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when you watch 13RW a little bit too much..
  • White Witch: come edmund, be my king.
  • Edmund: fuck off, courtney.
  • Susan: What?
  • Lucy: What?
  • Peter: What?
  • Clay: What?
  • Tony: what?
  • Ryan: What?
  • Courtney: Why did i get dragged into this?
  • Hannah: Welcome to your tape.

||January BPC: Just One Word|| 1. Goal. Here are my bookish 2017 goals! I’ve got a zillion books on my TBR, and I already own (according to a count I did like twenty minutes ago) 66.5 of them. So I’m going to try to read as many of those as possible this year, so I can make space for new acquisitions.

Speaking of new acquisitions, last year I had great success buying mostly books by authors of color, so I’m going to keep that in mind this year. Plus I’d like to have more poetry, graphic novels, and memoirs in my library, and I’d also like to start my personal read around the world project–I’ve got a spreadsheet started for that one.

Oh, and also I’d like to get Faultlines to a publishable stage and start querying. That’ll get rolling in February. Super stoked.


Characters: Reader x Misha, Mark

Words: 851

My entry for the Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge Week 12! :) The quote is bolded. And you all loved the last cast one, so here is another cast one shot! Enjoy!

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ON CAMPUS she’s one of those girls who seems to just blend in. When someone does choose to talk to her, it’s usually to compliment her hair. Not that Susan minds. She just prefers to observe

WITH HER SISTERS she’s usually the problem solver and level headed one. Since Rosie can get impulsive and irrational, it’s usually Susan’s job to step up and remedy the situation as best as possible. When she’s not problem solving, she’s fun to be around - she always has some silly story or fact to share if anyone wants to listen.

ALL SHE NEEDS is a sunny day. She pretty well has life figured out up to this point, so why worry about the rest right now?