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- Danielle didn’t want to be part of the musical crossover because she said she’s not good at singer or dance, but the producers still wants her, so she asked Carlos Valdes to teach her to sing and Keiynan Lonsdale help her with dance.
- When someone asked who makes most pranks on the set, Danielle said that once Grant makes her believe he was actually hurt, and that Tom Cavanagh just messes with everyone.
- Danielle said, “Security at STAR Labs is a JOKE. We often pretend we have a security guard named Gunther and we always fire yet rehire him.”
- Danielle said Caitlin won’t have a male love interest this season but joked she should get together with Katie Cassady’s character.
- Someone asked if Killer Frost is returning and Danielle laughed saying, “Oh no, she dead.”
- Danielle loves Bella (her dog) a lot. Sometimes she leave her back at LA and she ask Grant, “Can I play with your dogs?”
Grant: “Did you leave Bella back in LA?”
Danielle: “Yeah…”
Grant: “Fine.”
And she coddle his two dogs.
- When someone asked who’s more annoying between Grant and Carlos, Danielle answered nome of them, and she got really defensive towards Carlos when someone said he thought he’s the most annoying. She said Carlos is a truly sensitive, thoughtful guy, more than what we thought.
- Someone asked which member of the cast swears the most, she took a moment then answered “…me?”
- Danielle said that they are currently filming 3x07 and that she has yet to be in a scene with Tom Felton. She loves him since Harry Potter. Than someone asked in which Harry Potter’s house Caitlin should be. “Ravenclaw.”
- Danielle enjoyed working with Susan Walters and can’t wait for us to see their relationship. She wants to talk about Charlie (Caitlin’s brother) but she can’t.
- Danielle said Candice (Patton) is a lovely person. She wasn’t around STAR Labs in the first season but after season 2 they’re become really good friends. They even hang out outside of work, when their schedule allows them.
- When someone asked who would win a fight between Arrow or The Flash, she obviously answered The The Flash, and then she added: “And Killer Frost would freeze both their butts.”



June 4 is National Old Maids Day. Yes, seriously.

While it seems unlikely that anyone in America actually spends this holiday pitying “old maids” (generally defined as women who are disastrously unmarried while being over the age of – gasp – 25), this is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the many women who are smart, successful and all-around awesome… and happen to not have a ring on their finger.

There is unbelievable pressure on women to want marriage and children, and those who don’t are considered defective. And even when women do want those things, but haven’t found the right partner or don’t feel ready, they are constantly asked about it if not outright bullied into hurrying up (See also: Crazy Jewish Mom and Susan Patton.)

This is especially true of celebrity women, who are asked about their love lives at every turn. 

Here’s what seven famous women have to say on the pressure to get married – after all, being a spinster has never been more fabulous.


Princeton mom’s “advice” for women on Fox News sets feminism back 50 years

Want marital bliss? Then stay in your place, ladies!

That’s the latest message from Susan Patton, a.k.a. the “Princeton Mom,” who’s back to tell all you ungrateful wives how to make your husbands happy.

During a recent segment on Fox & Friends titled “Husband Appreciation: Sage Advice For Wives,” the controversial author slammed the modern woman for acting like “an entitled princess.” Feminists “have overcorrected” for past inequalities, Patton asserts, lamenting the fact “women now have become so emboldened by these antagonistic feminists that they have lost sight of the fact that this is the man you married.”

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