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Carmilla Character Posters Part I

1 Carmilla the Broody Giant Black Cat
2 Laura the Tiny Popculture Nerd
3 LaFontaine the Mad Yet Awesome Scientist
4 Perry’s Neat and Orderly Orange Room
5 Danny the Tall Arrow
6 Kirsch the Human Puppy

Part II

I have been watching Carmilla!

I have recently started watching Carmilla (I blame @nickran for this and thank her at the same time!) which is an amazing show, I’m hook and dreading the end (poor Danny)

But I did notice how some of the characters remind me of the ones from Wynonna Earp

Here you have the small, dark and broody one:

You have Little miss ‘I’m going to solve a mystery and it will be totally awesome!’

And then you have the tall hot redhead, who is tall, and redheaded…and hot…

anyway has anyone else noticed that Agent Orange and Officer Hotstuff look like the they could be the Weasley twins? except rather than be Fred and George they could be called Fryda and Georgina.

just a thought. 

Oh and here’s a gif of Susa…Lafontaine, because everybody loves Lafontaine!!

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and I do mean everybody.

Now that I’ve got this off my chest I’ll go back to posting about Supergirl.


when Natalie interviewed the cast I conclude that...
  • Sophia: sinnamon roll
  • Kaitlyn: sinnamon roll
  • Sharon: mature one
  • Elise: hyper kiddo
  • Annie: badass b%tch
  • Natasha: mom

Angels in America
By Tony Kushner
National Theatre, 2017

It’s really difficult for me to review Angels in America. Or even write about it. I couldn’t even sleep last night after a whole day wandering around the National Theatre. I’ve spent most of the night reading all these stories about how it was conceived and about the specific political and personal situation in which the characters were living. And the more I was reading, the more I realised this play is something I’ve never experienced before. I tried to write about how, as a gay man – and against some (white heterosexual) voices claiming AIDS and homophobia are dated subjects – I found Angels in America still as relevant as ever. But I came to the realisation that actually, the story touched me at a more profound level; Millenium Approaches is the conflict of identity and struggle through isolation while Perestroika, the final part, is the destruction and reinvention of the inner self. But the complexity of Tony Kushner’s masterpiece is such strong I’m pretty sure each person in the audience felt something completely different. It was not just, as so many voices simplistically claim, an “ambitious” play, and I think everyone cheering, clapping, laughing and crying in the Lyttelton Theatre yesterday felt exactly the same. It was an event. A celebration. I vividly remember a conversation between Harper and Prior, magnificently –and very funnily– played by the goddess Denise Gough and Andrew Garfield; I just wanted to jump on the stage and feel what their bodies were going through. I wanted to be able to break all the walls and the sense of space and time too. That’s how special Andrew, Nathan(s), Denise, Russell, James, Susan and Amanda made me feel yesterday. These are the angels I saw last night.

JORGE S(L)AYS: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Carmilla Season 3

I have watched the last episode of Carmilla!

And even though it was sad (all right I cried a bit) I had already watched Xena Warrior Princess years ago so naturally sad endings no longer affect me (but I still have not forgiven XWP for that rushed out of character ending)

Anyway now I am really looking forward to the Carmilla Movie!

But there seems to be some questions that need to be answered like:

What does it mean now that Carmilla is no longer a vampire? even though the story about Carmilla involves her being a vampire.

Will Danny Lawrence come back? I hope so, Carmilla would still call her Xena but what will Danny call Carmilla now? (Ex-Fangs maybe)

And if so will Danny be a vampire? probably not, because of Laura’s sacrifice for Carmilla and her friends.

Will LaFontaine get a bionic eye? I bet LaF gets X-ray vision too (cool!).

What will Perry do now? no seriously what will Perry be doing now?

Will we get to see Kirsch and Melanippe? I think we will with Mel as a reporter and Dudescort as the cameraman.

Who has sent Laura…sorry, Professor Hollis the card with multiple choice? personally I think it’s LaFontaine, it would be their style to get Laura’s and Carmilla’s attention, also I think the “Oh god, oh god it laid eggs” might have something to do with Perry (what on earth has she summoned now)

Like I said I’m really looking forward to the Movie, maybe we might even get a forth series! (I hope so) @carmillaseries

Now I will get back to Supergirl (I think)


Florence Lawrence 1908

Maria Caserini 1908

Francesca Bertini 1912

Beverly Bayne 1916

Theda Bara 1916

Norma Sherer 1936

Susan Shentall 1954

Rosemary Dexter 1964

Olivia Hussey 1968

Claire Danes 1994

Actresses who have played William Shakespeare’s Juliet in Romeo and Juliet


Once every 20 years, like clockwork, this girl shows up at Silas : Marcilla Karnstein, Acirllma Karnstein, Mirca- ugh ! Seriously, she just keeps on switching around the letters in her name like nobody’s ever heard of an anagram. And everytime she does, a bunch of girls go missing. Poof. Vanished. Never seen again.