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Hi Butterfly! I'm a huge fan of your blog. My question is, what do you think of Vaes Tolorro? What is the reason GRRM created this abandoned city and describe it in so many details, only to leave it so quickly? What does it symbolize?

Vaes Tolorro is part of Daenerys Targaryen’s messianic journey in her first chapter of A Clash of Kings – beginning with following a star, wandering in the empty desert, flensing away all her illusions – arriving at a city of dust and ghosts, yet filled with natural innocent pleasures in the form of ripe fruits and pure cold water – before being greeted by three wise men who will take her to the next stage of her journey, the city of decadent pleasure and temptations.

Vaes Tolorro is also the symbol of hope among the ruins, peaches so sweet you almost cry. Life, sprouting wild and fierce and defiant, amidst nothing but death and destruction. Life finds a way. An oasis of life and hope, glorious and beautiful, still standing after everything, as @joannalannister says.

Vaes Tolorro, the City of Bones, is also one of GRRM’s many creations that give his world “flavor text”, a feeling of an epic, beautiful, and lost civilization, beyond our reach, beyond our full comprehension. It’s a lost city, like Chroyane (once a glorious festival city, now a place of mists and silences, haunted by stone lepers), part of the grand tradition of lost cities in literature, as @racefortheironthrone says. Or as @boiledleather says:

I’m saying that whatever theory you can hash out and write down is likely beside the point. The point is how it makes you feel. Do you feel that something of tremendous, awesome importance has happened that you can never fully understand? That there are forces at work in this world beyond even those of the Others and the Children, beyond R’hllor and the Seven and the Old Gods, beyond the Stranger? That you are, in some fundamental and inescapable way, at sea?

The sea is the point. Not the land you could perhaps construct amid the sea, holding it at bay for however long—the sea. The sea. THE SEA.

Or as Susan Janet Ballion says:


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