survivor queen

  • You can love one Stark sister without hating or undermining the other
  • You can love and appreciate both the Stark sisters equally 
  • You can understand that just because they are fighting different battles doesn’t mean one of them (most likely Sansa) isn’t struggling as much remember suffering isn’t a competition     

you CAN’T however hate the Stark sisters because literally what the fuck is wrong with you ??? What is not to like about a smart and sarcastic survivor queen and her kickass and bold warrior princess sister ??????  


Sansa is a woman strong as steel now. The abuse and traumatic events she experienced, begining when she was barely a woman, really more of a innocent girl, it did not break her completely. She learned quickly and developed a great tenacity to hold on to hope until there was a opportunity to escape to her freedom, because a door to escape always appeared eventually. She is a SURVIVOR, she let go of her fairytale dreams of youth and learned to be pragmatic and wise beyond her years. Yet, her torturous abuse at the hands of many did not break her soul. Beating in her Stark heart is the loving strength, kind, courageous and empathic spirit of her mother, father, her brothers and sister and all the noble ancestors who were beloved kings and queens. She would make a noble queen of the north, if not further flung. Personally, I know many survivors of abuse (physical, sexual, psychological) and Sansa’s journey resonates strongly with the stories of these others survivors who have courageously survived, healed and gone on to create love and peace in their lives and do good and great things.