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More British Humour

- u wot m8???
- no likely, no lighty
- ant and dec (more like BANT and dec)
- Dave saved money on his car insurance and now he feels EPIC
- Elaine the pain
- the Isle of Fernandos
- Jeremy Kyle (top notch lad)
- Ed Milibae
- the weather
- gogglebox
- Susan Boyle
- woolworths
- the go compare advert guy
- simples! *meerkat noise*
- total wipeout
- should’ve gone to specsavers
- there’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!

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Hayley, because you are apparently in *that* mood can you do a post about the legendary quotes Louis and Harry have said :)

  • you’re on a whole new level of charmer
  • now kiss me, you fool
  • “where do you want to sit?” “next to you”
  • “(…) it turns out louis was at the same gig!”
  • “my first real crush was louis tomlinson”
  • “it just kind of happened”
  • “it’s mutual, we’ve discussed it”
  • “louis is a great person to just like sit and kind of like just admire what he’s like”
  • all of their tweets to each other circa 2012
  • “as i might miss him”
  • “the fans call me and louis larry stylinson” (when they invented their own ship name and acted like they didn’t sit down for hours tossing up which combination of their names sounds best)
  • “that was last night”
  • “i met you in the toilet”
  • whenever they referred to each other using frankie sandford and susan boyle as code names

SCOTTISH.  adjective.  relating to scotland or its people.  noun.  (1) the people of scotland.  (2) the lowest of the low, scum of the fucking earth, the most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilisation; colonised by wankers.

@audreil tagged me last week to make a playlist with 20 songs describing my aesthetic.  i had a serious one, but it wouldn’t upload, so please take and enjoy this masterpiece ft. some Absolute Tunes™️ from oor glorious homeland instead.  edit: forgot to tag people, oops.  @beanmoreau @pippims @inejjghafas @ohbrekker and anyone listening, have at it!

(disclaimer: this was put together with zero consideration as to how well the songs go together or what they’ll sound like when played consecutively.)

caledonia / dougie mclean.  i’m gonna be / the proclaimers.  black horse and the cherry tree / kt tunstall.  i dreamed a dream / susan boyle.  argyll lassies / capercaillie.  fade to grey / midge ure.  don’t you (forget about me) / simple minds.  what it is / mark knopfler.   bubbles / biffy clyro.  the green and the blue / amy macdonald.  take me out / franz ferdinand.  i put a spell on you / annie lennox.  how deep is your love / calvin harris, disciples.  leave a trace / chvrches.  loch lomond / runrig.  auld lang syne / red hot chilli pipers.  iron sky / paolo nutini.  saturday night / bay city rollers.  chasing cars / snow patrol.  mull of kintyre / the royal scots dragoon guard.

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Io non so se voi conosciate questa cantante. Lei é Susan Boyle, a mio parere una delle cantanti che mi fanno salire i brividi ogni volta che la si ascolti. Susan ha una storia incredibilmente difficile, ora vi spiego perché sto scrivendo queste parole. Susan é nata quando la mamma aveva 45 anni e per pochi istanti ha sofferto di asfissia. Susan cosí ha iniziato ad avere piccoli problemi di apprendimento e anche i compagni spesse volte la prendevano in giro. Ma il suo sogno era quello di diventare una cantante professionista. A 47 anni, come vedete nella prima fotografia si é presentata a Britain’s got talent cosí trasandata, sicura di sé e della figura che avrebbe fatto. Quando entrò nello studio tutti la derisero ma lei come sempre se ne fregò e iniziò a cantare. La sua voce rimbombò nello studio e tutti si alzarono in piedi, lei stessa si stupí ma era sicura di ciò che stava facendo, purtroppo non ha vinto ed é arrivata seconda. Oggi Susan é come nella seconda fotografia, a mio avviso una donna che si porta dietro tutte le sofferenze di una vita ma la rivincita piú grande che si é presa per se stessa, di dimostrare a tutti che fregandosene degli altri, dei loro commenti e delle loro cattiverie e sicuri di se’ stessi, si può arrivare in alto come ci é arrivata lei. Susan per me é una maestra, il mio sostegno. Beautiful Susan ❤️

