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Now you, too, can play the “Woman Card” — along with Hillary, Beyoncé, and the Notorious RBG.

From LGBTQ rights activist Zach Wahls and his sister Zebby, a fine arts student and a proud — shall we say, card-carrying? — feminist, this deck of playing cards celebrates brave American women and intersectional feminism. The first edition will feature thirteen women, all pioneers in their fields, including Clara Barton, Amelia Earheart, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks. Check ‘em out here


«Powers, we choose our real names. It’s part of what makes us what we are.
How we’re different. Better.»

«Your real name is Walker. As in one who walks because he can’t fly anymore.»

                                                      How does it feel to be powerless?


totally random and nobody cares but

I was playing Dead Island on my PS3 yesterday and some random Danish dude joined my campaign and played with me for a while. He was a cheater I think because he was already level 50 in Act II: Moresby (I’m level 20 something) and had these super strong instant kill weapons and he basically killed all the zeds before I even got a chance to get close to them
Anyway we played for a while and then he gave me two of those super modded/cheater weapons, played a little while longer and then left my campaign

and now I got this super badass instant kill shotgun with limitless ammo and it’s ridiculously funny and fun

thank random danish person


What do you mean this isn’t how the seat heating works??

(the stupid fire spawned right below my car and I had to kick it off the fucking thing because it was stuck, then my tire caught fire, and I reversed the shit outta it back into the ocean, actually managed to put the fire on my tire out without it exploding in a reverse spin, then literally drove off into the fucking sunset lmao)