are working together to simplify and accelerate the customer cloud journey.

Dell’s new release of Active System Manager (ASM) 8.1.1 now integrates with the VMware vRealize Suite cloud management platform, enabling Dell ASM customers to seamlessly integrate physical and virtual environments, and end-to-end dynamic cloud provisioning within the VMware vRealize Suite. The Dell ASM integration to VMware vRealize Suite includes a plugin to vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Automation to:

  • Allow a business analyst or IT architect to embed highly efficient ASM templates and automation methods into vRealize Orchestrator workflows, for seamless integration into existing business processes, such as requests, approvals, help desk, and self-service - saving time and manual effort, and improving responsiveness and consistency
  • Support pre-built and best-practice infrastructure and workload templates, designed by administrators in ASM, to be easily and quickly deployed on-demand by users from the vRealize Automation service catalog with just a few clicks

Building on ASM integration with VMware vCenter, the new vRealize Suite integration provides customers with a complete end-to-end solution for the deployment and management of private and hybrid cloud solutions from Dell and VMware. ASM also is the foundational technology to a new Dell technology preview at VMworld, the Dell Hybrid Cloud Platform Reference Architecture with VMware vRealize . This reference architecture is being designed to help customers speed the design and deployment of a scalable and highly available VMware private or hybrid cloud solution.

VMware today introduced EVO SDDC, designed to dramatically simplify the build out and deployment of software defined data centers at scale. Formerly code named EVO:RACK, this program was introduced as a technology preview last year. Dell has been deeply involved in the development as well as early beta field trials. General market availability of Dell solution offerings featuring EVO SDDC is currently envisioned to align closely with VMware’s general availability in the first half of 2016.

Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Updated with Increased Density and Performance

As the vendor that makes it easy to plan, deploy and run VDI, and the first-to-market EVO:RAIL qualified partner, Dell is building on its momentum to deliver new updates to its Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon and Infrastructure Editions. Dell is providing improved density, functionality and additional configurations to give customers more options as they scale out their infrastructure. Now built on the PowerEdge C6320 server - part of Dell’s 13th generation PowerEdge server portfolio - Dell can offer customers a 60-80 percent increase in density from 250 to 440 users for virtual desktop and application workloads, while decreasing the starting cost per seat for the appliance from $400 to $210. Customers looking to optimize density can also choose a new high-performance configuration to meet their needs.

Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL provide customers with scalability within either virtual infrastructure or virtual desktop and application workloads. With these solutions, customers can easily scale performance and bandwidth with additional appliances that can be combined into a single cluster.

Wyse ThinOS 8.1 and Cloud Client Manager Release 8: Greater Security, Connectivity, Performance and Manageability for Wyse Thin Clients

Today, Dell released the latest version of its Wyse ThinOS operating system, ThinOS 8.1 , the virus immune thin client operating system that delivers the latest high-performance desktop and application virtualization protocols, including VMware Horizon. Specifically designed for Wyse thin clients, from entry level to the high end, Wyse ThinOS is ideal for organizations looking to protect data and IP with little downtime.

Features include:

  • · Expanded Security Features: The lightweight firmware offers zero attack surface for complete immunity to viruses and malware, and includes improved 802.1x wired and wireless authentication, from all EAP connection types to robust LAN-based authentication.
  • · Better Connected: Providing expanded peripheral support,ThinOS 8.1 includes support for USB 3.0 along with a greater array of leading keyboards, mice, webcams, headsets, printers and monitors. It offers VPN connectivity and faster WAN connectivity over the previous version.
  • · Enhanced Support for Healthcare: ThinOS 8.1 supports Caradigm single sign-on, whichallows users such as healthcare clinicians to tap a badge to quickly and securely authenticate to a personal roaming desktopon select Wyse thin and zero clients throughout the healthcare facility.
  • · Easy to Manage: The latest version makes it easy to manage a fleet of Wyse thin clients either on premise with “hands off” file server, Dell Wyse Device Manager, or cloud-based with Wyse Cloud Client Manager. Providing the broadest desktop and application virtualization protocol support, ThinOS 8.1 gives customers the choice in how they integrate Wyse thin clients into their VDI environment and offers enhanced management capabilities over the previous generation.

