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~Best subjects of knb characters~

Those marked with ** are characters that have more than one best subject listed.

Science subjects (12)

Furihata Kouki (Seirin)
Midorima Shintarou (Shuutoku) **
Kimura Shinsuke (Shuutoku)
Yamazaki Hiroshi (Kirisaki Daiichi)

Fukuda Hiroshi (Seirin)
Mayuzumi Chihiro (Rakuzan)
Murasakibara Atsushi (Yousen)
Nakamura Shinya (Kaijou)
Kobori Kouji (Kaijou)
Ootsubo Taisuke (Shuutoku)

Mitobe Rinnosuke (Seirin)
Midorima Shintarou (Shuutoku) **
Hanamiya Makoto (Kirisaki Daiichi)

Social Studies subjects (10)

Japanese History:
Hyuuga Junpei (Seirin)
Nebuya Eikichi (Rakuzan)
Okamura Kenichi (Yousen)
Aomine Daiki, “if really forced to pick one” (Touou)

World History:
Kiyoshi Teppei (Seirin)
Hayama Kotarou (Rakuzan)
Momoi Satsuki (Touou)
Hayakawa Mitsuhiro (Kaijou)

Wakamatsu Kousuke (Touou)
Tsugawa Tomoki (Seihou)

Mathematics (9)

Izuki Shun (Seirin)
Imayoshi Shouichi (Touou)
Kasamatsu Yukio (Kaijou)
Moriyama Yoshitaka (Kaijou)
Himuro Tatsuya (Yousen)
Liu Wei (Yousen)
Miyaji Kiyoshi (Shuutoku)
Nijimura Shuuzou (Teikou)
Seto Kentarou (Kirisaki Daiichi)

Literature subjects (6)

Modern [Japanese] Literature:
Kuroko Tetsuya (Seirin) **
Ogiwara Shigehiro (Meikou) **
Furuhashi Koujirou (Kirisaki Daiichi)

Ancient [Japanese] Literature:
Kuroko Tetsuya (Seirin) **
Mibuchi Reo (Rakuzan) **
Fukui Kensuke (Yousen)
Hara Kazuya (Kirisaki Daiichi)

Chinese [Classical] Literature:
Mibuchi Reo (Rakuzan) **
Ogiwara Shigehiro (Meikou) **

English subjects (6)

English Grammar:
Tsuchida Satoshi (Seirin)
Takao Kazunari (Shuutoku)
Susa Yoshinori (Touou)

English Conversation:
Aida Riko (Seirin)
Kagami Taiga, “if forced to pick one” (Seirin)
Kise Ryouta, “if forced to pick one” (Kaijou)

Miscellaneous subjects (3)

Kawahara Kouichi (Seirin)
Sakurai Ryou (Touou)

Health & Physical Education:
Haizaki Shougou (Fukuda Sougou)

All-encompassing (2)

All subjects -
Akashi Seijuurou (Rakuzan)

None in particular -
Koganei Shinji (Seirin)

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littlecrow-headcanons  asked:

Open ask box! Okay, so we were talking about spreading the Wakamatsu love so if you're still taking requests, could I have something small (scenario or headcanons is up to you!) for him, Susa, Haizaki and Mayuzumi in a long distance relationship? Feel free to cut down the amount of characters if you feel like it! Thank you and I hope you have fun with the other requests!

anything for you bb and i rlly hope you’re doing fine <3


  • the type that makes you text him 24/7 about whatever you’re doing “babe reply me” “what are you doing now” “don’t u dare cheat on me”
  • will also be very very jealous of ppl around you who get a little too close for comfort and may resort to making threats jfc dis boy
  • also very into phone sex and webcam sex and all that jazz because he loves getting you riled up even in class. expect dirty snapchats from him with his wicked smile and tongue and maybe some dick
  • sends you the weirdest and most useless gifts (tho i guess it’s the thought that counts), and some are even too sexual (you have to admit that that app controlled vibrator does come in handy)


