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Now you, too, can play the “Woman Card” — along with Hillary, Beyoncé, and the Notorious RBG.

From LGBTQ rights activist Zach Wahls and his sister Zebby, a fine arts student and a proud — shall we say, card-carrying? — feminist, this deck of playing cards celebrates brave American women and intersectional feminism. The first edition will feature thirteen women, all pioneers in their fields, including Clara Barton, Amelia Earheart, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks. Check ‘em out here


«Powers, we choose our real names. It’s part of what makes us what we are.
How we’re different. Better.»

«Your real name is Walker. As in one who walks because he can’t fly anymore.»

                                                      How does it feel to be powerless?