The most fun part of this match is listening to Sky’s commentators grapple with Basque names they try to pronounce as Spanish, Portuguese names they try to pronounce as Spanish and two Rodrigos on the same team. Don’t blame them talking about Iñaki Williams at every slight opportunity, ‘Williams’ must be a comforting break from ‘Xabier Etxeita’.

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How-to Install Jenkins CI on OpenSUSE GNU/Linux Easy Guide

Jenkis Quick-Start for Linux OpenSUSE 32/64bit The Linux Tutorial Show Step-by-Step How-to Install and Getting-Started Jenkins Continue Integration Server on OpenSUSE 11.X/12.X/13.X i686/x86_64 Desktop Linux+GNU. In a nutshell Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration…

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HGST、NVMe準拠の高速SSD Ultrastar SN100出荷開始。 書込み1.6GB/秒 - Engadget Japanese

ベンダー固有のドライバを必要としない標準のNVMe規格に準拠するほか、2.5インチ型のUltrastar SN100と、HH-HL (Half-Height, Half-Length)PCIeカード型の Ultrastar SN150をラインナップする点が特徴です。

インターフェイス NVMe (PCIe Gen 3.0 x4)
対応OS RHEL 6、 RHEL 7、 CentOS 6、 CentOS 7、 SLES 12、 Open SUSE 12、 Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 以降
ランダム リード 最大 74.3万IOPS (4KB)
ランダム ライト 最大 16万IOPS (4KB)
シーケンシャル リード 最大 3GB/秒
シーケンシャル ライト 最大 1.6GB/秒
フォームファクタによる違いは、PCIeカードの Ultrastar SN150 が
容量 1.6TB、3.2TB
大きさ 167.65 x 68.9 x 14.49 mm
重さ 231g、232g
2.5インチドライブの Ultrastar SN100 は
容量 800GB、1.6TB、3.2TB
大きさ 100.45 x 69.85 x 15 mm
重さ 166g、174g、177g

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name: Susie

nicknames: suse, suso
star sign: gemini (ye i know)
gender: female
height: 160cm ?????? idk short-ish

favourite colours: pink atm
lucky number: 6
last thing I googled: omg ‘what are mugs made of’ i couldnt think of the word porcelain ffs

first word that comes to mind: jatz crackers
favourite character: tony abbott (we all know he’s a lizard really, such a fake) 

fave famous person: lee lin chin 
fave book: hmmmm it changes but atm i’d say this book called Dreams of Trespass and it’s a kind-of memoir about this young girl growing up in a Muslim harem and like… spoke volumes about feminism to me, like it didnt really directly discuss it as an issue, but it showed how there are different complex ways of women uniting and finding avenues for peace in a patriarchal society 

fave game: scrabble cunt 

celeb crush: omg nick fucking cave
last movie I saw: this russian movie Leviathan, really bleak but really good 

dream holiday: anywhere warm with a couple o mates
dream job: writer/comedian 

wearing right now: tshirt and undies

tag other people you want to know better: all the people i wanted have already been tagged ?

sUsing only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title, tag 15 blogs.

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Artist: Wonder girls

Are you male or female? Girls Girls
Describe yourself. SuperB
How do you feel? : I tried
Describe where you currently live. : Sweet dreams
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? : Wishing on a star
What is your favorite form of transportation? Nu Shoes
Your best friend? : Friend
You and your best friend are? : R.E.A.L
Favorite time of day?: This time
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be? : So hot
What is life to you?
:  2 Different Tears
Describe your relationship. : Sorry
Your fear?: Goodbye

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anonymous asked:

fuck i lifted at ulta i was fine All concealment in blindspots and low SA count etc i even pit some stuff back to not look sketchy but i bought something with my moms debt.. How bad is that?

A lot of lifters usually buy something while lifting, so as long as you didn’t conceal on camera and weren’t sused out by an SA I think you’re okay :)!