surviving the zombie outbreak

horror game asks
  • outlast: would you rather lose your genitals or your fingers?
  • amnesia: something you'd like to forget?
  • silent hill: talk about a memory from your childhood
  • slender: do you believe in any cryptids/urban legends?
  • until dawn: favorite horror movie?
  • alien isolation: do you believe in aliens?
  • five nights at freddy's: the worst job you've ever had/a job you would hate to have
  • left 4 dead: how would you survive a zombie outbreak?
  • the evil within: one thing you like about yourself and one thing you don't like
  • soma: would you live forever if you could?
  • fatal frame: post a selfie
  • lucius: do you believe in god or the devil?
imagine surviving a zombie outbreak with jungkook.

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—obviously inspired by dead days.

  • the day they announced it a pandemic jungkook rushed home from school and waited for his parents to come home; they never did.
  • he’s among the first to realise if he wants help his best bet is to go out there and find it.
  • also he’s hopeless at rationing food, so he has to get moving soon.
  • having observed the undead from his window, jungkook knows he’ll have to kill to survive, and after seeing what they’re capable of he quickly comes to terms with that fact.
  • meaning his neighbour’s beagle somehow got out on day three, so on day four he drops his dad’s bowling ball from the balcony onto the head of the zombie that killed it.
  • and after his first kill spends the day dissociating and dry-heaving.
  • when over a week has passed he packs necessities and what little food he has left and straps on a few pieces of protective gear, left over from sports he’s played over the years, opting for maximum mobility.
  • those necessities include: all the wet wipes, antiperspirant, toothbrush, toothpaste, clean shirts, soap, first aid kit, his mother’s perfume.
  • jeon jungkook, nicest smelling boy in the entire zombie apocalypse.
  • because that’s how he clings to his humanity, to the remnants of civilisation: hygiene.
  • he’ll eat actual garbage but he’s gotta feel clean while doing it.
  • everyone’s got their Thing, and that’s his.
  • anyway after the chaos of that first week a deafening silence settles in the building you live in. so when you hear one of the doors to the stairwell open, you immediately rush to the peephole to see who’s stupid enough to venture into the stairwell.
  • of course it’s jungkook.
  • you go to the same school as jungkook, and while he may not know you, he has quite the reputation himself, as far as beating almost every sporting record he set his mind to goes, except archery.
  • when he passes by you call out to him through the door and the poor boy nearly shits himself. he’s still there though, when you open the door and tell him you know him from school.
  • you let him in and, much to your surprise, he seems to recognise you, he even gets your name right on the second try.
  • you’re in the same situation as him, all alone and beginning to lose hope that help would eventually come, you had even begun preparing to leave.
  • your dad had taken the bike to work that fateful morning one week ago and now you hold up his car-keys for jungkook to see, “can you drive?”
  • “i can try,” jungkook never got the chance to pass his test, but he’s your best bet, just as you’re his.
  • and that’s how you two end up more or less driving off into the sunset together, to survive another day.
  • “wait, was it you who dropped that bowling ball on mr. evans from 81b?”
  • you’re in charge of rations, because jungkook is not to be trusted around the food and he’s not too proud to admit it.
