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i love your blog so so much!! could you recommend blogs that are similar to yours?

aesthetic - @bananagogh @lovfawn @sunbvrnt @lovfawn @peachyimg @stargazuer @partfawn @wizardgf @ghibli-gal

positivity - @positivemouse @shy-survivor @peachisty @allcviation @princess-of-positivity

sweet people <3 - @catsatellite @lulloph @softning @sunshineandy @beebosbitchh @vincentvansgogh @gossamergloss @songwrite

personal favs - @7o23 @lullsoft @sensorys @etoile-kid @presidentgay @maddyisacactus @tea-gay

The Sunshine Buddy Project Week 1: June 19-26, 2017 💟

Time stamp of this list is: 2017-06-19 // 11:54 UTC. I’ve included everyone who signed up for the project! Except this one user who wasn’t able to include his/her/their URL. If you’re reading this Robin, please contact me ASAP so I can try to fix this. Also, the list is in: first name (tumblr url). Here are your buddies of the week: 😇

1. Naria (goghdard) and Abby ( rose-fingers)
2. Chloe (geechloe) and Rebecca (m-priss)
3. Ezra (scruffyhubby) and Kira (hotelbalcony)
4. Amalie (tinyflowerchild) and Rain (sunflowersprouts)
4. Jas (fruitypup) and Sara (bibliophelia)
5. melissa (okaymels) and Leslie (leelovesyou13)
6. Lola (vangoghspeach) and Irene/Luna (ethereal-bee)
7. Abbygail (abbygailshade) and Grace (oceanlight)
8. Shelina (238900) and Alida (blossomalida)
9. Melina (happyandlive) and Rebecca (mythgrrl)
10. Aga (camomilehoneytea) and Léna (lenaloveschocolate)
11. Mariah (peacchygogh) and Hannah (thenomadicyeti)
12. Linn (flamingolinn) and Esther (rosesth)
13. Brittany (unwaking) and Ellie (rose-print)
14. Lana (rosypeacht) and Afonso (saturnd)
15. Ingeborg (regnbogen) and Leo ( doilye)
16. Olivia (plant-positivitea) and me!!! Daphne/Prim Valdestamon (peachisty)
17. Sophia (entanglin) and Yaz (earthnight)
18. Apri ( / apricitic) and Breanna (crayoncrush)
19. Sofia (abh0rrence) and Garance (egg-plant)
20. Maddy (hazelcurls) and Roxanne (mansardrooves)
21. Lillian (mademoiselle-auger) and Arielle (littlemisswide-eyes)
22. Taylor (softtcoffe) and Olivia (panicatthesocialgatherings)
23. Joanne (peachybulb) and Clare (partlypeachy)
24. Martha (x-marthart-x) and Eryn (songwrite)
25. Leah (lovelyleahbee) and Anahita (twerking-poetically)
26. Megan (not-cool-enough-to-scuba-dive) and Emily (dreamy-magical-girl)
27. Cheyenne (catsatellite) and Alina/Ali (aliwondersalot)
28. Mattea (peechypal) and Brooklyn (
29. Lily (vincentvansgogh) and Yasmine (veneptune)
30. Taz (dontcatchthemellows) and Alexus (croissantbee)
31. Ashley (ashley-virginia) and Freddy (freddythornton)
32. Haley (heyokaybabe) and Adam (octoberries)
33. Irene (aribiebesxx) and Erin (governmentskeleton)
34. Jay (bumble-pal) and Carolina (shy-survivor)
35. Ana (telescopings) and Ricky (yourlocalartboy)
36. Selen (stardustvalley) and Lily (blushiebee)
37. Chrysanthemum (chrystastrophy) and Steph (moonlig4t)
38. Evelyne (lovinq-moi) and Mikey (honeyflavored)
39. Maizie (a-radiant-smile) and Cassidy (cassykat00)
40. Elin (sensuell) and Thalia (femmegloss)
41. Zorila (confused-kei) and Jessie (radivity)
42. Alyssa (yolkclub) and Mikaelah (chytha)
43. Laura (lumiest) and Binnie (andromehdas)

Please contact your buddy through tumblr asap! I hope you’ll be able to have a fun time with your sunshine buddy of the week. Enjoy!!!

