survivor shy

I’ve drawn so much today, so I’m feeling a little burnt out.

On the flip side, the most enjoyable part of drawing a picture (to me at least) is all that is left for me to do here. Lighting, shadows, ethereal glows etc. Yum.

I also made a start on this picture’s chapter excerpt. So I’m starting to piece the entire chapter together, too. I might make a weekend chapter release at this rate.

Don’t worry, the next chapter after this is going to have at least two new pictures made for it.

Lines and Flats are done for Fluttershy, sans headband, saddlebags (which cover her Cutie Mark), and canteen.

I’ll probably be piling extra details as I progress through the image. 

I might have to make an alternative of this with her smiling and her Cutie Mark visible because I reckon she’ll look super cute.

Really, is it me or does she look adorable right now?

Done the first set of lineart. I’m thinking about sizing this and any future pieces for printing. I’m heading to EFNW this year and in the past I’ve printed off my own artwork and used it to gather autographs. This WIP is coming together so nicely that I might take this one for signing.

Of course I think about this AFTER I’ve set my canvas dimensions to a funky setup and I need to add an inch to the width in order to fit this to print dimensions that exist.

Ah well, I don’t have to edit too much to correct it. Plus it gives more room for the background.

Bed time for me.

I only need to do shading and scribble in a couple of props in the ‘sleeping Shy’ set. But I’m going to be dedicating tomorrow to getting the train station transition I already scheduled. Still, it’s nice having Fluttershy completely done in this set.

I reckon I can make this target of releasing the update on Monday, it’s going pretty well. And I already have plans for the next thing I’ll draw.


Survivor Shy: Alone as adapted by Finish Line into audio format.

Produced by Finish Line, featuring special guest voice actress IMShadow007


Chapter two of the audiobook is out now, people! It’s incredible hearing the story this way!

Almost finished Shy. Just need to tidy the tail’s lineart, add her canteen, and draw her saddlebag over her Cutie Mark.

Things you should note:

  • Bellybutton!
  • Dat pose!
  • Dat left hind leg!

I really love how this has come along, especially since I can see parts where other artists have influenced me and how I choose to draw something. I find it exciting to be able to learn by example for once, rather than through blind trial and error.

I have a question, I am beginning to dislike using the lineart tool and spending hours on fixing my lines. I want to draw things without using tools like Pressure and the line edit tool, and simply rely on my hand and an eraser. Basically, I want to train myself to draw free hand and not make so many sketchy lines and mistakes on what should be the final lineart.

Of course, this also means that art I produce this way will be pretty scruffy, if not due to my still weak skill, then due to how I naturally draw with aggressive, jaggy strokes. One day I want to learn to draw more smoothly, but I can only do that through practice.

Survivor Shy began as a project to practice things like this, but it has since grown into a bigger thing, and I get the impression that there are quality standards now expected from the artwork. What I want to ask is if this is true to some of you, and if you would mind if I started doing away with line-editing tools and making more natural, albeit jaggy, scenes for Survivor Shy?


Winter. A word I associate with holidays, seasonal depression, incredible chapters in post-apocalypse stories, and my toes freezing.

I’ve pretty much finished the scenery, barring changes and edits I’ll have to make to fit Fluttershy into the environment. The bottom image is my warm up for drawing ponies again after about two months hiatus, and the sketch I’m using in the illustration. You don’t want to know how long it took me to get this clean sketch done, but at least I had next to no trouble drawing and detailing her head. - so something has stuck with me in all this time.

I aim to get this picture done for the weekend, and then get cracking on another illustration. All in all, I want to release the chapter for next weekend, so whatever I draw between now and then is all I will draw for the chapter. It’ll be nice to draw all six ideas I have, but I’m not going to postpone the chapter any more now.

I was asked for the colours I use for both regular Fluttershy (the colours I use when drawing Fluttershy like she is in the show), and “Survivor” Fluttershy (The colours I use for her in Survivor Shy).

An important thing to note is that these colours may well be the base colours I have saved on my palette, but I typically adjust their values on a per-picture basis to make every colour work better in a given image. I have four different eye colours listed for this reason, even though I use two typically. Sometimes I also brighten the body colours for the “Survivor” scheme, especially for white light sources and bright, sunny days. Otherwise I leave it alone and use shading to make specific adjustments in particular areas.

Also note that in the “Survivor” scheme, Fluttershy’s light/dark colours are reversed from canon. Instead of darker outlines than her mane fill, a lighter outline is used. This used to be a concrete rule for myself to separate ‘post-apocalipstick’ Flutters from her canon self. However, in my ever-going quest to improve myself, I have ditched this rule in the past in favour of what “looks better”.