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How do you get the confidence of being autistic? Not that i'm demeaning you but I'm self-diagnosed and I feel ashamed of my whole being. I'm just curious as to where you get your confidence ??

we have such beautiful vivid imaginations and feel things so deeply. we’re so much more emotionally pure. we love with our whole hearts.

we’re so passionate about our special interests — i once had a(n allistic) friend tell me that she loves hearing me talk about my special interest because there isn’t anything she loves the way i love my special interest, and hearing me talk about it is literally watching someone be happy and enthusiastic in a such pure way. hearing that made me look at myself and be like yeah, that is how i and other autistic people behave, and that’s such a beautiful thing

autistic people are also so trusting and good but are also so funny and brilliant??? like i’ve seen allistics say that autistics are naive and overly-logical and that we don’t get sarcasm, but i don’t think that’s necessarily true. it’s like the difference between calling someone idealistic vs calling someone unrealistic. it’s just a spin on the same thing, plus autistic people do get sarcasm, just sometimes not at first

once we get sarcasm though, we’re so funny!! we’re mostly funny by repetition, like saying funny quotes back to people like an inside joke, and i think that’s a beautiful thing. we recognize something that made someone laugh once and repeat it, because we want them to be happy. we sometimes don’t get sarcasm because we’re trusting of people and also because we’re very logical (we’re like “huh what?? that doesn’t make sense why are you saying that?” when someone says something sarcastic and we don’t realize it), and of course being logical is a positive thing, because being illogical is a bad thing

autistics are also master chameleons. we learn how to mimic allistics and behave more like them, and i think that shows such intelligence: we memorize their social patterns and learn how to act like them (to be “normal”), and we’re just constantly learning and adapting to our surroundings while also dealing with all the sensory stimulations happening around us. how incredible is that? sometimes it’s hard but we do do it and that’s so profound to me, constantly learning and adapting. just, the brain power that requires, that autisitcs do all the time in addition to everything else going on, and sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it because we’re so used to it (obviously we should’ve have to mimic allistics to be seen as “normal,” but this is a positivity post)

autistic people are also so good and dedicated to fighting injustice? like with me, it physically pains me to see unfairness and oppression, and i have to help. i start a lot of drama on here because i’m confident and refuse to be talked over and i know that a lot of people (especially in the autistic and neurodivergent community) are much less confident, and doing this doesn’t bother me as much as it would say someone who has panic attacks a lot. a lot of times all the anon hate and stuff does really get to me (like the person who said they wished i’d get a lobotomy “while awake and without anesthetic”) but it’s something i make myself do because just sitting here and doing nothing would hurt more. that was cheesy. basically i dedicate myself to fighting injustices and see that as a good thing, because it’s something i see as good in other people, and i attribute this trait in me to my hyper-empathy, which is a very autistic trait

another part of my confidence comes from just being incredibly vain lol. like i’m very proud of the gifs and stuff i make of aaron tveit, my special interest, and i’m able to look at the things i make and say yes, this is good, i made this to the best of my abilities and i’m proud of that

i also recognize that i’ve been incredibly lucky my whole life. obviously i’ve dealt with ableism because of the “not normal” way i behave sometimes, but my mother and sisters and friends are very accepting of me and recognize why i behave the way i do (they don’t make me hug people if i don’t want to, they don’t dismiss my special interests, etc) and growing up i wasn’t ever nonverbal except when i was extremely upset and overwhelmed — in fact i’m a very talkative and confident person and i consider myself intelligent (there’s my vanity again), and in school i participate a lot. sometimes i talk too much (because i don’t always get when it’s time to stop talking) or i overshare and tell way too much (sometimes personal) information, but it’s all coming from a place of wanting to connect to others, and i see that as good (while i don’t see oversharing as good, obviously). i stutter sometimes when i talk in front of a lot of strangers but nobody’s ever pointed that out or made fun of me or anything, and i think that also adds to my confidence - i’m incredibly lucky that that never happened (or i never realized it was happening because i’m too trusting)

