I always kind of laugh when people get into the “Susan’s treatment is proof that C.S. Lewis was a misogynist” thing, because:

Polly and Digory. Peter and Susan. Edmund and Lucy. Eustace and Jill. 

Out of the eight “Friends of Narnia” who enter from our world, the male-to-female character ratio is exactly 1/1. Not one of these female characters serves as a love interest at any time. 

The Horse and His Boy, the only book set entirely in Narnia, maintains this ratio with Shasta and Aravis, who, we are told in a postscript, eventually marry. Yet even here, the story itself is concerned only with the friendship between them. Lewis focuses on Aravis’ value as a brave friend and a worthy ally rather than as a potential girlfriend–and ultimately, we realize that it’s these qualities that make her a good companion for Shasta. They are worthy of each other, equals. 

In the 1950s, there was no particularly loud cry for female representation in children’s literature. As far as pure plot goes, there’s no pressing need for all these girls. A little boy could have opened the wardrobe (and in the fragmentary initial draft, did). Given that we already know Eustace well by The Silver Chair, it would not seem strictly necessary for a patently ordinary schoolgirl to follow him on his return trip to Narnia, yet follow she does–and her role in the story is pivotal. Why does the humble cab-driver whom Aslan crowns the first King of Narnia immediately ask for his equally humble wife, who is promptly spirited over, her hands full of washing, and crowned queen by his side? Well, because nothing could be more natural than to have her there. 

None of these women are here to fill a quota. They’re here because Lewis wanted them there. 

Show me the contemporary fantasy series with this level of equality. It doesn’t exist. 


Narnia in Color: Latinx actors as The Pevensies

aka my faves as my faves

Jorge Blanco as Peter Pevensie

Eiza Gonzales as Susan Pevensie

Agustín Bernasconi as Edmund Pevensie

Karol Sevilla as Lucy Pevensie

Me: If you don’t like the Susan Williams storyline clap your hands
Me: *claps*
Me: If you don’t like Stalker Susan hitting on our boy Mayor Handsome because we all know that Olicity are it for each other, and you’re sick of having your time wasted on this ridiculous storyline where Oliver and Felicity aren’t talking to each other and working out their relationship, clap your hands.

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Susan: “You work very late hours, Mr. Queen.”

Oliver: “You have no idea. Susan, call me Oliver.”

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I love this series <3

Why is the Narnia fandom always forgotten it makes me so sad like we’re here we’re not dead

I love how the dynamics of the four are so even. I mean you pair them off in any way and they can match. Peter and Susan are the oldest while Edmund and Lucy are the youngest. Lucy and Susan are the two girls and Peter and Edmund are the two boys. Susan and Edmund seem to be the slightly more solemn of the two, while Peter and Lucy are more outwardly bright/joyful/im not quite sure of the word. Even the hair colors match, dark for solemn and light for joyful. Susan and Peter take on the responsibility for their siblings, and are closest to parental roles while Edmund and Lucy can balance them out, remind them to relax sometimes and teach them not to worry so much. Lucy and Edmund were the first to step into Narnia, but often lean on their elder siblings calm. Lucy and Susan are the ones to dance with the dryads and Edmund and Peter are the ones to lead the armies. I could make a whole post about how awesome they are together as well, but I’ll just stop here.

Modern Day Pevensie AU Headcanons 2.0

Lucy wants to become a vet or a writer.

Edmund loves sweets.

Susan is really close with Edmund while abroad. Yes, she is in contact with everyone else, but Edmund has A LOT to say…

Peter adopted a cat for Lucy on Christmas. Since he is studying abroad, he thought the cat could give her the company he can’t while away.

You already know what Lucy named the cat… on occasion, she would dress him with a red scarf.

Edmund helps Susan with boy troubles. But, Peter used to help her when Ed wasn’t “old enough” to truly understand.

Susan goes to church on Thursdays. Sunday is her quiet, reflection time.

Peter loves Food Network, even though he only does mandatory cooking.

Lucy volunteers at an animal shelter when she’s 17.

Edmund is an avid foodie. He secretly owns an IG account dedicated to his foodventures.

Susan is a part time lifeguard.

Peter is really close to being valedictorian, but he ain’t perfect and that’s okay.