susan pratt

‘My babysitter makes $15 an hour. If I’m getting paid less than my babysitter, that’s pretty much it,’ Pratt said. 'Like, I’ve shot in Prague and Atlanta and that’s all fine if I’m getting paid enough that we can cover child care or bring my children with me. They’ll send me on an audition for a no-budget indie, I’ll be like, Hey, guys, how much does this pay? Because you know my rule: If I get paid less than my babysitter, I can’t take it!’

This interview with Center Stage’s Susan May Pratt is AMAZING, if only because she’s totally candid about her early experiences and she brings up this salient point about being a working mother. 

I know a lot of women who gave up their careers to raise a family - not out of choice - but because they couldn’t afford a babysitter or nanny or daycare. I totally think child care specialists deserve good pay, but this is a big problem that trickles into almost every industry I can think of. Women are sidelined in their careers because it’s not fiscally feasible to keep them.

I think about this all the time and I’ve told many people that I’m working my ass off now so that I can eventually get to a point as a writer where I could work from home on a freelance salary, as an editor, or on a screenplay or novel and be financially solvent. Because honestly, that will determine if I ever get to be a mother or not: if I can do the work I love (and that pays the rent) and provide care for my child at the same time.