  • he will text you like once a week because he’s a shit texter and is terrible with technology but tbh he’ll be low-key keeping track of you through social media like fb/twitter/etc.
  • starts up convos with song recs because he feels a little awkward at times even after you guys start dating 
  • he used to think he liked the long distance thing because he needed space but then he missed holding you
  • expect him to come visit at least once a semester because he’ll be craving your touch way too much


  • sends you postcards and pictures from back home because he’s very sentimental that way and likes handwritten things
  • he’ll skype you at least once a week to check in on you and update you on whatever’s been going on. instead of talking about himself, he’d love to listen to you talk about your day and your friends
  • he will never ever forget any important event. he’ll plan a birthday surprise for you with your friends and calls in a delivery for flowers on valentine’s day
  • he’s the type to surprise you with a trip (but def not during finals or midterms cause he knows how stressed you get)


  • awkward patootie is always calling in to make sure you’re doing good. calls you even more often when he sees you hanging around other dudes on facebook “im just checking on you………who’s that guy you’re with”
  • he likes to brag to his friends there about you and how cool you are so when you come to visit, they basically know everything about you
  • is really shy and he’ll definitely ask before he comes visit just to make sure that you’d be okay with that (and also scared cos the idea of staying in one room with u or sleepING IN BED WITH YOU)
  • the last time he tried phone sex, you fell asleep cause of the time difference and he just cried a little inside

Countdown to Kuroko no Basket S3 || 3 Days
↳ They achieved rapid growth in the past few years, surpassing numerous veterans and placing second in the Inter-high! A super offensive team that instantly became one of the most anticipated winners of this competition coupled with their genius scorer of the Generation of Miracles, Aomine Daiki, has become a newly crowned tyrant! Touou Academy!

↳Kuroko no Basuke Finals End Card: Team Touou Academy
Aomine's Contact List

In this series we look at what character contact list on their phone would be.

Kuroko: Tetsu

Kagami: He was my shadow first.

Midorima: Four-eyes, No new skill

Kise: Can’t tell if he’s trying to be serious or hitting on me.

Murasakibara: The crumb fairy

Akashi: I got zone first, bitch

Momoi: Walking, talking boobs

Imayoshi: Either future politician or future serial killer

Susa: Nose so big you could end up playing on it.

Wakamatsu: Mullet look went out of style years ago.

Sakurai: Haru from FREE! If he wasn’t a kuudere

anonymous asked:

May I please request the Too team members being yanderes?

Aomine Daiki: Here, here, here and here

Imayoshi Shoichi: Here

Sakurai Ryou: Here

Susa Yoshinori: Susa, the strong and silent type, tended to keep his feelings to himself and had great self control over his actions though his thoughts could often run away at speeds in which he couldn’t catch them. He finds himself watching you more often than he wants, with you occasionally catching him and leading to his embarrassment; he tries hard to stay away from you as he knows he may not bring you anything but harm if he gets even more attached, but finds pictures and made-up scenarios of the two of you together are enough to tide him over.

Wakamatsu Kousuke: Wakamatsu doesn’t entirely process that he’s in love with you at all at first, only acting aggressive towards those who bullied or talked down to you, seeing himself as more of a protector than anything else. He begins to realize that when you’re upset, he’s only angry because he hadn’t caused it; he wants to be the reason you’re crying, or the reason you’re angry, and he would make damn sure he was the only one who go to elicit such reactions out of you.

nonochuu  asked:

Team Touou having a sleepover (party) and then there’s a pillow fight or just being silly together and things like that! ;p

“You know what you are, Aomine?”

“What, senpai?” Aomine drawled out, his thumbs refusing to stop on the buttons.

“You’re an idiot.”

“The fuck?!” He snapped.

Imayoshi quickly zoomed his character past Aomine’s to obtain victory in first place. “And that is why I rest my case.”

“Dammit,” he cursed under his breath. “Wakamatsu-senpai, can’t you beat his ass please?”

