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Can you explain why organizations such as FCKH8 and autism speaks and other ones you've mentioned are bad? I'm just curious as I don't really pay attention to those organizations, so I don't really understand what they do wrong... or right. ..

Sure thing, I don’t blame people for not knowing. (I had a feeling someone would ask eventually, actually)

  • FCKH8 namely profiteers off of whatever is popular at the time. As their ads present, they advocate using hate which is never effective. Despite their claims they donate very little if anything to charities, and have had marked incidents of racism, sexism, transphobia, and ace+pan erasure. Plus they’ve stolen from artists which is wonderful! This is a recent masterpost I’ve seen, though I’ve had issues with them for a long-ass time.
  • AutismSpeaks namely has issues with how they handle autism that’s fairly disrespectful. While not donating a lot to begin with, they also treat autism as if it’s some grand, terrifying burden which furthers the misunderstandings of it rather than educating people. It’s all a ploy to get more donations. Here’s some sourced info.
  • Susan G. Komen I feel a bit more personal about since my dad died to cancer (not breast cancer, but still). While they do donate a bit more than these other groups (which isn’t saying much), they’re essentially donating directly to the pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical companies however have no interest in cancer research: this may sound tin-foil-hatty but it’s really kinda common business sense. Curing cancer would destroy their business. So, cancer is never going to see a cure in conventional medicine, and the Susan G. Komen foundation will preserve that.
    That aside, they’re also criticized for sexualizing the disease (save the boobies etc.) which is fucking stupid, as if tits are more important than the human lives affected by the disease. More reading.
    EDIT: HOW COULD I OF FORGOTTEN TO MENTION? Susan G. Komen has also sued other charities for just using the word ‘cure’ in their slogans, regardless of their relation to breast cancer  research! (Not that SGK would ever endorse an actual cure themselves)
  • PETA I hope is obvious. They’ve largely been criticized both for their attention-grabbing displays and a for-profit approach similar to FCKH8. Many of the animals they “save” are euthanized due to it being more cost effective. They’ve even come out and confessed that they do euthanize animals (though of course spun it to make themselves look better) but they’re predominately for-profit.
"Locks of Love gave me a free wig" / "PETA fought for me to adopt a pet that the shelter was going to euthanize" / "Autism Speaks bought my kid an iPad"

Good for you! Really. I’m glad that the amount of actual charity work these scam organizations do is not zero. And if you happen to be one of the few recipients, rock on.

But please recognize that your experience is rare. You are the exception, not the rule. Your experience of actually receiving services in no way invalidates my far more common experience of being scammed. Your one success does not outweigh the many failures.

Anecdote is not evidence. When you assert that “I got something, therefore this isn’t a scam” well first of all I want to ask if you know how pyramid schemes work. Furthermore, you sound ridiculous. Compare similar statements:

“I’m not poor, therefore poverty isn’t real.”

“I don’t vote, therefore democracy is a lie.”

“A cop once let me off with a warning, therefore no police brutality to anyone anywhere.”

“I have a job, therefore labor discrimination isn’t a thing.”

“I’m healthy today, therefore no diseases exist.”


What The Health is the most powerful documentary ever made on dietary diseases & how all the organizations in place to help people are actually funded by big meat, dairy & pharmaceutical corporations.  We should be MARCHING on these charities and organizations that keep our communities sick, who we trusted our funds with to help cure these diseases.  American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Disease Association, Susan G Komen.  This documentary should result in OCCUPY CANCER, OCCUPY HEART DISEASE, OCCUPY DIABETES until the American people are given proper health information.  Someone once mentioned to me that serious activism would be putting leaflets in hospital parking lots…  That seemed extreme to me at the time…  This Documentary will save millions of human lives and billions of animals.  We need to get the word out there.  WHAT THE HEALTH?! 

My wife is employed by the local Bass Pro Shops store. Every year they hold a charity auction to benefit the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness organization and encourage lots of participation from the local community.  For the last couple of years I have been invited to contribute a few prints for the auction and of course I enthusiastically and humbly do so.

This year her boss was looking through my blog archive on her phone and picked this post out as one he would like to see in the auction. I originally posted it as a color shot back in the summer but he told her he thought it would look better as a black and white, so voila!  

Guess it shows why he’s a boss…:) 


A PRINCESS MUST MAKE IT HER BUSINESS to be an active participant in the charity whirl.

  I attended, along with 5,000 other two-legged types,  the L’Oreal sponsored charity  “Because Your Dog is Worth it Too!“  

It’s billed as, "The most fun a dog and its owner can have in one day.”

Or an owners three dogs.

This  is a  double whammy charity, because it benefits the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure,  with a focus on saving lives both human and animals. The people, and their dogs, were very earnest about this mission. 

Lots of games for kids, the grownups and the doggies. There was “The Ultimate Air Dog Dock Diving”…

And belly diving, too.

There was also a bone head…I mean, a bone high stacking contest.

Their were pink duck races for the two-handed, and Doggie races for the four-fleet- footed, including dachshunds, bulldogs, beagles, yorkies and pugs.

We saw some good old fashioned, full frontal, patriotic  happiness, for sure.

The corporations had matching funds, which made for some husky contributions.

Which really helped. Because making our charity goals is always a stretch.

Pretty hot day it was…Lots of tongues hanging out.

….and lots of happy cooling off….



and doggawnit…that’s no hogwash.