Dell also released today the latest version of its Wyse Cloud Client Manager, CCM release 8, a cloud-based management platform that manages thin clients, mobile devices, and Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) workspaces from a single console. With this release, Dell is taking cloud-based thin client management to the next level by expanding the availability of CCM to thin clients based on Windows Embedded Standard (WES) and SUSE Linux, in addition to Wyse ThinOS. Along with its Wyse Device Manager (WDM) platform, which provides centralized management of Wyse thin and zero clients, including PCoIP zero clients, Dell is the only provider to offer integrated cloud and mobile device management options for thin clients from a single, cloud-based offering.

Features of CCM release 8 include:

  • Greater Control: Granular Role Based Access Control (RBAC) introduces a group administrator level. The global administrator can delegate administration to a group supervisor to manage at the group level, which allows for more efficient client management.
  • Efficient Location Delivery: Faster and more efficient client updates save time and money by reducing WAN traffic sending thin client updates and images, especially at peak times.
  • Deeper platform integration: CCM release 8 features Wyse Device Agent, a unified agent to support all thin client management solutions including Wyse Device Manager (WDM), Wyse Client Manager (WCM), Cloud Client Manager (CCM), and next gen solutions. This provides cross-platform, policy-based hot fixes and faster time to market features, which means greater IT productivity.

To learn more about these solutions, please visit .

Supporting Quotes:

Jim Ganthier, VP and GM of Engineered Solutions and Cloud, Dell

“Dell’s innovative portfolio helps customers to rapidly design, deploy and manage hybrid clouds with true end-to-end solutions from the device to the datacenter with specific software, support and financial services to meet each customer’s unique journey to a hybrid cloud end state. Several studies have shown the clear customer value and accelerating rate of repatriating previously public cloud only deployments to hybrid cloud environments. Dell’s innovations coupled with our ongoing and extensive VMware partnership enable our joint customers to not only achieve the above but also deliver both business results and outcomes.”

Steve Lalla, VP Commercial Client Software and Solutions, Dell

“Dell continues to provide solutions that make VDI easy to plan, deploy and run, from our end-to-end VDI solutions like Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL Horizon Edition, to our ThinOS 8.1 operating system for Wyse thin clients and cloud management solutions like Cloud Client Manager. Our strong collaboration with VMware enables us to deliver these comprehensive solutions to our customers within VMware Horizon environments.”

Ralf Klein, Vice President, Identity and Access Management, Caradigm

“Dell and Caradigm have a shared goal to build solutions that enable clinicians to spend more time with their patients. Incorporating Caradigm’s single sign-on and context management solutions with Dell’s virus immune Wyse ThinOS operating system provides our healthcare customers the fastest and most secure way to access critical patient information through thin client endpoints across a patient care facility.”

David Russell, Assistant Director of Information Technologies, El Dorado County

“El Dorado County currently provides health, housing and public safety services to over 180,000 residents and is continuing to grow. Our small IT staff was looking for a virtualization solution that was easy to install and manage, and could be relied upon to support the mission critical applications in our disaster recovery site. The Dell Engineered Solutions for VMware EVO:RAIL met all of our needs. The hyper-converged appliance fit easily into our limited datacenter space and its ease of use and management allows us to spend less time on day-to-day management tasks and more on the strategic projects that will enable us to succeed in the future.”


  • ASM 8.1.1 will be available in September 2015
  • A technology preview of the Dell Hybrid Cloud Platform Reference Architecture with VMware vRealize is taking place at VMworld. The reference architecture will be generally available in late 2015
  • Wyse ThinOS 8.1 and Cloud Client Manager release 8 are now available for Wyse thin clients worldwide

About Dell

Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. For more information, visit .

Dell World

Join us Oct. 20-22 at Dell World 2015 , Dell’s flagship event bringing together technology and business professionals to network, share ideas and help co-create a better future. Learn more at and follow # DellWorld on Twitter.

Dell, Wyse, PowerEdge and Dell Storage are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others.

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forgive my ignorance, but what is 'suse'? 🙈 I tried to Urban Dictionary it but nothing came up. u keep saying it every time you get Tim Hortons haha

Hahahahaha Suraya is my friend’s name, but I call her Suse. And she gets ice caps like 5x a day and also started working at Tim Hortons. So whenever anyone gets ice caps from tims or Frappes from Starbucks/McDonald’s, they call it “Susu flow”. (I call it Suse flow tho) itssuraya

Bom dia, pessoal! Tudo beleza? Começando o dia bem corrido. Espero que o de vocês seja mais calmo.
Se eu fosse o Peter corria logo. Não ia enfrentar eles não.

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