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Castle (2009-2016)

“To the whole Castle family, our amazing cast, our remarkable crew, our imaginative writers & our wonderful fans, thank you for 8 amazing yrs!” -Andrew Marlowe

“Thank you to our amazing fans for keeping #Castle on the air for 8 seasons! Extraordinary.”  -Terri Edda Miller

“Dear Castle fans, cast, crew: Your devotion to our show has carried us for these unforgettable 8 seasons. I’m lucky to have met, work with, for the lot of you. I will always be grateful. Big hug.” -Stana Katic

“All things must end. It has been an honor working with the men and women of Castle. I am truly amazed at what we’ve done. Thank you.” -Nathan Fillion

“Aight I’ve processed the end of living an 8 year dream & now I must thank those who made that dream possible. You! the Castle fans, my fellow cast mates.” -Jon Huertas

“#Castle was a cornerstone of my life. A safe environment to learn. Thank you @ABC Network for giving a carrottop kid of 14 an amazing start.” -Molly Quinn


Andrew: You wanna make the entrance interesting, memorable…and somewhat, you know…ridiculous. I mean…look at these three people; she must be thinking: “ What the hell am I walking into?”


Stana: *smiling* It was great that moment.

Andrew Marlowe, Rob Bowman, Susan Sullivan, Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Molly Quinn, episode commentary


To Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Susan Sullivan, Seamus Dever, Jon Huertas, Tamala Jones, Penny Johnson Jerald, Ruben Santiago-Hudson and all the cast, Andrew Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller, the writers and the crew of Castle - it’s been a privilege. Thank you… always.

After a pretty horrible few weeks..

Here’s hoping for a good, well written series finale episode, that will give us closure and stays true to the spirit of the show and these characters. 

That is all a fan of a show can ever hope for.

Please don’t disappoint us.


Stana Katic is someone I want to be friends with. She is full of life and takes the world in. I haven’t heard any bad publicity about her. It’s hard to know how a person is like if you haven’t met them, but with Katic I feel that she is real and would be a great friend.

I need to add that Marlowe’s comment is just about the best. It’s the pilot episode and Stana is just uplifting and making everyone else push through. And not in a dull way, I think that shows what kind of a person she is.