  • he deadass wants to go live in the mountains until all this has passed and you’re like ?? i’m not starving to death jeon forget it.
  • you constantly have to remind him he’s not bear grylls.
  • which isn’t easy because he’s somehow got eagle scout level survivor skills despite only having been camping like once when he was five.
  • and honES TL Y the legs on this boy, good luck keeping up with him it’d be quicker if he carried you everywhere.
  • on that note he carries you on his back whenever you’re tired or injured.
  • and he still finds time to be childish and playful. 
  • there’s a tree in your path? you bet he’s gonna fucking climb it. passing an abandoned playground? before you can blink he’s on the jungle gym like “look at me!!!!!!”
  • will insists he’s “scouting.”
  • and it’s the little things that keep you sane. jungkook wanted to be a singer and when he feels safe has a tendency to hum and sing to himself.
  • insists he needs less sleep than you so he always takes first watch, and when you can’t sleep you coax him into singing for you.
  • just kinda vocalises his way through the lyrics he doesn’t remember, because he has no way of looking them up. and also through the sexual lyrics because welp awkward.
  • eventually you know his entire repertoire and can even make requests.
  • he exercises to stay awake. like, you wake up in the middle of the night because you think you heard a zombie groan but it’s just jungkook doing sit-ups next to you.
  • senses you stirring and starts muttering “hundred and six, hundred and seven, hundred and-” but let’s be real he only did like, eleven.
  • also otherwise doing press-ups whenever he finds a flat, uncluttered surface. where’s jeon ?? probably on the ground around here somewhere like “ah, this is tiring.”
  • and you’re like “how?? why?? you’ve only had a can of tuna to eat in two days, where do you even get the energy??”
  • “gotta stay in shape if i’m gonna keep saving your clumsy ass.”
  • he’s so apprehensive of the other survivors you cross paths with some of them genuinely thought he was mute.
  • until they try to separate the two of you because jungkook is not fucking having that no way do you wanna wrestle or what
  • imagine you get to shower for the first time in a while and jungkook insists you go first because he’ll just use all the water, so you suggest you just shower together and make the best of what little water you have.
  • can’t look you in the eyes for a while after that because he’s seen you naked now and you smell nicer than you have in weeks.
  • imagine huddling for warmth, and cuddling for comfort.
  • or patching him up after another close call.
  • you have to be the responsible one, the decisive one, but in return jungkook will be your rock, your protector, steadfast and strong, never cracking under pressure, not even the weight of the world ending can faze him when he has you to worry about.
  • it doesn’t take long for him to realise that he could never leave you behind. he’ll carry you to the literal end of the world if he has to, doesn’t matter if it kills him; he’s not facing the apocalypse without you.
  • after almost losing you once, he confesses that the way he sees it he has no reason to carry on without you. he lives and survives to protect you.
  • never whines that he’s hungry or tired, because he knows you are too. he might complain that his clothes smell, or that he hasn’t washed in a while, but whenever you ask if he’s alright the answer is always going to be that he’s “okay if you are.”
imagine surviving a zombie outbreak with sope.

