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Let’s Movie Nerd-Out About Queerness and Reflexivity in ‘Psycho’

Do you ever get the urge, whilst browsing the internet, to just set your brain on fire? Why not re-watch Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho? Everything under the sun has been written about this movie, from scandalized reviews to extensive behind-the-scenes accounts, and the fact that we’re still agonizing over its mysteries sixty years later testifies to its technical, thematic, and cultural achievements. Queerness and reflexivity are both familiar topics of discussion in connection to Psycho, as well as to Hitchcock’s body of work at large, but what I’d like to do in this post is synthesize some of those ideas in order to see how these two dimensions of the film relate to and reinforce each other, particularly in Hitch’s historical context. I also need practice spelling the word “voyeurism.” So, let’s see if we have the guts, boy! (Tell me to shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP under the cut.)

Also, this is going to be completely spoilerific, so please beware if you haven’t seen the movie before.

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