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One of the most pleasant suprises in this film was how the stereotypical, good looking and 100% confident man the female main character has fallen in love with, is actually a really nice, sweet and caring guy instead of an asshole.


Yeah, so what? This idiot doesn’t even know it. Too dumb to know I’d do anything for him. And fuck the CIA, right? What have they ever done for me? Took ten years of my life, gave me shitty pay, put me in a basement with a ceiling full of bats. I would’ve been out a long time ago if it hadn’t been for Fine. So, yeah, I’ll do anything it takes to keep him alive. That’s pretty pathetic, right?

why isnt the rick x susan tag a thing???

can we pls start???

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I 100% agree with you on the susan cooper rick ford relationship. Like right when the movie ended I was like,"shit I ship them so hard."

yes exactly thank u

i mean susan has shipping potential with many people, including rayna, but i feel that she and ford hit that sweet spot of screwball comedy partners that i just love. plus they’re both giant dorks & he’s a natural part of the wacky susan/nancy team. whereas bradley fine is just this sore thumb who frankly has to be impressed by susan’s skills in order to consider her an equal. don’t even get me started on that “love confession” scene. he was so seduced by the idea that tiny susan cooper carried a huge torch for him, ugh no thanks. he might be a nice dude but not nice for susan.

rick, on the other hand, pretty much teases and mocks cooper 24/7, but his knowledge of her competence is implicit. he doesn’t swoon over her skills or go all “humbled agent” because she can kick some ass. for all his buffoonery and meanness, he ironically treats her with more respect because he sees her as an actual challenge to his delusional quest. and i mean that ball scene? where he swoops in and pretends to be her date for a second??? and is so in character about it? and then when they’re fighting he goes “yah i could go romantic on you and you’d be breathless and wet…but i’m not”??? and he makes that asshole puppy face?

like he’s trying not to smile or show emotion after susan tore him a new one???

and their nagging at the hotel and his enthusiasm whenever he sees her and talks to her. it’s all there. and u can see susan enjoys it too because she’s not fake-ball-busting like when she pretends to be rayna’s bodyguard. she’s being herself and dragging him too.

not to mention that, she is clearly the boss. i mean halfway through the movie he is whipped; susan sends him off to do smth and he grumbles but listens. and i might be reaching but at one point he isn’t just trying to take out deluca but is also keeping tabs on her to make sure she’s safe because he owes her (even tho he’s not very competent, his intentions are good, as susan puts it)

he’s basically the jock with a heart who is secretly a giant dork and she’s the dork with a heart who is secretly a giant jock, like i’m sorry but they pair up so well.

yeah had to write down a shipper rant cuz gotta fill up the tag but srsly these two

The Harvey Girls (1946). On a train trip West to become a mail order bride Susan Bradley meets a cheery crew of young women traveling out to open a “ Harvey House ” restaurant at a remote whistle stop to provide good cooking and wholesome company for railway travellers. When Susan and her bashful suitor find romance daunting, Susan joins the Harvey Girls instead.

Judy Garland’s at her sweetheart best in this movie about a young woman conned by a player who finds solace and friendship with a group of women and then romance all over again with that player. It’s got great songs, a fun tempo and is genuinely a pretty damn charming film. 7/10.