With lots of sunshine and love,
Prim 🌻

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Hey can you name some blogs (which are cute, post aesthetic photos) I can follow?

I sure can!!!! I’m not sure what sort of aesthetic blog ur looking for bc I follow quite a few Quality Blogs on here so I’ll just put a bunch of people with fab posts on here! I’m loving all of them lately so I’ll let you take a little sneaky peak through all these sunbeams!

@apricitic, @peachisty, @rosy-tea@cherubt  @sombodyio @rose-fingers@frannygrace, @goldencloudss, @taniwha@itquiet@teapupp, @islysmiley, @amomymos, @partfawn, @smilegogh, @yolkclub, @songwrite, @artsypuppy@im-justpeachy, @lovfawn, @artmornings, @theloyaldaisy , @shy-survivor, @thefaeriehollow, @fairydance

This isn’t an extensive list btw !!!! there are so many cute blogs on here with fantastic posts and these are just a few lil cuties that came to mind! 🌻

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Can you make a reaction to a really shy sosu! Please!!!!

I love this prompt, anon! My main Sole is very reserved, so hopefully I know what I’m talking about here. I’m working off of my own definition of shyness here, which is someone who’s a little hesitant in social situations, maybe passive when they don’t want to be, probably an introvert, etc. - Moss

CAIT- At first, Cait pushes them to “stop being such a pansy”. Seriously, get it together. She doesn’t have time for people who don’t speak their mind- she hates how it leaves her guessing. But as she gets closer to Sole and sees that they’re really there for her, even if they don’t always know how (or how often) to show it, she softens. So what if they’re a little reserved? Anyone who tries to take advantage of them for it can shove off.

CODSWORTH- Codsworth is too polite to point out the behaviour openly- besides, he knows that confronting someone with issues talking to people probably isn’t the best idea. He sometimes gently encourages Sole to speak up if he senses them losing the flow of a conversation or avoiding someone. He’s here to serve (only somewhat reluctantly), and he knows Sole doesn’t only need him to keep a clean house. They need him to support them as a friend, too, and give them space when they need it.

CURIE- Curie reads shyness as modesty and makes sure to compliment Sole on their humble nature- but she also sees that Sole can be too restrained at times, and reminds them that modesty doesn’t mean you have to be conservative. She often encourages Sole to take part in social activities, saying that spending time with friends is good for their health. As she becomes more comfortable with her new synthetic emotions, she also starts to learn about the therapeutic properties of having some alone time every once in a while, and stops pressing Sole so much. 

DANSE- Danse doesn’t mind whether Sole prefers to mingle after work or hang out on their own. He’s had his own problems with pushing people away and often finds it draining to interact with people for extended periods. His remedy was always to make things professional and polite rather than friendly, since he knows what to do with professional, but not so much with friendly. At first, this is what he pushes Sole to do. Let people judge them based on their abilities rather than their social prowess. But as they become closer and the veil of professionalism becomes thinner and thinner, Danse starts to appreciate their introversion more, since it means there’s not as much social pressure placed on him. He wouldn’t change Sole even if he could. 

DEACON- At first, Deacon sees Sole’s apparent lack of interest in social interaction as a boon. Bonds are a liability- they put people you care about in danger. Still, if Sole seems to want to interact with people but isn’t sure how, Deacon tries to help ease them into social situations and then stands back and allows Sole to take the conversational reins. This also helps him without realising it- he’s not shy, but he is distant, and acting as a kind of social lubricant for Sole forces him to interact more with other people. If Sole mostly just wants to be left alone, Deacon’s good at weasling them out of social situations so they can go sit on a rooftop somewhere and be alone together. For both of them, it’s an exercise in learning to share space with someone you care about when you’re not necessarily used to the concept. 