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the request was for “Suga and Jhope“ so i combined the two because lbr hobi wouldn’t last long without yoongi.

  • safety in numbers, right ????
  • because you can’t survive on hope alone!
  • i won’t fill in the whole story this time but suffice it to say you’d been up a tree for two days, and started calling for help.
  • yoongi wants to ignore you and keep going.
  • he has a very “every man for themselves” kinda mindset (ironic since he will fight to the death for hobi) but hoseok is an idealist and wants to believe in the good in the world.
  • so he convinces yoongi and finally they come to your rescue.
  • that’s the thing about yoonseok, they’re very different so they balance each other out perfectly, and they wouldn’t have survived so long without each other.
  • but that doesn’t mean you disturb that balance. 
  • the three of you make a good team, killin’ zombies, lootin’ homes.
  • although hoseok is kinda incapable of killing, he can barely even look at the undead close up and he’s only ever killed to save yoongi.
  • his Safe Place is between the two of you, and that’s where he sleeps, holding both your hands so he knows you’re there.
  • yoongi eats last. he will always make sure you two are fed before he feeds himself, insisting that he “needs less food” or “watching you eat is enough”.
  • but he can’t argue that he has to keep his strength up if he’s gonna keep you two safe, nor can he refuse when you hold the food to his lips.
  • so you end up feeding him a lot.
  • also yoongi carries a pillow everywhere and he reluctant shares it with the two of you.
  • “hey, loot your own pillow.”
  • hoseok makes quick friends with everyone you meet, but yoongi is equally distrustful and makes sure nobody sticks around too long.
  • also you just knOW yoongi is the sensible one, like he packed all the necessities and the medicine and first aid kits and thick socks and always checks medicine cabinets and sorts all the food in order of expiration date.
  • and hoseok wants to be helpful too but he’s so busy jumping at every sound and freaking the fuck out.
  • but it’s a good thing having someone like that because min yoongi Wakes For No Man, dead, undead, or alive, no way.
  • so hoseok keeps watch and provides moral support.
  • but it’s 12/10 A++ moral support, nobody can revive your hope in the fate of humanity like jung hoseok.
  • also provides much needed vitamin d.
  • because yoongi may look like he’s never smiled once in his entire life, but hobi looks like he has done nothing but.
  • and helping min yoongi stay positive is hard okay, and nobody does it like hoseok. except maybe you.
  • they quickly become very fond of you, because, unlike most other survivors so far, you weren’t doing so well of your own and they both immediately feel responsible for keeping you safe and warm and happy.
  • like i said it’s a good dynamic and you all watch out for one another.
  • cuddling up to yoongi when he feels sad and afraid he’ll fail you two.
  • stroking hoseok’s hair when he has nightmares.
  • cheering you up with silly faces and bad duet’s when you’re down.
  • they even remembered your birthday and saved a bag of your favourite flavour crisps for you, #blessed
  • eventually you camp out on a rooftop, the kind that has a lil shed on it, and make a home for yourselves there.
  • there’s a few pieces of furniture out on the roof, and you gather blankets and cushions and eventually even a mattress.
  • it’s safe and cosy and you only ever go out together, so nobody gets lost or hurt and honestly it’s such a great solution.
  • it probably won’t last forever but for the moment being all three of you keep each other safe and warm and reasonably happy :’)

The Walking Dead #1 Cover

I love this cover so much. It’s so good. It works on both a symbolic and literal level. It’s got great atmosphere and the poses are great. The attention to detail is so good.

I could gush over it for hours, and I will.

First the literal.

The cover has just enough details to show the reader exactly what kind of a story The Walking Dead is. The destruction of the setting and the zombies being put against the main character make it very clear.

However, despite the zombies being present in the cover, they’re not the focus of the piece. Rick, the human survivor and main character is in focus while the zombies’ reflections are faded and in the background. Despite there being zombies, this story isn’t about zombies, it’s about people in a zombie apocalypse. The people, and their struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world is what drives the series, not the zombies.

Rick himself and his role is also apparent in this cover. Rick’s shoes and pants are covered in grime (pun unintended) and dirt, showing us the road he’s been through. His outfit, while reminiscent of other post-apocalyptic movies, shows us his role as a Police Officer back before the apocalypse, and how he maintains that role of protector and leader after the outbreak.

He is looking at the zombies that can be seen in the window’s reflection, and isalso looking at the reader. This not only lets us see his face directly without breaking the fourth wall but also lets us see his expression and reaction to the situation he’s in, allowing us to get a basic understanding of his personality.

Rick is armed with his handgun, and also currently loading a rifle to defend himself with, alluding to his life both before the outbreak and now, after it, which is the main theme of the first issue.

Now the figurative.

Rick is standing outside of a broken clothing store full of mannequins. The mannequins represent both humanity and our achievements. They have human figures and shape, but they are lifeless, expressionless and stripped out of their clothing, representing how humanity died and was stripped of its civilization.

Mannequins are a product of industry. Creating a mannequin requires mining the resources, processing them, shipping them across continents and oceans, and assembling them in factories. They’re one of the many things which are impossible in the new world after the outbreak. Much like the colossal monuments of past civilizations, the mannequins are an image of us and our achievements, which now stands lifeless and obsolete.

The glass represents the outbreak itself, the separation between the world before and the world after. Notice how there’s still glass after the window, because not even the outside world, which represents the post-outbreak world, is safe from the threat of zombies.

