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*~popfemme’s lil list of totally badass women of history in no particular order~*


-She’s literally so cool. Without her, Lewis & Clark’s expedition would’ve gone to shit. She interpreted different languages for them, showed them which plants and roots to eat and which to avoid, saved a shitload of their most important cargo when their boats nearly crashed, and got them adequate transportation such as horses, all while caring for her newborn son along the way. 


-She was a philosopher and big-time feminist. Her book, A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792), was one of the first ever expositions on the equality of men & women. Mary was really inspired by the French Revolution and she wrote many pamphlets that established her as a fuckin’ hardcore liberal writer which was out of this world in the eighteenth century. 


- Billie paved the way for all sorts of music, but especially jazz. With her remarkable and emotional voice, she truly set a precedent for different techniques of rhythm and lyrics. Although it’s hard to say for sure, some historians have said that Billie worked as a prostitute in Harlem before she was discovered by a talent agent. Apparently, Holiday was troubled, was heavily dependent on narcotics, and encountered many abusive men. Despite her dreadful upbringing and struggles throughout her life, “Lady Day” is remembered as a radiant pioneer of music.


-Benazir’s parents strongly opposed the military dictatorship of General Zia-ul-Haq, and the Bhutto family was placed under house arrest in 1979. Benazir wrote of being under house arrest; where she was held in solitary confinement in the the desert heat. Her brother was killed, likely under the orders of the General. Once Benazir was released, however, she gave a speech on human rights at the European Parliament, and in the process became the first woman to lead a political party– Pakistan People’s Front.

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Fantastic speech by Florida Senator Marco Rubio.