• Nadir: Don't get me wrong, Erik, but you have to admit, you're a particularly *coughs* nosy individual
  • Erik:
  • Nadir: *smirks*
  • Erik: Ddon't get me wrong, Daroga, but you have to admit, your sense of humor has truly reached its *COUGHS* nadir
  • Nadir:
  • Erik: *smirks*
  • Nadir: Well played.

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Has Bendy ever called Henry dad or any variation there of? I'd get it if he didn't, but it would be cute if he did. Has he ever called anyone else anything like that either, like " thanks Mom." Or " Hi Grandpa!" Even on accident?

He has probably called Henry dad on accident at least once and then got SUPER EMBARRASSED. Henry has occasionally refereed to their talks to Darlene as “father-son talks” so he’s just amused.

Outside of sarcasm, though, he probably hasn’t done it to anyone else.

This being said, in one instance he made the mistake of insisting to an already-grumpy-at-him Susan that he isn’t close to her age because his cartoons have been around for almost 40 years…which she immediately pointed out meant his argument was he was an old geezer instead.

This was his reaction.

As historically new possibilities for gender self-perception and expression emerge, as states reevaluate and sometime alter their practices of administering gender, as biomedical technologies blur customary boundaries between men and women and transform our mode of reproduction, as bodies and environments collapse into one another across newly technologized refigurations of subjects and objects, transgender studies appears an increasingly vital way of making sense of the world we live in and of the directions in which contemporary changes are trending.
—  Susan Stryker and Paisley Currah, Introduction to TSQ 1.1-2 (5)

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I love Susan's and Bendy's relationship because it reminds me so much of my older brother's and mine relationship. I used to wonder why this cool guy is making or spending time with me when he could be out hanging with all the grown ups. Once even had a little car for Christmas that my mom got me and I couldn't ride it outside because it'd get dirty. Told my brother and one night while the parents were gone, he woke me up and took me and the car outside. I was the ultimate badass that night! XD

Bendy is absolutely not cool, and Susan knows it, but they are pretty much exactly brother and sister after a certain point.

Although technically, since Henry’s more or less Bendy’s dad, they’re more like really close cousins, but whatever.

A lil headcanon

Okay but like imagine Y/n sneaking in through Edmund’s window at midnight when he needed comfort for any reason


“Susan, do you…hear anything?

It was no later than 2:34 in the morning, and Lucy Pevensie had awoken suddenly without reason. So, as any younger sister would do, she snuck into her older sister’s room to whine.

“Lu,” Susan groaned in response, tossing a pillow in Lucy’s direction. “Go to sleep for god’s sake!”

 “But I just woke up and I could’ve sworn I-” 

“Lucy,” Susan growled, raising her head from the pillow she was resting on to look at her sister, “It was probably just the cat.” 

Lucy frowned. “We don’t have a cat.”

 Lucy could see Susan’s eyes roll-even in the pitch black of her room-as she let her head fall on her pillow again. “Look, get a glass of warm milk and go back to sleep, yeah? We both have school in the morning.”

Reluctantly, Lucy slid her feet across the floorboards to the door of Susan’s room, closing it softly behind her as she made her way down the narrow hallway to the kitchen. 

With every creek of her socks against the floor, she could hear noises that resembled feet walking across wood and small giggles between silence. As she walked further, she noticed the noises were coming from Edmund’s room. 

“Edmund?” She whispered, lightly knocking on the door with the back of her fist. As she opened the door, her eyes widened almost instinctively. 

“Y-Y/n? What-”

Continue the fic…:)

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So Bendy loves kids and is good with them, how would he react if he saw a baby who crawls and cant really talk yet? Do you think he's seen a human that young?

Anonymous said:
If someone asks Bendy to hold a small baby what would he do?

These are both related so I’ll just answer them in one go.

I’m somewhere between being all nerves about accidentally hurting the small child in IN ABSOLUTE AND UTTER AWE AT THE SMALL WOBBLY THING. Cartoon babies are all annoying, this can’t be a baby, it’s too cute!


IAN:  Daleks on Earth!  Doctor, how did this happen?

DALEK: I warn you, resistance is useless.
DOCTOR:  Resistance is useless!  Surely you don’t expect all the people to welcome you with open arms.

Doctor Who - “The Dalek Invasion of Earth”.  Part 2: “The Daleks”.