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My 15 Favorite Films Directed By Women (as of right now)

15.  A League of Their Own, 1992 (dir. Penny Marshall) 

14. You’ve Got Mail, 1998 (dir. Nora Ephron)

13. Jumpin’ Jack Flash, 1986 (dir. Penny Marshall) 

12. Ishtar, 1987 (dir. Elaine May)

11.  Love & Basketball, 2000 (dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood)

10. Mansfield Park, 1999 (dir. Patricia Rozema)

9. Bend It Like Beckham, 2002 (dir. Gurinder Chadha)

8. Desperately Seeking Susan, 1985 (dir. Susan Seidelman) 

7. Something New, 2006 (dir. Sanaa Hamri)

6. Obvious Child, 2014 (dir. Gillian Robespiere)

5. Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2002 (dir. Sharon Maguire) 

4. Under the Tuscan Sun, 2003 (dir. Audrey Wells) 

3. Valley Girl, 1983 (dir. Martha Coolidge)

2. Bright Star, 2009 (dir. Jane Campion)

1.  Little Women, 1994 (dir. Gillian Armstrong)

Easey Street Murders

On the 10th January 1977, Suzanne Armstrong and Susan Bartlett were brutally stabbed to death in their home at 147 Easey Street, in Collingwood, a suburb of inner city Melbourne.

The bodies of the two women were discovered on the 13th January when their neighbours heard Armstrong’s 16-month-old son, Gregory, crying. When the neighbours entered the home through the back door, they discovered the bodies of the two women. Suzanne was naked from the waist down and had suffered a total of 29 stab wounds. Susan had been stabbed a horrifying 55 times. Gregory was found completely unharmed.

On the kitchen counter was a note from Suzanne’s boyfriend asking her to contact him. After not hearing from her, he had driven over on the 12th January and put the note there, but had left without noticing the bodies of the two women.
There was also a note on the front door from the neighbour, stating they had found the women’s puppy roaming the street a few days earlier.

The inquests into the murders were held on the 12th July 1977 in the Coroner’s Court. The official verdict was that “multiple stab wounds then and there feloniously unlawfully and maliciously inflicted by a person or persons unknown and that such person did murder the said deceased.” It was found that the perpetrator entered the house via Susan’s bedroom as the blind had been dislodged and there was dirt on the end of the bed.

Despite tireless police and investigative work, the murder of Suzanne Armstrong and Susan Bartlett- arguably one of Australia’s most infamous cases- remains unsolved.

anonymous asked:

Not exactly a director thing, but i'm really into strong female characters who do not conform to social norms of acceptable/likable female portrayal.. Persepolis' Marjane for example. Got some recs for movies w/ this kind of protagonist? Thank you, live long and prosper 🖖🏽

Ahhhh, I love movies with unlikeable/non-conforming women and a lot of women directors, especially women writer-directors, like this type of character as well. 

Here are some of my faves (in movies directed by women of course):

Bachelorette dir. Leslye Headland
Zero Motivation dir. Talya Lavie
Divines dir. Houda Benyamina
Zero Dark Thirty dir. Kathryn Bigelow
My Brilliant Career dir. Gillian Armstrong
Smithereens dir. Susan Siedelman
Pariah dir. Dee Rees
Frida dir. Julie Taymor
Girlfight dir. Karyn Kusama
I, the Worst of All dir. María Luisa Bemberg

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many, many more! 

Barbican Theatre, London

October 8th 1985 - current

Opening Cast: Colm Wilkinson, Roger Allam, Patti LuPone, Susan Jane Tanner, Alun Armstrong, Michael Ball, Frances Ruffelle, Rebecca Caine, David Burt.