My haul from sticky-institute’s The Festival of The Photocopier, 2015 at the Melbourne Town Hall

The Pit by Eloise Grills

Gasoline Eye Drops and Hidden by chris-gooch

Repeat by kathy-audrey

Heliotropes by a very nice guy whose name I didn’t catch.

Deep Space House Plant by ghostghost

calderapress risograph business cards

I’m Not a Very Good Swimmer but I Wouldn’t Have Let You Drown by katieparrishtime

Hot Dreams #1 by graceslug

A Brief but Intense Infatuation by karysmcewen and Samantha Penelope Riegl

Mosspiglet #3 

AARRGHHH print and Stress by susannarosesykes


Hey guys!!!
I’m putting on a patch give-away !!
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You can re-blog as many times as you like ! It will give you a better chance!
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