Bingo Night

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Title: Bingo Night

Author: royalbluehues

Rating: General

Warnings: None

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

You were a simple girl. You enjoyed reading, snacking, and the occasional weekly game of Bingo. Today was no different. Sure, people would laugh at you when you would tell them you attended these functions (mainly Tony), and maybe you were the youngest one in the whole room, but you’ve made plenty of friends because you convinced yourself you needed to surround yourself with good people. 

You have been waiting for a good hour for Mr. James Buchanan Barnes. Gladys, who was your partner in crime when it came to Partner Bingo Night (every other Friday at 6 o’clock), leaned over to whisper in a quiet voice. “Where’s Barney?”

“I don’t know Gladys,” you whispered back, “I think I’ll wait another five minutes and text him if he doesn’t show once Jim passes the second round of cards out.”

The 68 year old woman shook her head. “He’s intimidated.” She plucked off a piece of lint from her light pink sweater and folded her hands in front of her.

Gladys is totally right. He’s intimidated, it’s because he knows I’ll cream him. So, you waited. The large clock on the wall ticked with every passing second, the big hand moving agonizingly slow from the 4 to the 5. The buzz from your phone resonated on the plastic fold up table, making you jump. You picked it up, unlocking it quickly. The message that you read made you a huff in annoyance.

Doll, I don’t think I’m going to make it tonight. We just got back from a mission and I got shot in the arm.

“Was that Billy?” Gladys was leaning over your shoulder and squinting at your phone. Larry, who was a sweet old man in his late 50s, piled out some colored dots for you to use on your card. “Thanks Larry,” you muttered, turning your attention back to Gladys, “He canceled, Glad. He got shot in the arm.” You sounded annoyed, and your attention returned to your screen where you opened up the contact list.

“The coward.” Gladys remarked as she placed a red dot in the middle of her free space.

Jim, who was now standing in front of the room, announced that the game was starting.

You held the phone up to your ear as Larry began turning the drawing machine. You growled lowly, and opened your messenger.

“The first one is B18,” Jim spoke into the microphone, “B18.” Your tore your eyes from the screen and down to your card. You plucked up two dots, placing one on the free spot and the other on the B18.

You quickly typed into your phone and then set it down, focusing solely on the  the game. A change purse with a kitten on it was at stake, and you weren’t going to let Gladys or Marie take it from you.

Back in the tower, Bucky Barnes clenched his jaw tightly as Dr. Cho finished removing the large bullet from his arm. The pain was dizzying, and he held his breath until it was fully removed. The hole in his arm was throbbing, as Dr. Cho carefully placed it on a metal tray next to her. Tony was getting a few scratches on his head cleaned up, and Nat was resting on the chair was her head in her hand. The three of them had just returned from a mission in Colorado, where they breached a Hydra facility.

One of the goons that Bucky thought he knocked out ended up lodging a nice sized bullet into his arm.

“Did she ever respond?” Nat asked in a monotone voice.

Tony was waiting anxiously to hear what you were going to say. He knew you got very competitive when it came to Bingo, once recalling you claim you were the best that the Senior Center had seen in years. Dr. Cho was now stitching Bucky up, and with his free hand, he reached for his phone. Two notifications popped up, one missed call and a text message.

He unlocked his phone so he could see the message and a choking sound emitted from his throat.

Tony, perking up, pushed the hand that was dabbing his forehead, and grinned at the super soldier. “What did she say?”

“She called me a coward.” Bucky stared down at your message for at least a minute, not knowing what to respond as he typed in the beginnings of a ‘sorry’, but deleting it right away. Dr. Cho chuckled as she bandaged him up, Tony snorted, and Nat smirked. “How do I even respond to that?”

“She’s an old woman,” Tony cackled.

“Did you tell her you got shot?”

“Yes.” Bucky wanted to laugh. He’d make it up to you next week.

“When did she send it?” Tony asked, with a grin. Dr. Cho patted Bucky, letting him know she was done. She picked up her utensils and walked towards the elevator.

“About an hour ago.”

At that sentence, the elevator doors opened, revealing none other than you. There you were, standing in all your glory, chin up, and in your right hand, you clutched a small magenta gift bag with polka dot tissue paper. “Dr. Cho,” you nodded. You stepped out, switching places with the doctor, and stood dramatically in the center of the room, channeling your inner Susan Lucci from the Progressive Insurance commercials.

“Doll, I’m sorry-”

“You disgust me.” You hissed, squinting your eyes. Tony was laughing, almost falling over in his chair.

“Doll, I was on a last minute mission. And I sorta got shot,” He twisted his side to you could see the now bandaged wound. He knew that your jab wasn’t intentional.

“Then next time don’t get hurt.” You replied sassily.

You turned to Nat. “I won a change purse. It has a cat on it.”

Nat smirked and then looked at the super soldier. “Sometimes I think your girlfriend is the one who’s 100.”

You ignored Nat’s comment, and turned towards Bucky. “You’re making it up to me.”

Bucky nodded, “Already plan on it.”

You began walking towards him, leaning down so that your lips were barely touching. “Next Friday, at 6 sharp.” Your lips skimmed his, but slowly moved up to his ear. “Gladys sends her regards,” you whispered. You straightened back up, and gradually made your way to the elevator.

“Did she just quote Game of Thrones?” Tony asked Nat. Nat watched you walk away and nodded.

“Did you tell her? That I got shot?”

“Of course I told her. I tell her everything.”

“What did she say?”

“She’s the one that called you a coward. Goodnight, I’ve had a very stressful evening. I almost lost my prize to Marie. I’m going to bed.”

“It’s 9:30, babe.”

“It’s 9:30 and the bed’s calling me. G’Night.” You stepped into the elevator and the three superheros watched as you disappeared behind the doors.

“At least we know that she has her priorities set straight.”


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