The zombies, the cause of the outbreak, are reflected in the glass, and no zombie can be seen in the cover outside of their reflection of the glass. The zombies are moving, “alive” and mostly clothed. They have everything that the mannequins don’t, since the zombies are now the inheritors of the Earth.

This again ties to the theme of the first issue, the transition between the world before the outbreak and the world after it.

The inside of the store represents the world before the outbreak, in ruins, dark and dead. The mannequins in it represent the people who did not survive the outbreak and all of their civilization’s achievements. Outside of the store there is the detached hand of a mannequin, which looks like it’s grasping fruitlessly at Rick. But it too is dead, and covered in glass. This hand represents those who survived in the initial outbreak but ended up dying afterwards, failing to survive in the new world. Many characters die in the course of The Walking Dead, and this hand represents them and all who are like them.

Finally, outside of the store, and not covered in glass or in darkness is Rick. Rick represents humanity which survived the outbreak, who like the zombies gets to inherit the Earth. Unlike the expression lifeless mannequins, Rick is alive, moving and with an expression of determination on his face. He is clothed, like the zombies, representing how the world belongs to surviving humanity as much as it does the zombies. Rick is not a record of a ruined past, but a survivor of the present, who is ready to live and fight in the new world.

Cough Syrup (AU)

There’s zombies in the park, they’re looking for my heart oh oh, oh oh oh…

“The viral out break has been in the civilized population for what’s reaching three days now, airports and train stations are flooded with people trying to flee to one of the twelve countries currently and officially cleared as virus-free, due to the extreme amount of people trying to evacuate passengers will be determined through daily lotteries assigned via social security numbers, if you have not recieved a phone call with your lottery number please contact your local police force immediately for instructions, only exceptions to the lottery are the families of the special agents assigned to extinguish the threats the out break is causing and of the scientists investigating the virus it’s self and how to cure it, this will be the last day I will be broadcasting Channel 3 news until the out break is over as my number was called this morning, this has been Yuki Yamada, wishing you a sincere good luck in surviving what has been called the international Zombie Outbreak,”

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have we asked about the save system yet? im sorry if we have but suddenly thought of this cheerleader zombie game with the autosave feature that glitched out on me between levels, once after a PARTICULARLY hard boss battle, and i thought i should ask if it'll be more like that (or telltale) where we autosave on important plot and dialogue, or a save point feature

I feel you on that front. My rampage through Dead Space 3 was cut short by a glitchy autosave and I flat-out refused to redo it. And by rampage, I mean unrestrained crying and screaming.

At this point, we’re planing to use an autosave feature so that you don’t have to constantly remember to save, and the checkpoints will be very frequent (pretty much every time you transition from combat to dialogue or back again). We’re also looking at putting in a “quicksave” function, like Skyrim, but you probably won’t be able to save while you’re in combat. The quicksave will probably function as a backup to the autosave, so that if the autosave glitches out, you’d only lose back to your last quicksave.

The trick (and I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts on this) is that we want to encourage people to live with their choices. There’s always a temptation to try and play a “perfect” game by stopping and reloading every time your choices have consequences you don’t like, but I feel like that cheapens the experience somewhat. 

With Aberford, we’re tying to capture the story of women surviving a zombie outbreak, and sometimes they won’t make the right choices. Or there will be unexpected consequences. Or they’ll do everything right and things will go sideways anyways. Part of the fun/challenge of the game is in adapting and recovering for these twists, or seeing how the characters cope with what happened. Putting in an easy safety net takes away some of that experience, in my opinion, because the choices you make reveal things about yourself. It’s like taking a personality quiz and giving the answers that you think will give you “Gryffindor” rather than giving the actual answers.

