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“I have lived through a fucking world war,” I said, my voice low and venomous. “I have lost a child. I have lost two husbands. I have starved with an army, been beaten and wounded, been patronized, betrayed, imprisoned, and attacked. And I have fucking survived!”

- Claire, ABOSAA


#mark the chicken defense squad


julia: “people on twitter are like, “how could you do that? you’re a horrible person!” i’m like chill, [mark the chicken] made it further than me.”

Survivor - Season 34, Game Changers
The Final Member of the Jury: Tai Trang

I’m too tired to write anything coherent about Tai but it boils down to: invisible! idols! bullied! hard to watch said bullying! glad he called Brad out for it at FTC! that’s all i’ve got, folks, it’s been a long season, i am very tired.

“There’s a storm inside of us. I’ve heard many team guys speak of this. A burning. A river. A drive. An unrelenting desire to push yourself harder and further than anyone could think possible. Pushing ourselves into those cold, dark corners, where the bad things live. Where the bad things fight. We wanted that fight at the highest volume. A loud fight. The loudest, coldest, darkest, most unpleasant of the unpleasant fights.” - Marcus Luttrell


“Been around the world twice, talked to everyone once. Seen two whales fuck, been to three world fairs. I even know a man in Thailand with a wooden cock. I’ve pushed more peter, more sweeter, and more completer than any other peter pusher around. I’m a hard-bodied, hairy-chested, rootin’, tootin’, shootin’, parachutin’, demolition double cap crimpin’ Frogman. There ain’t nothing I can’t do. No sky too high, no sea too rough, no muff too tough. Learned a lot of lessons in my life. Never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet. Drove all kinds of trucks. Two by’s, four by’s, six by’s. Those big motherfuckers that bend and go TSH TSH when you step on the brakes. Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards. I’m a lover. I’m a fighter. I’m a UDT Navy Seal diver. I’ll wine, dine, intertwine, and then sneak out the back door when the refueling is done. If you’re feeling froggy, then you better jump, because this Frogman’s been there, done that, and is going back for more. Cheers boys.”



10x02 “Reichenbach” / 10x03 “Soul Survivor” / 10x10 “The Hunter Games”
10x11 “There’s No Place Like Home” / 10x14 “The Executioner’s Song”
10x17 “Inside Man” / 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”

Dean + Season 10 + Red Shirts
Season 10 connected Dean’s red shirts unmistakably with the MoC-arc and moments when he was especially vulnerable to its influence and power over him. One could say that red has sort of become indicative of the Darkness. This gets particularly clear when looking at the current season in which Amara is constantly wrapped in clothing of this very colour combined with dark blues/black, which not only serves to connect Dean and her, but also alludes to a lot in terms of how the colours black, blue and red are used in religious settings. Because in connection among a couple of things they stand for the divine.