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both times she’s played, sandra diaz-twine has pitted herself against an (insufferable) male character whose contempt for her as an actual competitive player has helped her build the alliances and relationships she needed to win. twice.

and i don’t think that was an accident. she is so determined in the fight against her chosen enemies that they see her as an annoying fly rather than the threat of the best player that has ever played the game. she can fly the “i told you so” flag to the jury because she DID tell them to get rid of her archenemy and they either worked with her in her alliance or were betrayed and want to vote against someone else. she does what she has to do to make it to the end!!!

assuming that sandra uses the same strategy in game changers, she will find someone on her original tribe that is arrogant, full of himself, and capable of going far in the game. obviously fairplay & russell are my baseline for this assessment. the game has changed and evolved since heroes vs. villains and everyone out there will be playing hard, but i would argue that sandra is one of the most adaptable players in the game. being the only 2-time winner ever she will obviously be more of a threat than ever before, but regardless, i want to know who sandra’s next victim will be.


malcolm freberg - it might actually break my heart if sandra and malcolm don’t work together, and worse, if they actively dislike one another. malcolm has twice proven he can go far in the game with his physical/strategic abilities and honestly i think it would be a terrible move for sandra to go after someone as game savvy as malcolm.

caleb reynolds - i’m probably blinded by my immense dislike here, but seeing as caleb was originally a big brother contestant, i’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s no survivor superfan and i think sandra’s gonna see through his bullshit. unlike russell, he probably knows that sandra won, but that might be all. i find his cowboy appearance and attitude repulsive and would be overjoyed if sandra blessed us by complaining about him all season. strong contender for the spot.

troyzan robertson - his personality may qualify him for dislike just because he’s so over-the-top and obnoxious – see: “this is MY island!!!” but the thing that gives me pause is that he is a fan of the show and will undoubtedly know how much of a threat sandra really is. i also see another possibility with him taking the role of rupert in pearl isalnds where he is just blinded by being on the show and turns into a pirate.

jeff varner - i could see jeff and sandra working together ESPECIALLY because he was such a target when he played on second chance & is originally from an old school season. of course he’s a lil obnoxious but so are most survivor contestants… 

tony vlachos - i would be shocked if they didn’t end up working together. tony’s one of the most highly regarded winners and that is heightened by the recency of cagayan. tony’s obviously very good at survivor & if i were him i would probably try to work with sandra just to get the target off my back a lil bit.

VERDICT: sandra/caleb rivalry (but not ruling out troyzan)

and that’s why she’s the queen


Credit to whoever made this but watch it if you want to have a good cry/smile for days/soak up the greatness of this season and spread love for king Adam <3 

February’s Pop up RP Event is coming soon! Day of Wine & Love (but mostly wine)

RP Levelers LS presents it’s 3rd Pop up RP event!

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[Balmung server]

Pop up RP falls ON VALENTINE’S DAY this month (aka Singles Awareness Day), so we are planning something SPECIAL!!

What: Casual, drop in RP, now with 


You heard right! Get on yer Chocobro, armor up, grab a lance, and stampede full force at another person! Winners survive! Survivors win! You know you wanna! (Please note: We will be using padded polearms for this. Death is bad for business, after all.)(But still, wear armor… you’re gonna feel it in the morning.)

We are also having Contests of Pompous Purple Prose of Passion & Put-Downs!

Bring your wit, imagination, and BEST OUTSIDE VOICE and proclaim your best (and by best we mean ridiculous) declarations of LOVE and your most flowery, humorous INSULTS that you could sling at your imaginary competition!

Also, WINE

BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!! <Please look forward to it>

When: Feb. 14th, 7-10 pm EST

Where: Wineport (see what we did there :D )


Not liable for any concussions, hangovers, bruised egos, bad music, confessions of love, wine mishaps, owls, rampaging water buffalo, or misplaced dignity.

Awesome flyer created by @dellebecque !!

  • Rational me: no way in hell will these castaways let Sandra win a third time, i'm praying she even makes merge
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine Worshipper me: Sandra, two time winner of Survivor, is going to collect her third million and I cannot believe I get to watch it happen with my own two eyes.

“You’re not the Mockingjay. You’re just Katniss.

aka Papa Haymitch and his unruly teenage daughter in Mockingjay Part 2.

Survivor Winner Zodiac Signs

Richard Hatch - Aries
Tina Wesson - Capricorn
Ethan Zohn - Scorpio
Vecepia Towery - Sagittarius
Brian Heidik - Pisces
Jenna Morasca - Aquarius
Sandra Diaz-Twine - Leo
Amber Brkich - Leo
Chris Daugherty - Virgo
Tom Westman - Capricorn
Danni Boatwright - Cancer
Aras Baskauskas - Libra
Yul Kwon - Aquarius
Earl Cole - Aries
Todd Herzog - Aquarius
Parvati Shallow - Virgo
Bob Crowely - Pisces
James Thomas - Cancer
Natalie White - Taurus
Jud Birza - Gemini
Rob Mariano - Capricorn
Sophie Clarke - Cancer
Kim Spradlin - Aquarius
Denise Stapley - Capricorn
John Cochran - Capricorn
Tyson Apostol - Gemini
Tony Vlachos - Virgo
Natalie Anderson - Aries