Now, Skyrim lets you save whenever because it’s designed to let you screw around and take chances and die hilariously and reload and try something else. Aberford is shooting to have more emotional weight, which is hard to do if everything is rendered inconsequential by an all-powerful quicksave button (or the ability to eat 100 wheels of cheese while your enemies wait patiently for you to finish.) When the characters are thinking “Oh God, we screwed up”, we want you to share in that feeling. So if we integrate a quicksave feature, it will probably have some restrictions on it to discourage people for just reloading every time something bad happened. Thoughts?

Okay, I totally owe this one to Botflybaby and Elfgutz whom y'all should check out because their dolls, art and stories are epic! Thank you Botflybaby for letting me read your amazing zombie fic, it’s inspired me to revisit an old one I thought of set in similar land, but never really went anywhere with. I had a bit of time to kill today and I was browsing the net and I saw this photomodel Niall Underwood?? It immediately struck me how much he would be perfect to play as one of the main characters in my story, so I decided to recycle a wig and try to make it into Kitson’s hair, lol.

Kitson Davies lives in a world that has survived a zombie pandemic. Four years had past since the initial outbreak. The living had overcome the dead. They had buried, mourned their losses and moved on with their lives while the walking dead are systematically contained and controlled. In Australia, the government had started a program of tagging and rounding them up into concentration camps to be sorted into several categories depending on the severity of their infection and physical condition/dexterity (some of these fuckers are fast!). The more cynical conspiracy theorists believed they are being turned into remotely controllable soldiers to fight the ongoing Jihad that took over Northern Europe a few years before the outbreak. Some zombie-rights activists believed that the government is doing research (some experiments) into trying to cure or stabilise zombies if not completely restoring their humanity. The capitalists of the world though got creative; with all these ‘fresh meats’ so to speak, zombie trafficking soon replaced human trafficking. There are many loopholes in the law, so things like zombie child prostitution and zombie slavery became the done thing, even though not fully sanctioned by the government. After being sorted and tagged, many zombies are released back into society as many things: domestic help, manual labours, factory workers, or pets (they are much more effective at keeping burglars out than guard dogs), some famous fashion designer had even started a zombie modelling agency. Some scientific study revealed that zombies consume fresh meat to slow down the rate at which they decay. When you are a zombie, apparently your cells deteriorate a lot faster than normal people, so that’s why zombies seem hungry all the time, but further research revealed that the quality of meat determines how well it preserves a zombie, so that it is possible to keep a zombie 'alive’ for many many years. What scientists haven’t been able to fully understand or proof however, is whether zombies are in fact sentient, and can think and feel as though they are still humans. It is more widely believed that a zombie is just a jumble of twitchy nerves with no intelligence. 

Caught up in such a world is our main character Kitson Davies, who got infected and became a walking dead at the age of 16. He is currently 20 and is chained up in an underground dungeon along with twenty other zombies by the operator of an illegal zombie gladiator arena. 

Being a zombie is much like being an animal, you are running on instincts all the time: the instinct to run, to fight, to survive and eat…true that the instinct to eat seems to overwhelm everything else most of the time. But it is also like tripping on some pretty strong hallucinogen, you are not in control of your own body, it seems to be running on adrenaline at all times, you do not have sense of morals, or judgement of right or wrong, and every sense is heightened, touch, smell, hearing… Your thoughts, they are fragmented, fleeting, like trying to make sense of something in a dream. Zombies can’t really communicate, much less talk. Some because their organs that allow this have deteriorated so much, others because they are too far 'dead’, and Kitson is no different. He feels though, and he is somewhat aware of what is happening to him. Sometimes in the fighting arena, as he faces a pack of feral dogs or other zombies, he would stop trying to fight and feel this confusing but overwhelming sense of fear, remnants and scraps of his human thoughts would get in the way and he’d lose a finger or two due to this clumsiness. The crowd love him though, many come to bet on the lithe and agile “Pretty Boy” as he is stage dubbed. There are other zombie gladiator stars too caged right next to him: the Amazon (used to be a housewife but she’s pretty strong and hot looking), Snakeskin (used to be an older Indian man, half his body was burnt and scarred during the zombie raids which earned him the nickname), Monkey (a twelve year old Asian girl and the fastest moving zombie in the arena), these just to name a few. Kitson doesn’t know where most of them had come from or sourced from but every zombie in this dungeon is sure not tagged nor tracked. He thing is, aside from the gladiatorial side of business, the owner of the place milks profit by whoring out their fighters to whatever creep is willing to pay the price. Kitson himself had been sold several times, or raped by the corrupt arena operator, or watch the twelve year old girl across his cell be raped by a Japanese businessmen who had come to indulge in perverted delights. One day though, Kitson’s buyer was much younger than the usual. A young man of the same age, thin-ish and pale, with glasses, quite nerdy. He looked like the spineless sort to be bullied at school. In fact, he WAS a bullied kid at school. To be exact, at Kitson’s old school… And now that memories come crawling back, Kit remembers that this kid is Joshua Woodruff who used to get bullied by Kitson’s gang of friends. Kitson couldn’t claim innocent of his past, his gang leader (who is dead now) made him steal money and beat the kid up sometimes, or he would get beaten up instead. And now Josh had come specifically to see him and exact his revenge. 

