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THIS is how easy it should be when someone tells you to refer to them with a different name over their birth one. It’s literally THIS easy. 

There’s nothing wrong with asking someone to refer to your with the name that makes you most happy and comfortable! You’re not being “unrealistic” or “inconvenient!” If someone refuses to do so then THEY’RE the one who’s wrong, and you deserve better!!!

Thank you, Adventure Time, for showing kids how it should be!!


Saudade (n.) - a deep emotional state of melancholic longing for a person or thing that is absent


Here’s to you beefy women of Cartoon Network.

I have Ruby because she’s got some beefyness to her even though she’s tiny

If I missed any, feel free to add them to the list. They can even be from non Cartoon Network shows.

You know what?? Let’s just add beefy women in general. Shows, comics, movies, your choice.


Reason Why Marceline is WLW #1/?: Goes from being grumpy, tired, and antisocial to immediately perking up when she sees Susan coming in from off screen, greets Susan in a flirtatious voice (specifically says “Good morning!” after just complaining about being up too long and having to see it), smiles at Susan and doesn’t take her eyes off her, even as Susan fails to regard her + walks away.


Hi, Freida. I, uhm… I wanted to apologize for everything. You knew there was more to life then just the islands, and I— I didn’t believe you. I know you can’t ever forgive me, but I am truly sorry.

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