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“Crazyhead” random thoughts

Okay no, good things about Crazyhead:

-very dark skinned black girl as a badass asskicking protagonist (Raquel!!)

-often called cute by everybody

-the other protagonist is also a girl and has a good character development and loves her bff so much it makes me cry

-It’s basically supernatural but poc have a personality and live for more than 1 episode and there are lots of girls

-In particular there’s one poc who never seems to die. Like, never (wink wink for who saw it) (ALSO SHE’S CLEOPATRA IN DOCTOR WHO)

-nice friendships between girls, no toxic fights and shit.


And not so good things:

-Main one and most painful cause it could be the perfect show: gays as the butt of way too many jokes. Really, it was so annoying, and… not funny at all??? Then why??? Ok I got it, y’all are straight, even when (spoiler alert) the 2 damn protagonists kiss. Okay, it’s straight. No need to clarify it with jokes against gay people don’t you think??

-”Oh she’s a girl? and he’s a boy!! immediate romantic attraction obviously!! And noow date.” I mean most of the relationships end up kinda fucked up in some way but still.

-In the first episode at some point I think Raquel gets sterotyped as a black angry woman? But I don’t understand why, cause that’s kinda the only time it happens. I mean, it happens another time but she says that it’s the quickest way to get rid of nosy people. Except for that she’s a complete character of her own with a great character development and great profoundity.

Conflicted about it cause it’s still a white man writing girls and black girls and making jokes about gay people and I’m afraid he fucked up even more than what I spotted but I liked it so much other than for the fuck ups I listed!!! So I’m trying to be the most critic I can about it, but like with Hamilton it kinda hurts because to me it’s so good and new in so many ways and I hate that it can’t be perfect for everybody and it has to be called out and idk. I had to let it all out somewhere, and Tumblr is my ventpit.

New York–inspired portraits in Human Interest

[Installation view of Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney’s Collection (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, April 27, 2016-February 12, 2017). Photograph by Nic Lehoux]

Today is my 20-year New Yorkiversary! I moved here for grad school with no money, no friends, no job. Only big dreams and plans to make them reality. Thank you NYC for 20 years of magical moments, like this super cute one with B.J. Novak.

The same men have been featured on U.S. banknotes since 1929. One organization is trying to change that. Vauhini Vara writes:

Together, Barbara Ortiz Howard and Susan Ades Stone decided to mount an organized effort to put a woman on a bill by 2020, the centennial of women’s suffrage. They settled on the twenty-dollar note, not only because of its resonance with the anniversary year but because they thought that Andrew Jackson was the best candidate for removal from U.S. currency. “George Washington and Abe Lincoln and Alexander Hamilton, who invented the Federal Reserve System”—technically, he created a predecessor to the system—“and Ben Franklin—they have a legacy that we’ve been honoring that would make them hard to remove,” Howard said. “But Andrew Jackson?” Jackson had strongly opposed the notion of central banking. Plus, he sought—and signed—the Indian Removal Act, which led to the expulsion of Native Americans from their homes.

Photograph by Adam Gault/Getty