While you all are trying to figure out who Ian McShane’s going to play in the next season of Game of Thrones, I’ll be over here trying to figure out which of the boys’ (or Susan’s) turn it is for the next GoT-actor-as-troublesome-person-from-a-Ripper-Street-character’s-past mashup.  

Or oh my god, could he just play Al Swearengen from Deadwood in Ripper Street….that…..needs to happen. There are seriously like 20 amazing ways that could work in my head right.

Queen Susan’s friendship with Prince Corin began with his mother.  The Queen of Archenland offered friendship to Susan only shortly after the coronation of the Pevensies, when King Lune extended an alliance to High King Peter.  

Grateful for the assistance and friendship of one who knew how to be a Queen, Susan became quite friendly with the Queen of Archenland, and when Princes Cor and Corin were born, Queen Susan was named a Godmother to both princess. 

Queen Susan, who ensured that the Archenland royal party received all the assistance they could desire when they took the princes to a Centaur in Narnia shortly after their birth.  

Queen Susan, who rode at a gallop straight from Caer Paravel with only the fastest riders as guards when news broke of Prince Cor’s kidnapping.  Queen Susan, who rushed to the comfort of the devastated Queen.  Queen Susan, who held her friend and stroked her hair, murmuring assurances that Lune would bring Cor back.  

Queen Susan who rocked Corin and sang soft lullabies to the babe, once his mother had cried herself to sleep.  Queen Susan who remained in Archenland for a few weeks after Lune’s return to try and help her dear friend cope with the loss of her elder son.  

Queen Susan, who sent Corin gifts and letters every time she wrote to his mother, who received childish little notes in return.  Queen Susan who lit up in delight every time she received a new parchment with Corin’s scribbles on it, each of which she kept in a drawer in her chambers. 

Queen Susan who wept over the death bed of her ill friend, promising that she would do all she could to love and care for Corin.  Queen Susan who taught Corin how to use a bow and arrow, who was usually the picture of sophisticated grace, but who could be found running around the gardens with the young prince, laughing as gayly as a child, scooping him up into her arms even when he was covered in mud, covering his face with kisses as he giggled and kissed her back. 

Queen Susan, who held the young prince when he cried, missing his mother, who stroked his hair and kissed his head, not caring when he cried on her fine gowns, caring only that he heard her comforting murmurs.  Queen Susan whose heart broke every time he sobbed for his mother, asking if she was going to die and leave him, too; Queen Susan who swore every time that she would never leave him. 

Queen Susan, who one day vanished from Narnia with her siblings. 

Prince Corin, who spent days searching the Lantern Waste, who never once in his life could stay his fists when anyone made a comment about Queen Susan that he did not like, even though she was gone.

Queen Susan, who broke her promise to Corin.


Book Haul Video!!!

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Having just recently binge-watched all of seasons 1 & 2, I’m ecstatic to learn that not only has season 3 been filmed & soon to air on BBC One (apparently it was on Amazon streaming earlier this year?), but season 4 (and maybe season 5) has already been green-lit and starts filming soon. 


“Where is human nature so weak as in a bookstore?”

– Henry Ward Beecher

(One of the MOST accurate quote I’ve ever ever ever seen.) 

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I love the family headcanons! Do you have any with Marlene and her mum? Clashing over clothes, Marlene borrowing her jewelry, the sex talk and first time she was heartbroken over a boy and that stuff...

Oh no, no. Marlene’s relationship with her mother was the exact opposite of that.

When she was a kid, Marlene was always running, playing quidditch, climbing trees and spending LOADS of times with boys.

Susan wanted her to act more like a lady and made her wear dresses and that kind of girly things that Marlene hated with her guts. They were always clashing about it, Susan didn’t get that her daughter didn’t like or at least wasn’t interested about femenine stuffs.

They were always fighting about it and Marlene would end up grounded. Of course she would sneak out but one day, while climbing down the roof, she broke her hand and that’s when Susan realized that she was being a little pushy so she stopped trying.

Every now and then she would throw a comment but Marlene would never paid attention and just roll her eyes.

With puberty, Marlene became more femenine but in her own terms so Susan learned very quickly not to interfere.

As for ‘the talks’ Marlene discovered it way earlier than Susan had expected and she was shocked when Marlene called her “hey mum, i got my period, do you have any pads or tampons?’

Marlene loved her mother to death but she wasn’t comfortable with speaking deep stuff with her. She rather talk to Nick or Ben or James or her friends… Even her Uncle, but never her parents.

My friends call me Wrath,” says Raffe. “My enemies call me Please Have Mercy. What’s your name, soldier boy?
—  Susan Ee
Neverland vol 8.

“Скала выдавалась над морем совсем чуть-чуть. Бледные лучи прошлись на цыпочках по воде. Вскоре послышались звуки, самые мелодичные и самые печальные в мире: это русалки взывали к луне.
Питер не был похож на других мальчишек. Но даже и ему стало страшно. По телу пробежала дрожь, как бывает, пробегает она по поверхности воды. Но в следующий миг он уже стоял выпрямившись на скале, он улыбался, а где-то внутри него бил маленький барабанчик. Он выстукивал такие слова: «Что ж, умереть — это ведь тоже большое и интересное приключение».”

01. The Beach Boys - Our Prayer
02. Thundercat - Song for the Dead
03. Adventure Time - The Sea of Tranquility
04. Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - Black Hole Sun (Dirty Reissue)
05. Renaissance - Bound For Infinity
06. Dalton - Soul Brother
07. The Kramford Look - The Telepath
08. Listen to the Sound featuring Marie Chantecaille
09. The Soundcarriers - Signal Blue
10. Susan Christie - Clear In The Black
11. The Black Angels - Young Men Dead
12. Aleph - Toccata
13. Moodoid - La lune
14. Caribou - Melody Day (Four Tet Remix featuring Luke 15. Lalonde, Adem & One Little Plane)
15. Ilous & Decuyper - Berceuse
16. Рок-Ателье - Я пел, когда летал
17. Angelo Badalamenti - Just You

Neverland - by L∞A Vol 8 by Oto Radio on Mixcloud

Talking to Boys

Situation 1: Boy: Hello! Me: Hi. Boy: What’s your name? Me: Sujin. Boy: Susan? Me: No. Sujin. S-U-J-I-N. Boy: Sujin! What are you doing in Malawi? Me: I’m working. Boy: Okay! I want to be your friend. Can I have your number? Me: Uhhh…. I left my phone at home. And I don’t remember my number. I have it written down in my phone. Boy: You don’t keep your number in your head? (Laughs) Me: Yes!…

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