Manly Movie Mondays: Surviving the Game

This post marks the first installment of Manly Movie Mondays, a weekly series that is exactly what it sounds like. Every Monday from here on out, I will recommend a movie of exemplary manliness. It might not be a good movie–this one isn’t–but it will feature manly men doing manly things such that you just might learn a thing or two about being manly from watching it.

That said, Surviving the Game is a movie–nay, a film–adaptation of The Most Dangerous Game, a classic short story by Richard Connell. If you haven’t read it, you probably went to public school. (Note: I went to public school.)

Between that knowledge and a quick glance at the poster above, you probably have a pretty good idea of the plot of this movie. If you don’t, I’ll tell it to you: Rutger Hauer and his crew (which includes Gary Busey) hunt Ice-T for sport. If that doesn’t sound awesome to you, I don’t know what to tell you. I wasn’t a critical studies major.

Anyway, the key manly aspects of this movie include: hunting (!), surviving (!!), and lots of really screwed-up father-son relationships. A perfect example of the latter is the following masterpiece of a monologue by Gary Busey. If you only know Busey from his guest appearances on Entourage, (A) you’re probably a horrible person, and (B) prepare to have your face rocked off:

Perhaps the best thing about this cinematic masterpiece is that it’s available on Netflix Instant, so you can watch it whenever and wherever you want. I also feel like it is always playing on TBS or TNT or one of those channels, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice by viewing a chopped-up, edited-down version. So fire it up, and enjoy it for what it is. Then come back here and let me know what you think.