survivor buff

Nick what is wrong nick no don’t be sad pls when you are sad it makes us all sad pLS LET US CUDDLE YOU NICK

Scruffy Li has returned. Somehow I don’t think shaving would be a priority on the island.


so my bro evanhowe​ tagged me in this six selfie challenge business and you know me i can never miss an opportunity to show off a selfie so i obliged with six of my faves

idk who to tag so i’m just gonna take my main girl -mykindofperfect, smatter​, isaacjamess​, and my good friend nuggetking​. y'all don’t have to do this but i mean you’re all hella good looking so why not


Every season one of my friends hosts a Survivor pool - in which everyone that participates gets randomly assigned a player on the show and the person who has the winning participant at the end of the show wins the pool!

Well after many years my contestant won and I just might have used a portion of my winnings to buy myself a buff like the kind they all wear on the show.

Being bald I find that I have to wear hats a lot to keep my head from burning in the sun and sunscreen often irritates my scalp.  I love hats but sometimes they can be so warm (trapping in all that heat on a guy that is a human furnace to begin with).  I bought a sweat band in the past to help with all the sweat that drips directly into my eyes off my head but I just felt foolish with it on.

I know it would look cooler to have a thick head of hair coming out of the top of this buff when worn like a headband but I think since I can make it wider than a sweatband had been it looks alright when I need to let the top of my head cool off.  And then I can pull it back over my head when I need sun protection (this buff is a 95% UV blocking btw).  

I can hear Jeff Probst saying - grab a buff and join your team!

As you may or may not have heard, most of the East Coast has been covered by Snowzilla Jonas the past few days. I literally have 2 feet of snow where I live… which for DC/MD/VA is a “historic record” for our region lol. So, since I’ve been working from home lately, I’m taking the time to reblog/find/post some stuff on here while I still have the free time lol.

Sorry I’ve been busy, but HERE I AM! :) And pictured is my Survivor Cambodia Buff – shout out to my lil’ bro, Daniel, who got it for me for Christmas! :) Ignore my porcelain pale complexion LOL, my gigantic forehead covered the “Cambodia” part since I folded it, but you can see the Angkor Wat icon up top! Any Survivor fans?

Miss you guys! I haven’t been on Tumblr in so long, the upper right-hand corner icons… literally took me FOREVER to figure them out! -_-

How many inches of snow did you get if any and where!? Lemme know! :)