Dailies time!

13/02 - Random during Movement class.

14/02 - Friday’s 8am, I was probably in need of coffee.

15/02 - Drawing at KafCafé.

16/02 - Having nice doodling times with my pals, from left to right: SuscrofaD, NTamarit, Lemongirl, Sempereman and the one drawing a pikachu is Rhunna. They’re super and I highly recommend all of their blogs.

17/02 - Listening to this while trying to learn something from Akihiko Yoshida.


Participo en un fanbook de hora de aventuras que ya lleva un tiempo en marcha, aquí una propuesta de portada que no fue escogida.

holasoyanabel hizo también otra por aquí

There are some excellent guys making a fanbook and we were looking for a cover for the zine, I drew this but they chose another great ilustration for it. Anyway, there is a lot of great people that made great stuff like holasoyanabel or takitakos, I made some comic pages too. 


Daily sketches!

18/02 - It started randomly but I actually used it for some business cards I printed.

19/02 - SuscrofaD did some cool things with his dot notebook and so I tried (but failed miserably).

20/02 - Drawing during class.

21/02 - Drawing at yesterday’s illustration con.

22/02 - Chilling with Sempereman, Lemongirl and Espartana after an expo.