survivor brenda

another photo of Brenda Spencer under arrest.

10 years after Brenda committed the attack on Cleveland Elementary School, another attack was launched on another school titled the same name. 5 students were killed and 30 others were injured. was this a copycat crime or just a horrific convenience?

regardless, the survivors of Brenda’s crimes were left shocked and very saddened by the eerie similarities between the apparent copycat crime and their own traumatic experiences.


Tonight I will be hosting a survivor tinychat game in honor of the survivor cast being released awhile ago. I encourage everyone to try it out whether you watch survivor or not, because we all need a distraction from this terrible season. Pm with a survivor us player you would like to sign up with and then be ready to play. Brush up on a little survivor trivia before we start as well.

1. Brenda Lowe (survivor 21/survivor 26)

2. Parvati Shallow (survivor 13/ survivor 16/ survivor 20)

3. Michaela Bradshaw (survivor 33/ survivor 34)

4. Sandra Diaz-Twine (survivor 7/ survivor 20/ survivor 34)

5. Kass McQuillen (survivor 28/ survivor 31)

6. Natalie Anderson (survivor 29)

7. Aubry Bracoo (survivor 32/ survivor 34)

8. Sierra Dawn Thomas (survivor 30/ survivor 34)

9. J'Tia Taylor (survivor 28)

10. Baylor (survivor 29)

11. Ciera Eastin (survivor 27/ survivor 31/ survivor 34)

12. Cydney Gillon (survivor 32)


14. Courtney Yates (survivor 15/ survivor 20)