DOGMEAT- Sole’s a little shy around humans? Great! Less time spent with other people means more scritches for him. Though Dogmeat is ‘his own man’, German Shepherds are notorious for being one-man/woman dogs. They pick a human and stick to them like glue, and generally don’t do as well around strangers. Dogmeat’s perfectly happy soaking up as much one-on-one time as his human will give him, and being able to do it without worrying about other people bothering him is just a bonus. Even though he might not know it, Dogmeat is probably comforting to a shy Sole Survivor. He’s a good conversation topic and something to escape to if a situation gets too stressful.

HANCOCK- “No need to be shy,” is literally one of his conversation openers. Though initially a relationship with an introverted Sole might be more difficult to get off the ground, once he realizes that Sole’s just shy and doesn’t dislike him, it’s easy for them to become fast friends. He’s big on making sure the people he cares about are comfortable around him- he likes feeling liked, and he loves being someone who makes people feel safe. In general, he’s easy to be around because he’s so disarming, an expert on making people drop their guards. He doesn’t demand a lot socially, so he doesn’t drain an introverted Sole’s energy reserves. He always knows the best way to smooth over a situation a shy Sole might not know how to handle. 

MACCREADY- MacCready’s something of an introvert himself- he values his privacy almost as much as he values spending time with close friends. It’s hard for him to trust people, so he knows how it can be difficult to get new friendships off the ground, which is why his relationship with Sole is so important. He might make fun of Sole for being tight-lipped or a little awkward, but it wouldn’t really bother him. Like Dogmeat, as far as he’s concerned, the less time Sole spends with other people, the more time they have to spend with him.

NICK- Nick is, by necessity, an expert on making people feel calm and safe, so like Hancock, he’s easy to be around. It’s his job to help people, and he can’t do it if they’re scared of the synth in the dirty trenchcoat. Sole’s introverted nature means they don’t do a lot of high-maintenance stuff like parties or loud bars, and that suits Nick just fine. He’s more of a speakeasy kind of guy- he likes being around people, as long as they’re relatively quiet and don’t pay him too much attention.

PIPER- Piper enjoys company and gets a lot of her energy from socialising. Sole’s tendency to avoid people might disappoint her, but she also tries not to make a habit of judging people for something as small as being introverted. Sometimes she forgets to let Sole talk, especially in group situations, but once she notices this, she always asks Sole their opinion. She doesn’t assume that just because Sole is shy, they have nothing to say- it might just be harder for them to get it out.

PRESTON- It doesn’t matter to him if Sole is shy or not- they’re a good person, and that makes them all right in his book. It is a relief though that they don’t ask much of him when it comes to talking to others. He’s not exactly a social butterfly himself- like Nick, he prefers to blend into the background of large events. Being around another like-minded introvert is refreshing because it doesn’t drain him. It’s nice being around someone who can just sit in silence without it being awkward.

STRONG- It’s hard to be shy when you’re being shadowed by an eight foot tall green monster. There’s a lot of staring, but not a lot of asking questions. He doesn’t quite understand why Sole cares about the opinions of all these puny weaklings- after all, they’re clearly superior in every way. Still, Strong picks up on how Sole reacts to this and either tones up the intimidating brute act or tones it down.

X6- X6 doesn’t see the necessity in mingling with the underlings; excessive socialisation is a liability. As far as he’s concerned, as long as Sole does their part as Director, they can be as introverted as they want to be. Initially he also likes that they don’t push him to be friendly immediately, since he’s still not used to the idea that he can be anything more than a tool. As they grow closer, X6 begins to see there’s more benefits to introversion than maintaining a clean chain of command- it also means they get to spend more time alone.

I thought about including the saddlebags, but I haven’t sketched them at all and I’m now through with flats. It would mess with my already congealed flow.

I’ll probably vomit up a background in line with my early sketchwork, but hardly as detailed as I first planned. The sky will get some nice treatment though.

Done the first set of lineart. I’m thinking about sizing this and any future pieces for printing. I’m heading to EFNW this year and in the past I’ve printed off my own artwork and used it to gather autographs. This WIP is coming together so nicely that I might take this one for signing.

Of course I think about this AFTER I’ve set my canvas dimensions to a funky setup and I need to add an inch to the width in order to fit this to print dimensions that exist.

Ah well, I don’t have to edit too much to correct it. Plus it gives more room for the background.