“He’s my senpai too, stupid.” Wakamatsu rolled his eyes before frowning at his third place position.

Aomine huffed, tossing the controller aside and glaring at the kitchen doorway. “Oy, Sakurai, can’t you hurry it up? I’m fucking starving.”

“Aomine, language.” Susa chided, shaking his head before falling into a small chat with Imayoshi.

The dark-skinned man shrugged it off and instead called out again. “Sakurai, I’m starving!”

“S-Sorry!” Sakurai practically ran out of the kitchen, stacks of plates balanced well in his hands. “Here they are. A teriyaki burger for Aomine-san. Yakisoba for Wakamatsu-senpai. Unagi-don for Imayoshi-senpai. And since Susa-senpai doesn’t like a lot of things, I thought udon would be suitable.”

“This is fine. Thank you, Sakurai.” Imayoshi smiled. “You didn’t have to cook all our favorite meals, you know. You could have just made the same thing for everyone.”

“O-Of course not! This is a night to celebrate so I thought it would be good if everyone enjoyed their meals.”

“What about your own, Sakurai?” Susa questioned, slurping up a piece of noodle. Sakurai really was a good chef. Wow.

“Oh! I forgot to make my own. Excuse me. I’m sorry!” Sakurai hurried over to the kitchen. Aomine snorted. He looked like a little squirrel.

“You should stop bullying him, Aomine.” Imayoshi clucked his tongue disapprovingly.

“I didn’t do shit! You made him cook!”

“Because you wouldn’t shut up about your damn stomach. Now shut your yap and eat.” Wakamatsu snapped, rolling his eyes before eating up his noodles.

After they were done eating, Aomine plopped down on the floor, pillow under his head and ready to sleep. “That was a nice meal. Must be nice to have Sakurai around. He’s like the perfect househusband.”

Susa sighed, shaking his head. “He’s your teammate, not your slave.”

“I’m just saying—hey!” The pillow was jerked away from right under him. He sat up and glared at Wakamatsu who was fluffing up the pillow against the couch and leaning back against it. “That’s mine!”

“What are you five? You’ve been using it all this time. I need it.” He went back to the game, satisfied look on his face.

Aomine narrowed his eyes at him before grabbing a throw pillow and smacking it straight to his face. “Bulls eye.”

“Go away.” Wakamatsu growled, throwing it back to his face. Aomine let out an ‘oof’ as he felt the fabric connect to his face. “Don’t be so immature.”

“You’re immature.” Aomine snarled and smacked it harder against him this time. He held onto the pillow and hit his senpai over and over.

“Stop that! Are you seriously five?!”

“No. Screw you!”

“Well, screw you too!” Wakamatsu grabbed the pillow from behind him and smacked Aomine straight in the face. Hard. Aomine winced in pain before tackling his senpai and beating him up with the pillow. “Get off me!”

“Children, stop fighting.” Imayoshi shook his head. That was when two pillows hit his face. He gave a smile. The infamous threatening one. “What did you just do to your senpai?”

“Oh shit.” They both cursed before attempting to run. Imayoshi was faster and dashed after them, attacking them with pillows. “Dammit! Ouch!”

Aomine picked up another pillow and threw it straight to his captain’s face then burst out laughing at the look of disbelief. “Look, senpai’s got tiny—oof!“

And the children played and ran and hit for minutes and minutes.

Sakurai returned bearing desserts. Susa was seated quietly in front of the television, ignoring the immature activity behind him. The pie Sakurai held in his hand quickly flew away. Well, it didn’t fly but it sure did fall. The pillow had smacked the treat right out of the brown-haired boy’s hands. Sakurai’s eyes widened at the splat on the floor.

“AOMINE!” Imayoshi and Wakamatsu both called out.

“It wasn’t me!”

“I LEFT YOU GUYS FOR FIVE MINUTES!” Momoi called out from the doorway.

And this was why the Touou team never had another sleepover.