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I had to do something different. The monster stories have their limitations — you can just do so many of them. And then it becomes a monster book month after month, so there had to be a switch because the times weren’t exactly conducive to good sales. So I felt the idea was to come up with new stuff all the time — in other words there had to be a blitz. And I came up with this blitz. I came up with The Fantastic Four, I came up with Thor (I knew the Thor legends very well), and the Hulk, the X-Men, and The Avengers. I revived what I could and came up with what I could. I tried to blitz the stands with new stuff. The new stuff seemed to gain momentum.

Happy 100th Birthday, Jack Kirby, and thank you for ushering in the Marvel Age of Comics with your fantastic creations!

Eric's parents.

I find it so fucking rude when people in the tcc disrespect the Harris’s , nobody knows what the fuck was going threw their minds when they found out Eric was shooting kids at columbine . No parents are prepared to receive a call that their son has killed him self and took some life’s with him . NO PARENTS ARE PREPARED FOR THAT SHIT ! Maybe just maybe the only reason they haven’t spoken out since that day its cause they want to remember Eric Harris as the son they once thought they knew not as the “ monster ” that people says he is or claim he is . Shit who fucking know maybe his mother once in a while take out old pictures of him and cries over him , maybe on his birthday they take out home videos with him in them just remember the good time they had with him . The whole point of this is don’t call them bad parents or disrespect them . People deal with shit differently you guys gotta understand that . Ohh i don’t want to hear “ we hate them cause they didn’t get Eric’s ashes ” okay have y'all ever thought that they might have regret now ? Plus I’m pretty sure Eric wouldn’t like you guys disrespect his parents!!

❗️This is just how I feel about this saturation please don’t take this up the ass ❗️

no, but seriously. is there a single member of the fantastic four that peter parker HASN’T kissed, gone on a date with, flirted with, or declared passionate love to?

He’s kissed half of them:

Gone on a date with Sue:

Flirted with Johnny:

Told Reed he loves him:

and i’m sure there’s stuff i’m forgetting (especially with johnny/peter).

here’s to peter parker’s continuing love affair with the ff.