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SuYeol or Chanho forever alone together

This made my day 1000x better *-*♡ couples

Throwback to September 2014 when I lost my mind and decided to make a Suse heart and dagger sweater for myself. That hand beading would not be happening now! :-P Best part is it got buried underneath other projects and was never worn! Quite tragic.

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The Suspense is LITERALLY killing your Linux Box (use a screensaver instead of suspending power)

Linux, the free and open source operating system, it comes in many distributions. From Red Hat to Yellow Dog. From Arch to Suse.

However, if there is one enemy of this great operating system is is the Intel Corporation, which for some reason whenever you put your screen to sleep part of the memory that is allocated to process graphics, espeically with on-board Intel Graphics with the i3, i5, and i7 series of processors is lost in a memory leak every time the screen turns off.

The problem: Everytime your screen turns back on, the processor thinks that that’s a new monitor, so it allocates another piece of memory used with that first monitor (which is really the same monitor as before) to that second monitor.

After a while of switching off and on, the graphics memory runs out.  And instead of running your box for a few weeks, you run out of memory in a few hours.

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The Epic Migration to Software-defined Storage (SDS)

Industry analyst firm IT Brand Pulse addresses an important change for data center architecture—one that allows enterprise IT to hyperscale storage while reducing costs.

In this industry brief, you will learn:

  • Why the migration is necessary
  • What SDS involves
  • How a software defined data center compares to a traditional data center
  • How to get started on your migration—including the role of virtualization and cloud computing
  • Why Linux is a key technology for SDS

Connect with us and address the changes needed in your data center today

About Linux, by an experienced newbie for fresh newbies - #05

Choosing distros: “I just want to dip in my feet, but I’m somewhat familiar with linux already”

So now you’re still a beginner, but you’ve used Linux at some time in your life and you feel ready to try again, this time without much hand-holding. Or you just have some pride and don’t want no “baby distro”.

The Big 3: Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE

  • Ubuntu: Still a good option here. It’s beginner-friendly, the “mother” of all Ubuntu-based distros, and doesn’t hand-hold you all the way. I still recommend the desktop alternatives.
  • Debian: As someone who never touched Debian, it seemed a bit daunting when I first tried it out. It still is, since I really didn’t use it much, and didn’t have to either. But if Ubuntu’s the “mother”, Debian is a “mothership”.
  • openSUSE: The one I’ve been exposed the most in my university, and the second one I ever got to know (first one was Ubuntu), so I’m biased a bit towards it; the only reason I listed it next to Ubuntu and Debian really. It has a nice package manager GUI. I can’t say much about it because I never explored its potential further than just using the same tools that I used in class, but it’s a solid distro, if a bit heavy (which comes with its perks). This is a community project based on SuSE, which in turn is based on a file format called RPM.


Even though I didn’t list it as a Big One, I’ve encountered this one many times in the Internet (although I never saw or used it myself), so it deserves a spot. Like openSUSE, it’s also a community project based on an RPM-based distro (Red Hat Linux), and both have commercially supported parallel projects (SUSE Linux Enterprise to openSUSE and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Fedora).

Top 10 outstanding open source server tools - Technology - TopTention

Top 10 outstanding open source server tools – by BillEscher at TopTention… #Technology #Apache_Cloudstack, #GUI, #IP, #KVM, #LDAP, #MONIT, #Red_Hat, #SSH, #SUSE, #VNC, #Windows_Active_Directory, #XDR, #XML Should you work with open source servers (such because the world’s most popular web server, Apache), you understand an enormous number of tools can be found to you. They vary from security to functionality to monitoring… to absolutely anything you’ll be able to imagine. However should you …
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