Josh felt great the first time he was able to beat up a completely helpless Kitson Davies to a pulp. Down here, all chained and gagged up, his tormentor couldn’t do a thing to hurt him. Josh finally felt he was in control of those bullies, justice was being served. Kitson had no idea how much damage he had done to Josh and so the little shit deserved this. Deserved every single blow to the head with the steel pipe and everything else. Josh wasn’t satisfied. He came back several days later and did the same thing again. Sometimes he would even bet at the arena and watch “Pretty Boy” fight and then he would buy the rest of his time and take out his anger on the dead walker. His big beautiful blue eyes were as glazed and dead looking as the rest of his kind. Josh nearly lost his nerves the first time he stared into them, but hatred and revenge had driven him. Josh doesn’t really know why he keeps coming back to see Kitson though. The novelty of beating the crap out of the defenceless zombie had worn off after a couple of visits. Now he is just more curious than anything. Some nights he would just watch Kitson as he tossed fresh meats on the ground and watched Kitson gobble it up even as his arms were chained back. One night out of curiosity and something much darker in him, Josh stripped Kitson and stroke his genital, amused and disgusted to find that it pretty much responded like any filthy human would. As he prodded Kitson’s backside with the handle of a bat, he wondered what zombies would feel when they were fucked, would they even know what was happening? He couldn’t do it though. No, he wasn’t like this… After the initial hurt is gone, Josh just wanted explanation. He wanted to know why Kitson and the others had tried to kill him in the past. They were all just children for fuck’s sake. The more Josh spent time with Kitson though, the more it seems like there was more to him than just apparently clinically dead, and before he knew it, Josh started to have inappropriate dreams about the Pretty Boy.

Arrghhh that’s it so far, I haven’t thought of more but eventually Pretty Boy gets rescued with Josh’s help, he is enrolled into the zombie restoration program and they managed to bring him if not completely back to human after some more fucked up shit that involved Josh’s sister who is member of the zombie rights activists.

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I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but will your game include non-adults? So like what I'm asking is are there going to be teen girls in this game? Like as side characters? Because I'm sure that most of tumblr is basically teenage girls, and I know that I personally (15) would be insanely happy to be given the opportunity to help out in any way possible on this.

Right now, we have 4 expansion characters that we’re working on. You’ll see them in the main story, and be able to play them during free play. One is still too early for previewing, but the other three are Norma Thompson (a transwoman who runs a local boarding house), Mary Kuroki (a Japanese American who works as a research assistant) and Patricia Baker (Doris’s 16-year old daughter). Patricia’s story revolves around her trying to survive the outbreak at the high school, where a testosterone-related zombie virus hits extremely hard.

You’ll get her story second-hand in Aberford, but one of our stretch goals will be to add in the expansion stories as playable content.