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Crying Wolf

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Response to a prompt by intheforestofthenight ‘OT3 being lazy’


“Daaaaannyyyyy, I’m hungryyyyy.”

“Your refrigerator is literally three feet away.”

“But that requires moving, Danny!”

“Laura. You’re laying on top of me. You’re gonna have to move either way.”

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Drummer Girl- by Silja Magg

Here’s an editorial I shot with photographer Silja Magg in NYC a few months back.

Fun fact: I had a lovely night of food poisoning the night before and almost had myself replaced, but I want to do this shoot so badly that I forced myself to do it the following morning. I felt worse than I ever had but it made me truly discover my limits. 

Photographer: Silja Magg, stylist: Susan Joy, makeup artist: Katie Mellinger, hair stylist: Mischa G.