Jordan’s Jury Question

Congrats Final 2, I can’t say I’m not upset that I’m not there with you, but eh, win some lose some.

Zoe, you have impressed me. You were some one I originally thought of as a goat, but thinking back to it you played a great game, and you deserve credit for it. What I want is for you to just illustrate for me and the other juror’s what you thought your best game moves were. And I would like them to have been completely your own, no one else but your moves.

Scott, what can I say, I’m disappointed. As someone who was messaging you before and after Gerda betrayed you in ancient greece, and then to see how upset you were, but for you to do that right back to me really hurts. You say the reason you did it was because Zoe had your back for so long. What I want to know is how you can justify her voting you out at final 6 over Kaitlyn, and the only reason you still surviving that vote is me voting with you, or else those advantages wouldn’t have done shit. I thought you had more honour in a game like this, but I guess I was wrong. I would like to say you have my vote secured but honestly I can’t say that.

As of this point I am currently undecided on who I want to vote for, I want you to convince me. show me all you did in this game, and show me what you did that no one else could do. Show me why you deserve to win.