more fun autism pride — here are famous autistic people you may not know are autistic (a few of these are from before autism was really defined or understood, and they were posthumously diagnosed from their writings and the writings from others about them):

albert einstein, mozart, isaac newton, charles darwin, thomas jefferson, emily dickinson, nikola tesla, abraham lincoln, tom wiggins (one of the most famous piano players of the 1800s and a blind black man), jerry seinfield, dan harmon (creator of the show community), daryl hannah, susan boyle, hikari oe, dan akroyd (who also has tourettes), adam young (owl city guy), courtney love, stanley kubrick, vincent d’onofrio, tim burton

how amazing is that??? we’re literally everywhere in media and history, a lot of those historical figures are some of the most influential people in all of history. temple grandin, an autistic professor, “speculates that very early inventions like the stone spear were probably the work of autistic cavemen”

like…. we discovered electricity and made the lightbulb. we figured out evolution. we made some of the most famous music of all time. we discovered the general theory of relativity and developed and understood quantum physics before anyone else. we maybe freaking invented tools back in the stone age. we’re viewed as the smartest people of all time, and we create art and movies and poems and such amazing things. autistic people—all of us—do such incredible things, and we do so because of how logical, empathetic, and passionate we are. that’s why i’m confident about being an autistic person

(since someone asked: this is okay for anyone to reblog, autistic or not)


how to have a lovely holiday by chris (simpsons artist)

if you have always wanted to go on holiday but you are a bit nervous about leaving your house then you dont have to feel nervous about it anymore because i have made a video for you to have a watch of that is all about going on holiday and i hope that it will help you feel less nervous so that one day you can have a bit of a holiday for yourself and if you would like the bbc to let me have a make of my own proper programme on the television one day then go and tell BBC Three so they will know that you would like to have a watch of it on your television instead of all of the programmes about priests. love from your friend Chris (Simpsons artist) xox



stop comparing autistic people to children

stop comparing autism to a death sentence

stop comparing autistic people to victims

stop comparing autism to an epidemic

stop comparing autistic girls’ brains to “male brains”

stop comparing autistic people to neurotypical people

stop comparing autism and autistic people in negative ways to things that are irrelevant to autism and autistic people


start realizing that no one can ever outgrow, “get over” or “cure”  autism. It is a genetic trait like red hair. You can dye your hair black (or learn a lot of coping skills and social skills over time) but you will always be a red head/autistic. All autistic children grow up to be autistic adults.

start realizing that the autistic boy who threw his desk across the room is more likely to be diagnosed with autism then the autistic girl who cries softly in the corner.

Start realizing that girls are just as likely to be autistic as boys but are much less likely to be diagnosed as autistic.

Start realizing that just a few years ago we didn’t even have the word “autism” let alone a diagnosis for it or any real understanding of it. Autism is not an epidemic or becoming more common, we are simply becoming more aware of autism and what it is all about.

Start comparing autistic boys/men to Men like Lenardo Da Vinchi, Mozart, Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Freddie Mercury, Fredrick Douglas, Einstein, Tim Burton, and Bill Gates. Who were/are all 100% autistic

Start comparing autistic girls/women to Women like Madame Curie, Emily Dickenson, Jane Austen, Temple Grandin, Mulan, Herrit Tubman, Dorthy Dix, Kathrine Hepburn, Dayral Hannah, Susan Boyle, Courtney love, and Jane Goodall. who were/are all 100% autistic.

Start comparing autism as a wonderful gift and something that makes you unique and even better!

Start comparing the autistic mind to the minds of animals, and supercomputers that can do amazing things that allistic people cannot do.

Start comparing being autistic with being lucky

Start expecting more from autistic people, not less

different not less

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we larries have came up with a lot of funny and cheesy larry stuff, but for the record the whole susan boyle-frankie sandford was made by harry and louis themselves and that is fucked up <3 *screams for 1 years*